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USA-Mexico to kick off 2009 World Cup qualifying

ChingMarquez (AP)

Those of you who can't wait for the U.S. national team to face off against Mexico in World Cup qualifying next year won't have to wait too long. The CONCACAF super powers will square off in the opening match of 2009 qualifying in the United States.

The draw for the Hexagonal round of qualifying took place earlier this morning and the first of two USA-Mexico tilts was drawn first and is set for Feb. 11.

Here is the full USA schedule:

Feb. 11 Mexico Home
March 28 El Salvador Away
April 1 Trinidad & Tobago Home
June 3 Costa Rica Away
June 6 Honduras Home
Aug. 12 Mexico Away
Sep. 5 El Salvador Home
Sep. 9 Trinidad & Tobago Away
Oct. 10 Honduras Away
Oct. 14 Costa Rica Home

The United States will benefit from starting out at home and facing the weakest team in the Hexagonal (El Salvador) in the first road game. Things get much tougher in the summer, with road trips to Costa Rica and Mexico.

What do you think of the schedule? Excited to get Mexico first? Is there any doubt the USA-Mexico game will be in Columbus on Feb. 11? What other cities do you see hosting one of the five USA home games?

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  1. For all of you that are so happy that Vela,Torrado and Arce are out. Their is plenny of forwards and mids. So dont expect it to be so easy.

  2. lol…soccer outside in February in Utah? Thats crazy. It will be 25 degrees and 3 feet of snow on the ground. While I LOVE our new stadium, I would not love it in the middle of February! And as far as us being behind on immigration, you guys are way wrong! When we play Chicago the stadium fills up with Mexican fans. Dont think we are any different than anywhere else. I would have to vote for somewhere warm for the February game. HDC or Dallas works for me… Id love to get out of the cold that time of year anyways! Give Rio Tinto a spring or summer game!

  3. My 2 cents.

    Finally the Hexagonal is here. The US get to play the top competition in CONCACAF …away. These will be great games to watch. I will only comment on the first 3 games and where they will be played. Bradley already stated he wanted a cold place. Can we all agree Chicago, with their huge Mexican population will be ruled out. After only 5k showing up for New England (usually strong fan support) Rev playoff game, Gillette ruled itself out. NY Giants stadium would be cold but have to many Mex fans..Giants stadium is out. DC—good fans support bul will it be cold enough….to questionable so they are out.

    What is left. Seattle, Utah, Colorado and Columbus. The soccer specific stadiums give a good advantage with the fans for any home team so I am ruling Seattle out. Colorado, Utah and Columbus fit the bill. Colorado just had a poor showing for a semi final and the US likes to move to create interest so they are Very possible but unlikely. Here is a quote from a RSL fan”Like I said before, they packed in 45,000 for the Costa-Rica match in 05 at Rice Eccles. The atmosphere at Rio Tinto would be incredible, as it was for the Western Conference Finals!” Very possible. Will the US chance the fans support in UTAH for Mexico? I think they will go with Columbus. Cold weather..check,soccer specific stadium to bring fans close to action…check, great fans support that will be USA…check. They were fun to watch during playoffs, they were into it and most deffinatly be pro US…check. So Columbus is my #1 pick.

    game 2 is in El Salvador so they would be practicing at Home depot center the week of MArch 28, 2009 ( they day the play El Sal) then have a game 4 days later. I think this game against T&T will be at Home Depot Center since the nats would have been practicing the previous week there. They will be use to the location and field and T&T has the least amount of national fans that any of the Final 6 teams. The yanks have to play at least one game in their national stadium so I am guessing it will be this one.

    I am thinking Bradley’s boys will be 3-0, anything less would be a surprise.

  4. Does Alaska have any stadiums? I would love to see U.S. play Mexico up there lol. Would be frekin hilarious to see the mex’s shivering and not being able to do their Bull Sh** fouls do to the extreme cold weather. Just a thought …

  5. So how many points will the US finish with? Predictions?

    In 2006 the US and Mexico both got 22 points, CR got 16 and TnT got 13 to earn the half slot. It is basically the same six except little tougher this time except replacing Guatemala with Honduras (tougher) and replacing Panama with The Salvador (even). However TnT probably isn’t as good as in 2006.

    I expect the US take all 12 from TnT/The Salvador. So out of the other six games I think the US could go 2-2-2 for a total of 20 points.

    It would be nice to have at least 17 points wrapped up before the final two games so we can be relatively assured of qualifying like in the group stage and be in a position to play some “bubble boys” that may or may not be sitting next to Donovan and Howard on the flight to Johannesburg.

  6. Feb. 11 Mexico- Columbus, OH, Crew Stadium

    April 1 Trinidad & Tobago-Washington DC, RFK

    June 6 Honduras-E.Hartford, CT, Rentschler Field

    Sep. 5 El Salvador- Salt Lake City, Utah

    Oct. 14 Costa Rica- Seattle, WA

  7. There is no excuse for not being able to draw at least 15K for a friendly no matter who or when they are playing, ok I take that back. For all games except the first round of qualifing at least 15K should be expected.

    For every international match that has been at Qwest they have brought in grass and at least 15K in fans.

    Games should be in no particular order

    Columbus, Seattle, RFK, Salt Lake City.

  8. Another Chicagoan lobbies for Columbus for this match. We have something special their against Mexico — COLD!!!

    Seriously, I hope this match takes place there.

    Chicago deserves Honduras which should be a good match.


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