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Morning Ticker: Maradona starts new job, Adebayor out three weeks and Iniesta also sidelined


Call Tuesday a day of surprising appointments to high-profile positions. On the same day that saw Barack Obama elected president of the United States, Diego Maradona was in Buenos Aires being introduced as the new head coach of the Argentine national team.

The legendary player was introduced as Argentina’s coach on Tuesday, making a reality a hiring that few could have seen coming before last week. Maradona isn’t taking the job lightly. He has already appointed a new captain, Javier Mascherano, and is already speaking like a national team coach.

"It’s an honor," Maradona said of the new job. "I’m going to give it my all to make sure that things go well. We’re going to work everyday so that Argentina has a national team that keeps getting better and better."

Anyone wondering if Maradona will face pressure should consider some of the headlines in Argentine newspapers on Tuesday. "We are in the hands of God" was just one of the headlines and sums up the sentiment in Argentina pretty well. It should be fun to watch, one way or another.

Here are some other soccer stories to get your day going:

Adebayor out three weeks

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor is expected to be sidelined for three weeks with a right ankle injury, meaning the Gunners goal-scorer will miss Arsenal’s clash with Manchester United on Saturday.

It is still unclear whether young star Theo Walcott will miss the Man Utd clash with a shoulder injury suffered in the same 2-1 lost to Stoke as Adebayor.

Iniesta suffers knee injury

FC Barcelona midfielder and Spanish national team star Andres Iniesta is expected to be out for up to six weeks with a knee injury suffered in Barca’s 1-1 Champions League draw vs. Basel on Tuesday. The underrated playmaker has been a key figure in Barcelona’s strong start to the season and the Spanish club will struggle to replace his creativity and vision in midfield.

What do you think of these stories? Still in awe over Maradona’s hiring? Can Arsenal break out of it’s EPL slump without Adebayor? Can Niklas Bendtner pick up the slack? Who do you see carrying the load in the absence of Iniesta?

Share your thoughts on these stories, and any other soccer stories from this morning or Monday, in the comments section below.


  1. I have Bentner on my fantasy team. Hope he does well.

    Barça will be fine, they’ll just need to give more playing time to Eidur Gudjonsen, and he’s a pretty good player.

  2. I think the part of the reason they gave maradona the job is to try to help clean his image,they even helped him out with the asisstants

    watch all the maradona chants when they play scotland though…they will love him after what he did to england =D

  3. yes kpugs aren’t you the guy giving me crap the other day about mixing politics and football… Look at how stupid you look saying these things.

  4. exciting times!!!!!

    Please Mr Obama,

    Allow Maradona back in the US what has he done that others haven’t in here.. I want the natl team of Argentina to be coming here often for games.

  5. K pug that joke never gets old an was only two years ago he was in rehab so its really not that old. hes going to last a month before they throw him back in rehab. This is probably the dumbest national team coach appointment since Sampson! TIs only a matter of time before he alineates messe, aguero, riquelme or one of their other stars.

  6. OK – that is a damn scary closeup to have have as the first picture loading this early in the morning. I almost crapped myself.

    I almost hope he tanks as a coach – not b/c I don’t like him, but b/c I think it would make for great theater… even better than Hugo in Mexico.


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