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Red Bulls heading to MLS Cup


After 13 mostly disappointing and sometimes painful years of existence, the New York Red Bulls, the club formerly known as the MetroStars, are headed to the MLS Cup final for the first time in club history.

As you might expect, getting there was as far from easy as you could get. The Red Bulls scored early and defended well and eventually held on for dear life as Real Salt Lake attacked in waves as the home team searched for an equalizer. Diving saves from Danny Cepero, missed wide-open chances and three different shots hitting the post were all RSL had to show from an all-out blitz on the Red Bulls goal.

Ultimately, it was Dave Van Den Bergh’s goal, his third in three matches against Real Salt Lake this season, that provided the difference in a Western Conference final for the ages.

Now the Red Bulls will complete their improbable playoff run in the MLS Cup final against the Columbus Crew next Sunday at Home Depot Center.

What did you think of the match? Was it the most nerve-racking 90 minutes of your life? Can you believe this team has come together and gone on this type of run? Do you think the Red Bulls have anything left to win the MLS Cup final? Did all those near-misses make you start believing that this just might be a team of destiny?

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  1. I’m still tearing up, we shook Nevada Smith’s to it’s very core on Saturday night while our boys became the dream in Salt Lake, and now we’re going back to CALI BABY!!!

    – SOY. DEL. METRO!

  2. I’m worried that RBNY completely spent its thirteen years of accumulated pay-back good luck last night. But as I think back on those thirteen years, I’m confident that there’s still enough good luck left to get them past Columbus.

  3. Mama mia! All the whining by these Chicago and New England and DC fans! They’re like the wives of Italian Fish Mongerers. Listen, my friend, The Cosmos or the Red Bulls or whatever we are called now deserve to be at the Cup because they won the games that counted. If you don’r like the system, get a lawyer or call the Commisioner. The Cosmos lost Altidore to Spain, Reyna to retirement, Stammler to injury and the Conway and the Parke to GNC. Despite that, they won so “va fanculo, signore!”

    However, I do wish they’d score more goals. I know because nobody scored more goals than me in the history of the North Americam Soccer league than me, my friend.

    I will be there rooting for the team in L.A. next week.

    Now, if you porca miserios from the rest of the teams will excuse me, I’ve got a big plate of scungelli to eat & two women waiting for me.



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