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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary


Good morning folks. If you plan on watching some soccer today on TV, here is your schedule of matches:

  • 7:40am- Setanta- Liverpool at Bolton
  • 9:40am- Setanta- Stoke City at Manchester United
  • 10am- FSC- Aston Villa at Arsenal
  • 11:30am- GolTV- Bayern Munich at Borussia Moenchengladbach
  • 12:15pm- Setanta- Ipswich at Doncaster
  • 12:30pm- FSC- Chelsea at West Brom
  • 2pm- GolTV- Real Madrid at Valladolid
  • 2:30pm- FSC- Inter Milan at Palermo
  • 2:55pm- Setanta- St. Etienne at Lille
  • 4pm- GolTV- Liverpool at Penarol (Uruguay)
  • 4:30pm- FSC- Wigan at Newcastle
  • 5:55pm- Telemundo- UNAM Pumas vs. Monterrey
  • 6:15pm- GolTV- Medellin at Tolima
  • 8pm- Telemundo- Indios vs. Chivas de Guadalajara
  • 8:30pm- GolTV- Schalke 04 at Bayer Leverkusen
  • 9:30pm- FSC/HDNet – New York Red Bulls at Real Salt Lake
  • If you will be watching the action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

    Enjoy the action.


    1. If you are neutral tonight, this could help — Alexi Lalas said he will shotgun a Large Red Bull on the pregame of MLS Cup if New York beats RSL.

    2. I’m going to watch the ACC soccer final tomorrow, Virginia – Maryland. Anyone know any good prospects to watch for in this match?

      We were going to go to the semi’s but it was raining. Sounds like we missed an epic 3-2 Virginia upset over #1 Wake Forest.

    3. Eddie Johnson scored? Holy crap. Miracles can happen. I hope he keeps it going so he can start for Cardiff indefinitely. If he can’t start in the PL, Championship is just as great if not say Bundesliga/ Eredivisie.

    4. Kuyt has 5 goals for Liverpool, Agbonlahor has 7 goals for AV, Ronaldo has 8 for Man U and Anelka now has 12 for Chelsea. Amazing. Anelka has a strong chance to be top goal scorer this season but so does Agbonlahor. The boy loves to score.

    5. Classy, Toni applauds the Borrusa Park crowd as he walks off, everyone seems to appreciate what a great game that was and a b@llsy comeback by Gladbach.

      Clutch by Bradley, who had a pretty active game, but it wasn’t all roses, he couldn’t touch Ribery and was standing around useless on Toni’s goal (created by Lahm). Oh well, that’s a pretty good list to get torched by, that’s how ya learn.

    6. Great advertising for the Bundesliga, great crowd and wide open game. I really could see Landon in this game as a change of pace sub for Bayern, that isn’t total nationalistic homerism.

      Chelsea up 2-0, Anelka gets his 7th goal in his last 4, joining a crazy list of red hot strikers world wide.

    7. Rob Friend (79) and Bradley (81) both scored in the second half to come back and tie the game. For Bayern Munich Luca Toni scored on the 21st minute and Ribery scored on a pk on the 65th…

    8. Thanks for the link danman,

      Trademark goal for Bradley, smart run into the box, right place, right time, clinical finish.

      Hope his form continues.

    9. I’m streaming the rebroadcast here, we’re in the 61st.

      Bradley is very very active, had a nice 25 yd swipe at goal and another great tackle and feed to start the break. Awesome to see against Munich, and even better since the big goal is coming.

      On a sour note, what’s up with Beasley??? He didn’t dress for the 2nd straight game.

    10. Yes. What fun to see Bradley’s name on the scoresheet next to Toni and Ribery. You’re next, Donovan. If someone streams the rebroadcast, I would so watch that.

      Also, Hooray Fulham!

    11. Issac

      Both goal scorers for MGB from this side of the pond. Baby Bradley scores the tying goal and Rob Friend, who I think suits up for Canada, scores the first for MGB.

      Way to go Mikey B!


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