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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary


Good morning folks. Today is a relatively light day for soccer on TV, but what the schedule lacks in total games it makes up for in quality of match-up.

You have the Rome Derby, the Lyon-Bordeaux tilt and an intriguing Man City-Hull City clash.

Here is the full schedule of games today:

  • 8:25am- Setanta- Middlesbrough at Everton
  • 9am- FSC- Chievo at AC Milan
  • 11am- FSC- Manchester City at Hull City
  • 11am- GolTV- Villarreal at Malaga
  • 12:55pm- Telemundo- San Luis at Toluca
  • 2:30pm- FSC- Lazio at Roma
  • 2:45pm- Setanta- Bordeaux at Lyon
  • 3pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Recreativo Huelva
  • 5pm- GolTV- Santa Fe at Junior
  • 5pm- Setanta USA- Club America at Necaxa
  • 7pm- Setanta- Nacional at Danubio

For those of you looking for some post-game analysis and more stories from the New York Red Bulls 1-0 victory over Real Salt Lake in last night’s Western Conference final, there will be plenty of analysis and interviews coming this afternoon so stay tuned for that.

For now, enjoy today’s soccer and if you will be watching today’s games please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Keepers

    Guzan (oh yeah, that Brad…)























  2. p.s. Eric – don’t think Friedel but Hahamann has been in fantastic form and wouldn’t be surprised to see him. Reading said they sent 6-7 players out. They have 3 Ireland, 1 Czech….hum maybe 1 or 2 Americans? Might we see Convey?

  3. Thanks Eric….Great news about Freddy and Jozy – I think there are going to be some surprises but you’d think that when people started showing up yesterday and today and others were sent home that they might make a freakin announcement.

  4. Thanks Erik for the link. I think its a good sign that the coach made those comments about EJ. Not believing in yourself as a player is hard enough but to have fans, teammate, and your coach not having faith in you is horrible.

    So I’m glad to read that at least his mates and coach do have faith in him and his ability to regain his form.

  5. You sent me off Googling, beckster.

    Here is from the US Soccer Twitter page:

    “Freddy, Jozy, Brad and a few others are on the roster for Wed. Check for the full release later.”

    Freddy and Jozy. That’s all I need to hear.

    Still, Brad? Michael Bradley? Brad Friedel???

  6. Ives…so when is Bradley announcing the team? There have been references to people traveling over from Europe and people leaving Colorado so obviously it’s not a secret as to who is on the squad so what’s with the cone of silence?

  7. I can only hope EJ would get back in form. It’s not that he doesn’t have the natural talent, we know he’s talented, his head’s just all screwed up. Back when he was just getting into the national team he was young full of energy and confident and had the first goal in his first cap and then a hat-trick on his second we knew he could be special. during the 07/08 season with Kansas when he had that 16 goals in the regular season, he said he had some personal issues going on off the field and that he realized what he had done accepted it moved on and played the game. He’s starting now to get over his slump with and play the game and work on getting better.

  8. LOL on the EJ article, I hope Cardiff get their wish, and he’s done traveling around with the national team too! But seriously, good to see the manager referring to him as Man of the Match. I hope the good folk of Cardiff know he’s the GAM.

  9. Matt – I was at the Maryland-VA game, 1st half was fantastic, and Maryland hung on in the 2nd. MD started the game off with one touch… and then a shot from midfield that nearly caught the keeper off his line. I can’t say enough about the guys manning the left (LB, LMF) for the Terps, Hall and Wallace. Also, both teams had freshmen Chris Rolfe-style forwards who acquitted themselves well. I was curious about Kassel, but then forgot about him once the game was underway, couldn’t tell you if he saw the field.

    Just curious, since the scoreboard at the game didn’t have instant replay, but that 2nd goal called back for off-sides shoulda stood?

  10. Great find Eric, for those who haven’t read the article, Cardiff’s coach says that “Everyone in our dressing room thought [Eddie] was man of the match today,” and that he should have gotten the chance to take the penalty.

    Go EJ!!

  11. From the Yanks Abroad cheering section. Mike Bradley notched a great equalizer late against Bayern on Saturday. And for the Eddie Johnson boosters. Check a great story about the Cardiff manager giving him props for a great game this weekend. Cardiff won 2-1 and could have made it 3-1 but Chopra missed a penalty late after EJ was brought down in the box.

    I know American soccer fans are manic and always like to see the glass as being half empty rather than being half full. Even if Subotic goes with Serbia, the Yanks will be fine.

  12. I’m watching the ACC Championship game between Maryland and Virginia. All you Red Bull fans, no Kassle in the starting 11. But the game has been pretty decent. UMD went up early and has hit the bar and the ball went in the goal but they didnt cal it a goal. UVA has been fast on breaks but UMD Defenders are quick. Both keepers playing well.

  13. Ives,

    I was just looking at Giuseppe Rossi’s profile on ESPNSoccernet. It has his birth place as “Italy”. Anyway you can use your connects to get that corrected? It would be sweet to see Teaneck, NJ get some international props!


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