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Osorio enjoys note-worthy first season with Red Bulls

Juan Carlos
Ever wonder what it is Juan Carlos Osorio is writing down in his small pad during games? You're not the only one.

"I think that's the million-dollar question the whole team is asking," Gordon Kljestan said. "I think we'll all pay a lot of money to see what is in there. But whatever it is, it works and got us where we are."

A rare look at the notes from the Real Salt Lake game shows specific instances in the first half, some scribbles and a few key phrases, including "blue-collar mentality," to tell his team at halftime.

Pardon the self-promotion here, but the following is an in-depth feature I wrote about Osorio for Some of the information in the story is old hat for soccer fans, but other stuff, like Osorio renting a cramped room that overlooked the Melwood training ground so he could watch Liverpool training sessions when he was getting his masters in "Higher Educuation in Football," at John Moores University in 1998, I think, make for an interesting read.


  1. No! When you put pen to paper, it forces you to commit it to memory, as well as problem solve, plus its good to review later. Talking is just hot air.

  2. Ives, did you write that article? It says by Dylan Butler. Either way I hope Osorio isn’t judged by this one game. He made tough player choices which got us here. Benching the very guys he brought in – that was big. He’s already a winner in my book regardless what happen today. Any idea how long Petravallo, etc are under contract?

  3. Excellent read. You can feel his persistance, dedication, and determination leap off the page. I like his method of thinking, and also write everything down myself. As an architect, we have attention to detail and employ that same logical, constantly evolving, problem solving tactics. I took to him right away, as his fastidious preparation and excellent command of the situation was very apparent from day one.

  4. After much thought, the MLS goalie I would most want to go to war with is Guzan. If Bush were better than him why hasn’t Bush been called up to the Nats?

  5. Very cool to let people know they can actually find a higher education in football. You have to figure that, based on him not having much pedigree beyond that, it featured heavily in him getting his first pro job.

    I’d like to hear more about how he made that leap, though. You’re onto something with this stuff, Dylan. You should do a followup. Most coaches seem to emerge from player ranks, and it makes for interesting and inspiring reading to hear how the Mourhinhos and Osorios of the world made t into the pros.

  6. As much as i love the the soccer team from new york, i don’t think that a MLS cup run make JCO a good coach. i will save my judgment till next season. i feel that its the players who willed themselves to the final. JCO just made sure he did not screw up the flow the team was on. go metro/red bulls. WIN THE CUP!

  7. To put the season in some perspective, they finished with a losing record. Just a few weeks ago people were calling for JCO’s head. Its tremendous that NYRB are in the final’s, but if this were a European league it would have been another mid-bottom table finish.


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