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Revs trade Cristman to Kansas City

in what should be the first of several deals made today, the New England Revolution is sending forward Adam Cristman to the Kansas City Wizards in exchange for a 2009 3rd round draft pick and an allocation.

So why make the trade? The Revs had too many bodies to try and protect so they dealt Cristman and secured some valuable allocation money. Not sure of the size of the allocation but I doubt it would be more than $125K (a source has confirmed that the allocation is worth $125K).

More transactions to follow (along with the expansion lists as they become available).

What do you think about the trade? Share your thoughts below.


  1. As a Revs fan, I’m skeptical too. Cristman provided a lot of balance to the lineup that was sorely missing once he was shelved for the season. He got better as time went on. When you put Dube and Mansally up top, it was easy for the other team to figure out what to do because they were the same type of striker. Cristman (big guy, wins balls in the air, settles it down to distribute for the rest) plus a speedy guy (especially Taylor and his positioning) equaled a lot of chances.

  2. Yeah, I’m very opposed to this deal, as a Revs fan. How quickly Revs fans forget exactly how good Cristman looked against the Galaxy on 7/4. He should’ve had 4 goals, but his unselfishness left him with 2 and 2 should-be assists. He was magical and finally seemed to be getting things to click. I had full confidence for him coming back from just toe surgery. The fact is I wanted Twellman to finally be sold, but now that seems an impossibility with only Dube and Mansally remaining. I would’ve appreciated the Cristman/Dube combo next year, but now Twellman seems destined to stay. I’m very disappointed and don’t fully understand this one. Money that the Revs won’t spend, and a 3rd round pick that’s not as good as Cristman is not a good deal.

  3. Personally find it shocking they got $125k allocation for him. I think the Revs robbed them…I didn’t see Cristman a whole lot, but when I did all I thought was below avg skill, but hard working.

  4. Watched Cristman all year covering the Revs. He really developed as compared to last year. His skill set and athleticism were never anything special but he’s relentless and has got better at putting himself in the right position. A (poor) poor man’s Twellman (the second poor is if you’re considering Twellman in a good year or this year) except a little bigger and stronger. Not much creativity but he could net 10 goals with playmakers around him.

  5. Yeah, how exactly does a team with Parkhurst on it get deemed “hacks of the league”? I’m no fan of the Revs or Nicol, but even I can’t see that.

  6. Hacks of the league? Get real – the Revs lead the league in fewest fouls, while managing to get two key players taken out down the stretch. If anything, they aren’t nasty enough.

  7. Decent deal for both. I think Cristman is pretty comparable to Nate Jaqua. He’ll never be great, but he works hard and will score some goals in the league, and at that price you don’t need him to start all your games.

    Hmmmmm, I would consider drafting Doe…

  8. The departure of “Biff” Cristmas only slightly weakens New England’s claim as the MLS’s premier goon squad. They still are the undisputed hacks of the league, as well as the ultimate MLS Cup choke artists.

  9. The Insider reports that D.C. United protects:

    Marc Burch

    Luciano Emilio


    Ivan Guerrero

    Greg Janicki

    Thabiso Khumalo

    Devon McTavish

    Jaime Moreno

    Bryan Namoff

    Santino Quaranta

    Clyde Simms

    Leaving: Crayton, Martinez, Peralta, Vide, Gallardo, Doe, J. Carroll, P. Carroll, Cordeiro, Dyachenko, Kirk, Coroma, Mediate, Miller, Olsen, Thompson, Thorpe, Wells, Zaher.

  10. they should have just left twellman unprotected and hope he goes to europe or trade him a la clint mathis from ny to la (the most pointless trade ever)

  11. Good deal for both KC and New England. Christman was a players i would have liked at TFC. KC along with Toronto are to be the most improved teams in 09, cant wait for the season to start.

  12. Cristman finished as the team’s third-leading scorer with 6 goals despite being injured and missing almost the entire 2nd half of the season (made 18 appearances, 16 as starts). Despite the goals, he looked thoroughly unimpressive and leaves one with the feeling that a random 3rd round pick might do just as well (not to mention some money on top with the Revs can promptly not ever spend!).


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