Your chance to win tickets to MLS Cup

Your chance to win tickets to MLS Cup


Your chance to win tickets to MLS Cup



As MLS fans from Ohio, New York and New Jersey converge on the Los Angeles area this weekend for Sunday's MLS Cup final between the New York Red Bulls and the Columbus Crew, we will see hundreds of fans realizing a more than decade long dream of seeing their team play in Major League Soccer's championship game in person.

Whether you are one of those fans, or just an MLS fan who really wants to be at MLS Cup, we here at SBI want to help at least two such fans realize that dream. SBI, in conjunction with VW Road to MLS Cup, is holding a contest that will award two tickets to fans making their way to California this weekend for the match.

In 25 words or less, tell SBI why you should win tickets to the 2008 MLS Cup. SBI's staff will choose the winner based on the best and most compelling story. Submit your entry in the comments section below (and make sure it is no more than 25 words) and make sure to include your email under the email section (your email address won't be listed publicy so don't worry about your email address being added to some spam list). The contest is open to all fans, be you Red Bulls, Crew or just an MLS fan in general. If you are planning to be in the LA area this weekend, and really want to go to the MLS Cup final, just tell us why you should win the tickets.

For those of you unfamiliar with VW Road to MLS Cup, it is a video diary chronicling the journey of the country's "Best Soccer Mom" as she and some top MLS players make their way across the country with the re-designed MLS Cup trophy.

If you haven't seen the video series yet, here is one of the funnier entries:

SBI will announce the contest winner on Friday afternoon so stay tuned.

For now, tell us why SBI should give you tickets to MLS Cup 2008.

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