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SBI is heading to Houston


Good afternoon folks. I’m coming to you from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. No, I’m not working on the Kenny Cooper tell-all interview where he rips into Bob Bradley. I’m actually on a layover to Houston ahead of Sunday’s Houston Dynamo-New York Red Bulls playoff game.

The most impressive scene I’ve seen in a while was that of five Red Bulls fans making the same flight down. About 25 Red Bulls fans are making the trip down for the match, with the Red Bulls providing tickets for those die-hard fans.

You have to give those fans credits for coming down considering the odds working against the club. The Red Bulls must beat a team that is 4-0 all-time in home playoff games, having outscored its opponents 11-1. There is also expected to be a big and boisterous crowd at Robertson Stadium for the Sunday afternoon match (3pm, Telefutura).

If Red Bulls fans want something to latch onto, they should consider the fact that the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference has lost in the playoff first round the past three seasons. Unfortunately for the Red Bulls, the Dynamo did not lose any of those three.

If you are a Houston resident, please feel free to offer up some tips on places to eat, places to visit and things to do. I was here in February for USA-Mexico and had a great time thanks to reader suggestions so any new suggestions are welcome.

I will be posting another portion of the most recent Q&A shortly, and plan on knocking out that Dave Van Den Bergh interview today so stay tuned for that. For now, feel free to share your thoughts on Sunday’s Dynamo-Red Bulls match in the comments section below.


  1. Silent e: I wasn’t trying to start a fight, but if you took a picture of Central Park, there would be a significant difference: People.

    This makes Houston look like a set from “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

    But it’s stupid to say Our city is better than yours. (It is.) But our team? Well….

  2. don’t forget to go to the Mezzanine for the supporters group after party.

    2200 Southwest Fwy

    as for places to eat we have too many to list.

    Go Dynamo!!!

  3. Ives,

    Hope you’re enjoying your visit to Houston (or, using the Long Island accent I got so accustomed to during the last seven years, YOUston).

    Forget Chuy’s. Go to Ninfa’s, at 2704 Navigation. It’s close to downtown, probably a five minute drive from Robertson stadium (once you get through the traffic departing the stadium).

    During the game, I hope you will mention the Texian Army and El Batallon, the two major barras occupying opposite ends of the stadium. Neither is quite Barra Brava, yet, but the team’s only been here three years.

  4. Ives, not a specific thing to do in Houston, but while you are here if you could ask around and find out if there is any news about a stadium for the Dynamo. I had heard they were close on a deal that might also be a new stadium for TSU football but I believe that was before the credit problems. I know I would appreciate anything you could find out as well as all the other Houston readers. Thanks.

  5. Ives,

    What’s up, man? How’s the fams? My sister just came back from my cousin’s baby shower out in Houston a few weeks ago and she didn’t have one bad thing to say about H-town. So blow off the haters and do your thing! I, for one, may even consider moving out of this hellhole. Too expensive and too corrupt around here. You know what I mean.

    As for RB, yea, sure, their chances are slim to none to advance against the defending champs in their hometown against the ruckus of the great fans out there but I will be satisfied if they pull off a fight even if they go down cuz they’re representing the best town in the world—-even though it’s too expensive and corrupt!:D

    Have fun. Have a beer for me.

  6. Ives, I second going with Goode Co. BBQ on Kirby near 59 (just south on Kirby) or Chuy’s near Kirby & Westheimer.

    Bring a concealed weapon if you go to Frenchy’s after dark – it’s near the Stadium and there is a UH football game tonite but it is not the best of ‘hoods.

    I think we may sell out tomorrow – looks like a perfect day for soccer!!

  7. If you’re out late and the bars have closed the taps, I suggest going to North Main St. and treating yourself to Spanish Flowers Restaurant.

    A greasy, 24 hour full service Mexican joint. When I go to Houston, I tend to end up at that place at least one night. I suggest a cup of menudo and the cheese enchiladas with chili con carne and extra onions.

    That’ll cure your quest for greasy food after hitting the bars.

    You’re welcome.

  8. Chuy’s is a great TexMex place. It’s on Westheimer just west of the Kirby intersection on the north side of the street. If you want to eat like a Texan get the 911 plate.

    Also, they say that Frenchy’s is the best fried chicken in town. It’s on Scott Street less than a block south of Robertson Stadium.

    Prepare yourself for 27,000 Dynamo fans tomorrow. You’ll love the atmosphere. The only negative is that UH is playing a football game today and field will be somewhat chewed up and covered with US football markings.

  9. Conrad, what are you talking about? A wasteland? I presume you’re talking about the grass in the foreground. The picture is taken from a park that is in the basin of a bayou. Are you from NY? Would you consider a photo of NYC that featured a grassy area of Central Park to present NY as wasteland?

    Ives, there are so many good restaurants in Houston I couldn’t possibly recommend a single one but I can recommend that if you are interested in looking for a good place to eat you can read reviews of local restaurants at it’s much better than zagats. Goode Co is good, but a hidden gem of Houston is its extensive Vietnamese community and their restaurants.

    If you’re looking to kill some time I believe the Museum of Natural Science has the body works exhibit. The brochure shows one of the plasticized bodies kicking a soccer ball so you could probably write off the ticket price 🙂

  10. For sushi Azuma is the only choice and Christians Tailgate for burgers. I am still sticking with El Tiempo for tex-mex. I think he already hit up Goode Co for bbq in February.

  11. mexican- cachos on westheimer

    sushi- miyako or RA sushi both on westheimer

    wanna go fancy- Mark’s american cuisine.

    can u please post where u will be at

  12. Agree with Goode Co. BBQ for Texas style barbeque. The most central location is on Kirby near Rice Univ. The I-10 West location mentioned earlier is probably far from your hotel if it is near Robertson stadium. El Tiempo and Pappasito’s are both good suggestions for Mexican food. There are also tons of good places for drinks, just depends on your location. Houston is significantly different than the NY Metro area obviously as far as our urban sprawl, the major neighborhoods are usually quite distant from each other. Enjoy the town. Welcome

  13. El Patio on 2416 Brazos Sreetis not a bad place to go and have dinner tonight. It’s in the downtown area and right next to Red Door if you want to make an outing of the venture. The food is very good, the ambience is lively with music, and their blue margaritas are a must… Little Woodrows is not far from there so you can enjoy Chivas USA and Real Salt Lake…

  14. You cannot go wrong with either El Tiempo (the one on Washington is the best) and Goode Co. BBQ. Christian’s Tailgate in mid-town or Beck’s Prime on Kirby both have great burgers.

  15. I would find a Mom and Pop Mexican food restaurant before I went to Pappasitos. Pappadeux, on the other hand, I would definitely hit.

    Also, forgot about this place. Not sure how big you are on going out on the town, but the Gallant Knight is always an interesting, one-of-a-kind experience and good time. It’s on Holcombe off Kirby Lane.

  16. I wish I could help, but I haven’t hung out in Houston since college. The Rice area is nice for drinks and close to the stadium. I wouldn’t go downtown. That’s all I got, I always had a good time in that area.

  17. Ives,

    I no longer live in Houston as I’ve been here in DC for the last 15 years, but I do long for the Bar-B-Q at Goode Company on I-10 West. Get yourself a shiner and have the combo with ribs, brisket, Austin baked beans and whatever else. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Angelo’s in Ft. Worth is good too.

    I’m hungry now…


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