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USA 2, Guatemala 0: A second look

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If the U.S. men's national team's 2-0 victory against Guatemala was a glimpse into the future for the United States, then that future sure looks bright after several young standouts took full advantage of the chance to show that they plan on being factors in 2009 World Cup qualifying.

Freddy Adu, Jozy Altidore, Kenny Cooper and Sacha Kljestan were all impressive in the U.S. team's handling of a Guatemalan squad that, to be fair, was a young team missing several key veterans as a new coach shook up his squad. Guatemalan B team or not,The Fab Four Americans certainly had to impress U.S. coach Bob Bradley, while also exciting fans that had been waiting months to see them all play together.

What did you think of last night's performance. Did Freddy Adu restore your faith in him? Were you happy to finally see the Kenny Cooper-Jozy Altidore tandem (or as I like to call them, the People's Tandem) in action? Were you disappointed with Jonathan Bornstein's return to the national team fold? Did the match leave you excited at what lies ahead in the Hexagonal Round of qualifying?

Share your thoughts on last night's match in the comments section below.


  1. Good result and nice to see certain players step-up. On the downside, I was disappointed in Adu after being a big supporter. He does not play defense any better against Guatemala than he does against the best teams – I don’t see any improvement. Defense is a state of mind and a mental game, and from what I see he thinks he just doesn’t need to play it, even if playing an outside position.

    I had to laugh too – anyone ever see the old NFL films of Terry Bradshaw in his rookie year inanely talking the ears off of everyone on the sidelines? Seeing himon the bench after he came out, Freddy reminds of Terry Bradshaw.

  2. @Bubba: Are you high? We have depth up top?? Like who, EJ??? We’re so deep at forward we keep playing Landon and Deuce out of position??!? Striker is the one spot we really need more players to develop….


    Bubba wrote: “Cooper is a good player that still has alot to prove, as does everyone up top because we definitely have depth at that position.”

  3. Beasley has recently switched to left back late in a few games. He also may have played there under Arena for a game or two.

    Bornstein played against Messi in June of 2007, right after the Gold Cup. Bornstein was so good that Messi switched to the other side of the field to avoid him.

    “as was the handful of times he was able to shut down Lionel Messi with well-timed tackles and fearless determination”

  4. not to cast a pall on the Jozy-Coop lovefest, but a few reminders are in order. We played a beat down, half-strength team, at home, dominated possession and the run of play, were bigger, stronger and faster, had the ball in the box maybe 25 times, and managed one goal from the run of play. Jozy did everything but actually put a shot on frame, Cooper did little but putting one in. Why do both our strikers play so small? Memo to cooper and altidore: you are big guys, play like it. Watch some film of Luca Toni sometime.

    We dominated this game much more than we dominated Cuba last month. Our A team wins this match 6-0. So let’s not get TOO carried away.

  5. Cooper’s performance wasn’t bad but it wasn’t necessarily that good either… He had a good finish on a great ball from Josmer Altidore. If anything Cooper has managed to get a few more looks but his performance yesterday didn’t prove that he is a guy that Bob Bradley should be calling up all the time. Cooper is a good player that still has alot to prove, as does everyone up top because we definitely have depth at that position. I wonder how different it would have been if Charlie Davies didn’t get his tonsils removed around the time of this game? Maybe the starting line-up would have been a little different…

    Good game yesterday, they moved the ball well and were able to put some in the back of the net. Bob Bradley was satisfied with the win but put in all in perspective claiming that there was room for the guys he brought in to play a better game. It was great that he is getting behind his younger guys and push them to go after more playing time in their respective clubs, specifically Adu…

  6. Not really on topic but I just read this elsewhere:

    Banja Luka-born center-back Neven Subotic is involved in an international tug-of-war between Serbia, Bosnia, and the United States. Reports that the Serbs have won the heart of the Borussia Dortmund defender have recently been recinded, and Subotic has said he will make up his mind at the end of the season.


  7. I think Isaac has it the way we might see it for the next games, although I would expect Ching to start. Too many people were forgetting Dempsey, and he is our most consistent scorer.

    Beasley at left back is interesting, and he has played there for us before. He is a very good defender and he is quick. Talk about the counter, he would be down the wing in a flash.

    We’re also forgetting about Spector. He should be fit soon, and he is probably the best guy we have for left back.

    Last night, I thought Bornstein looked ok on defense, not so great on the offensive side, but I will never forget how he SHUT Messi DOWN in the friendly against the Argies.

    Kljestan looked great last night. He belongs out there with the first team.


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