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Your chance to win tickets to MLS Cup


As MLS fans from Ohio, New York and New Jersey converge on the Los Angeles area this weekend for Sunday's MLS Cup final between the New York Red Bulls and the Columbus Crew, we will see hundreds of fans realizing a more than decade long dream of seeing their team play in Major League Soccer's championship game in person.

Whether you are one of those fans, or just an MLS fan who really wants to be at MLS Cup, we here at SBI want to help at least two such fans realize that dream. SBI, in conjunction with VW Road to MLS Cup, is holding a contest that will award two tickets to fans making their way to California this weekend for the match.

In 25 words or less, tell SBI why you should win tickets to the 2008 MLS Cup. SBI's staff will choose the winner based on the best and most compelling story. Submit your entry in the comments section below (and make sure it is no more than 25 words) and make sure to include your email under the email section (your email address won't be listed publicy so don't worry about your email address being added to some spam list). The contest is open to all fans, be you Red Bulls, Crew or just an MLS fan in general. If you are planning to be in the LA area this weekend, and really want to go to the MLS Cup final, just tell us why you should win the tickets.

For those of you unfamiliar with VW Road to MLS Cup, it is a video diary chronicling the journey of the country's "Best Soccer Mom" as she and some top MLS players make their way across the country with the re-designed MLS Cup trophy.

If you haven't seen the video series yet, here is one of the funnier entries:

SBI will announce the contest winner on Friday afternoon so stay tuned.

For now, tell us why SBI should give you tickets to MLS Cup 2008.


  1. Used to be a Crew season ticket holder and now live in Phoenix, where all the local bars will be televising a team named after a bird that doesn’t live here. Have 4 kids, loved dearly, but days of taking my girlfriend, now wife, to a Crew game long gone. From LA, love to see prediction come true: LA regretting the day they let Sigi Schmid go.

  2. Ives, I love the contest! Brilliant idea! Good luck to everyone. And good luck to both teams! May the Crew be victorious! Here’s my plea:

    I’m gonna cut to the chase. Free tickets = more beer. More beer = celebrations. Celebrations = championship for my Crew. Championship = orgasmic experience!

  3. There’s no way i can do this in 25 words or less, but here’s my story anyway…I was 14 years old when i learned MLS will be in USA and the MetroStars was my team. I had a job working 4 hours a week, making $7.50 an hour. I saved $30 a week till i had enough for season tickets. At 15 I bought season tickets for the MetroStars opening season, all alone. I took public transportation to every game. In the summer, i went to practice every friday, only fridays because i had summer school mon-thru, lol. It was not easy to get to the practice in Union, i would leave my house in Paterson to catch the first bus at 5:30am to downtown paterson to newark penn station, to jersey city board st, then to kean college, then walk a few blocks to the site where they trained in Union. It took me 4 hours to get there, 5 hours back. Players took notice, cuz they saw me at every game when they walked into the stadium, and now they saw me every Friday at practice, so one Friday former MetroStar Chris Da Silva a fellow DBT alumni asked me “how do u get here?” I told him my story, then he asked “where u live?” I said “Paterson” he said ” I live in Paterson too, I’ll take u home, but I’m going to eat lunch with Gio (Savarese) first, wanna come” I said “hell yeah!!!!” It was history from there. Fast forward to today, I have as much passion for this team as I did back then. I go to every game and attend almost every viewing party. I LOVE this team!!!

  4. I’m a soccer player. Practices and games with the Oklahoma team sometimes get in the way of me watching, but we’re off this weekend.

  5. Im 16 and my Dad recently had emergency open heart surgery. He’s home now re-cooperating. We’re huge soccer fans and although he could not make it, nothing would make him happier than seeing me there.

  6. 17 years-old. My dad attended the 1996 final without me (he told me it was great experience), I would like to experience what he did.

  7. Here’s my entry:

    13 years of misery.

    4 semifinal losses,

    3 to damned DC.

    Chance to witness victory

    Marshall, Sigi, MVP

    Suffering replaced by glee

    I pray thee

  8. I’m a college student who has never attended a professional game. As a fan, this would be great for me and my younger brother.Thanks.

  9. Bought a Matthaus jersey eight years ago. My psychic adviser says the only way to break the curse is a spiritual cleansing at MLS Cup.

  10. “…we will see hundreds of fans realizing a more than decade long dream of seeing their team play in Major League Soccer’s championship game in person…”

    I think we can all agree that the people who have dreams about seeing their team in the MLS cup in person are big dorks.

  11. I am UCSB gaucho fan and because the mens soccer team did not win the big west tournie, I am not guaranteed playoff home games. So, I need my playoff soccer fix and I am a huge MLS fan.

  12. I’m a Columbus, Ohio native son born ‘n raised but since been displaced to SoCal. Was a Season 1 ticket holder in ’96, and I wanna gather up the family to relive those childhood evenings of us all cheering on the Crew.

    I even have a Midterm the next day but no matter.

  13. Because I can do fantastic impressions of Ives – so good that if you disappeared I could just take over your life and no one would notice.

  14. I moved to Columbus and got season Crew tickets in 2005 and kept them for the 3 years they were the worst team in the league. The year they win the Shield, I got a job in NC and moved away. And I’ve never had *any* sports team of which I’m a fan that won a title after I started cheering for them…

    Astros since ’80

    Crew since ’98

    Saints as long as I can remember

    NC State won hoops titles before I was a student there

    Newcastle since ’00

    I really hate to jinx The Crew, but this is *my* best shot at a title!

  15. Awesome contest and good luck to everyone, I would only enter if the prize was for the flight and hotel room. I could have easily gotten tickets.

    Just for poops and giggles, I think being an original season ticket holder when the league was created entitles my smug a$$ to a free trip to this game courtesy of Red Bull. I’ve probably spent 15 grand on things related to this team since it started, so I smugly feel they should have shown up to my house and whisked me off to L.A. in a limo. Smug smug smug.

  16. Klien: “Punch! Beattle! Blue!

    Kljestan: “my rotator cuff”

    Classic! LMAO!

    I should win the tickets because….

    I am half peruvian (dad is full blown). I can arrange for us to get some “Lomo Saltado, Ahi de gallina, etc.” and I live 15 minutes from the home depot center so we could play fifa 09 on my 65″ t.v. before and after the game. But the best reason why I should win is because I should have won the josh wicks caption contest, but didn’t. j/k

    talk to you soon,


  17. Because I paid to see Knowles, Edsucko, Curcic, Balboa (for a minute), Luiz, Branco, Bora Ball, and Lothar. Haven’t I done enough?

  18. Nicola Caricola…1996-Rob Johnson…1997-Parreira…1998-Lalas…1999-Milutinovic 12 straight L’s…2000-Valencia offside?…2001-MetroMedia…Mamadou Diallo…need i say more?

  19. I don’t know why but the new VW commercial just made me laugh. Corny but sometimes I’m a sucker for corny. Maybe because it took me back to the glory days when the fam would pack up in the van and head to vacation. One sibling would sleep (Olsen) but wake every hour to ask “are we there yet” or “I gotta go to the bathroom.” The other sibling would play stupid road games (Cline) and the oldest sibling would just bitch and moan the whole time (kljestan). Thank God no singing was involved in our trips!! VW, you gotta give them credit, they’ve done a good job since agreeing to advertising terms with DCU and MLS.


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