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SBI MLS Cup Ticket contest: And the winner is…


Congratulations to Erik Abarca for winning the SBI MLS Cup tickets contest, sponsored by SBI and  VW Road to MLS Cup

Erik won two tickets Sunday's MLS Cup final for his great entry which, I will admit, broke the 25-word limit in submissions, but did so in a compelling way that just couldn't be ignored. Erik, who is one of the hundreds of Red Bulls fans making the trek to Los Angeles this weekend, will receive two tickets to Sunday's MLS Cup final between the New York Red Bulls and Columbus Crew (3:30pm, ABC/Telefutura).

Here is Erik's contest entry, along with the latest video from VW Road to MLS Cup:

By Erik Abarca:

There's no way i can do this in 25 words or less, but here's my story anyway…I was 14 years old when i learned MLS will be in USA and the MetroStars was my team. I had a job working 4 hours a week, making $7.50 an hour. I saved $30 a week till i had enough for season tickets. At 15 I bought season tickets for the MetroStars opening season, all alone. I took public transportation to every game. In the summer, i went to practice every friday, only fridays because i had summer school mon-thru, lol. It was not easy to get to the practice in Union, i would leave my house in Paterson to catch the first bus at 5:30am to downtown paterson to newark penn station, to jersey city board st, then to kean college, then walk a few blocks to the site where they trained in Union. It took me 4 hours to get there, 5 hours back. Players took notice, cuz they saw me at every game when they walked into the stadium, and now they saw me every Friday at practice, so one Friday former MetroStar Chris Da Silva a fellow DBT alumni asked me “how do u get here?” I told him my story, then he asked “where u live?” I said “Paterson” he said ” I live in Paterson too, I’ll take u home, but I’m going to eat lunch with Gio (Savarese) first, wanna come” I said “hell yeah!!!!” It was history from there. Fast forward to today, I have as much passion for this team as I did back then. I go to every game and attend almost every viewing party. I LOVE this team!!!

Congratulations to Erik and thank you to all the readers who took part in the contest.

Here is the latest VW: Road to MLS Cup video for those of you who have started watching:


  1. John what are you talking about. I was referring to people who win things like the purple heart, usually do something that they were not ordered to do(following rules) and ended up doing something great and then winning the award.

  2. rmiller…are you referring to people being awarded the purple heart because you think the army doesn’t follow the rules and guidelines for the award when giving it out? if you are, you really have no idea…

  3. (Rules are rules)….Am I Wrong? Am I Wrong?

    No Walter, you aren’t wrong…you’re just an a$$hole.

    Loving the Lebowski references…

  4. Cool story. That’s one passionate fan. Now – GO CREW! CRUSH ERIC’S DREAMS!

    (before y’all accuse me of being a heartless bastard: I’ve been an unabashed Crew fan for years)

  5. I agree with BJR–this isn’t ‘Nam.

    Really, though, I do agree that it’s stupid to emphasize a rule twice just to say “ah, it doesn’t REALLY matter.” But honestly, if he said, “write a paragraph on why you should go,” would anyone have written a better story than Erik’s? Probably not.

    Some might disagree with the judgement, but in the end it’s Ives’ contest. It’s Ives’ rules. Nice of him to arrange to give two tickets away to one of his readers. Nice to see the sight growing.

  6. Come on BJR,luis, disgruntled- You have to be joking that rules are rules. Since when do people follow rules. Look at people who won the purple heart.

    Have Fun Erik, you make the mls what it is.

  7. Have fun Erik, that is a really great story. Also, is anyone else as in love with these commercials as I am. They are so funny! “I feel the same way about cheese” classic line.


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