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What USA lineup would you like to see vs. Guatemala?


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The last World Cup qualifier of the year for the U.S. men’s national team is two days away, meaning the last chance for U.S. fans to see some of the team’s younger prospects, as well as a chance to see some veteran faces back in the mix.

The game won’t be an easy one as Guatemala enters needing a victory and some help to reach the Hexagonal round of qualifying. It should provide a good test for this group of players:

  • GOALKEEPERS: Brad Guzan, Troy Perkins, Matt Pickens
  • DEFENDERS: Jonathan Bornstein, Sean Franklin, Cory Gibbs, Clarence Goodson, Drew Moor, Michael Parkhurst
  • MIDFIELDERS: Freddy Adu, Davy Arnaud, Ricardo Clark, Sacha Kljestan, Pablo Mastroeni, John Thorrington
  • FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore, Conor Casey, Brian Ching, Kenny Cooper, Chris Rolfe

So what lineup might we see on Wednesday? Here is one possible combination you could see against Guatemala:

Projected USA starting lineup vs. Guatemala:






Drew Moor is probably a more likely option at right back since he’s actually been in national team games before, but Sean Franklin is so talented that it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for him to have impressed enough to start.

Could we see a Cooper-Altidore forward line? I wouldn’t bet on it. You would imagine that Bob Bradley would want Brian Ching’s veteran presence on the field, though you wonder if Bradley will want to take a longer look at both Altidore and Cooper.

Now it’s your turn. What lineup would you like to see US national team coach Bob Bradley use on Wednesday night? Share your suggestions below.


  1. ———-altidore—–cooper———-





    * GOALKEEPERS: Brad Guzan, Troy Perkins, Matt Pickens

    * DEFENDERS: Jonathan Bornstein, Sean Franklin, Cory Gibbs, Clarence Goodson, Drew Moor, Michael Parkhurst

    * MIDFIELDERS: Freddy Adu, Davy Arnaud, Ricardo Clark, Sacha Kljestan, Pablo Mastroeni, John Thorrington

    * FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore, Conor Casey, Brian Ching, Kenny Cooper, Chris Rolfe

  2. I’m not expecting to see Altidore and Cooper see the field at the same time. I’m guessing Cooper comes in at the 60 for Altidore with Rolfe a late sub for Ching.

    Adu is the key to this game. He has to play on the left – no other choices really. this should be a good opportunity to get a lot of playing time and show BB *(and his club) what he can do. I’d like to see him getting deep into the corner and providing some good service. If he can get that accomplished it should keep him from having to play a lot of defense (leeding to my next point).

    From a defensive standpoint – that left side looks vulnerable. If Ives’ line up is as accurate as it usually is, it’s a good move to have Pablo’s wrecking crew mentality on the left side to help cover for Freddy and support Bornstein. At first look the right side may look weaker – Franklin’s first cap or simply having Moor out there. However, I think Sasha tracks back much better than Freddy and Clark isn’t much of a let off from Pablo.

    Let’s go “B Squad”!

  3. Give conor casey and troy perkins a chance.





    give the new guys a chance to proove themselves.

  4. I’m not sure why everybody seems so convinced that we’ll have a 4-4-2. BB loves the 4-5-1, and as one of you mentioned, we’ll have a very young and inexperienced back line that will prevent a forward from seeing the ball much – much less two forwards – especially if we don’t have a quality center mid to handle for us. In Trinidad, BB only went with the 4-4-2 when we had to score a goal, and to do so he took out Adu (indicating that Adu isn’t a choice left mid).

    But if we have a 4-5-1, who’s our striker? I hope not Ching, because then what was the point of calling up these new guys? At this point, I think BB should focus on getting Altidore and Cooper in the game for as long as possible and give them a chance.

  5. i don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but why isn’t kyle beckerman on this roster? he looked good in the playoffs, and i would rather have him in center midfield than mastroeni…

  6. It’s not bloody likely that we’ll see Altidore and Ching start. That’s just not Bradley’s style.

    I figure we won’t see Adu or Altidore until the 80th minute.

  7. Guzan will hopefully have a better game than last time, he will be tested. I think he won’t. I think he will be nervous and make mistakes.

    Anybody know when we could next see the U.S. team play after this? I know the draw for the hexagonal starts on the 22, but anybody know when the games start? Ives maybe with the answer.

  8. I copy Ives, almost exactly because I do not know what the hell to do with this young pool. I haven’t heard of 8 of them, but I do not watch MLS. I only watch U.S. soccer, and wherever the standard U.S. players play, like Donovan in L.A., Clint Dempsey in Fulham, and Altidore in Villareal. So I don’t know the new guys. I think this is a lot of their first caps…






    Kenny Cooper will sub for Ching in the 60+minute

    Bornstein will have a good game.

    50/50 on who wins today. Depends on the midfield battle and how well our defense is able to gel together in 3 days.

    Do we have a real right wing in this pool? The last time Sacha played right wing he was awful. Is Arnaud, Thorington, or Rolfe natural right wings? Are any of them good enough to take the spot approaching 2010 or will Dempsey most likely man the right wing position?

    Is anybody worried that we won’t be able to fill the obvious right wing hole before the summer of 2010? Or is someone out there confidant of a certain player that will rise up and take the spot?

    Think Adu will be a sub in 2010 for Beas or Donovan?

    Think Mastroeni and Clark will even make the team? I don’t.

    Their positions are tied up with Sacha, Bradley, and Edu.

    Defense will be completely different, obviously boco, gooch, and dolo…But also the subotic decision, and pearce v bornstein for left back.

    The forwards Ching and Altidore are the only 2 I think we will see starting in their positions in 2010. We will probably also see Adu, Bornstein, and Sacha on that team. The rest are just there to widen the pool, gain experience, and be back ups in case of injuries.

    This game is all about watching our front line for me. I want Cooper to sub in and score and I want an Altidore hat trick.-Fantasizing. With the new and weak midfield ( I think it is VERY weak) as well as a shaky new defense without experience and chemistry, the forwards won’t have the ball much.

  9. On Thursday Bayern Munich will probable decide, if thy will buy Donovan or not. A negative point is that he should cost 10 Million Euro.

  10. What Bradley will go with and what i would like to see is 2 different things. I would like to see


    Adu——————– Kljestan —————–Rolfe




    Hey, why not?

  11. Not thrilled with Ching, but given the choices, probably the best pairing with Altidore. I want Davies . . .

    I still wouldn’t put in Ching. Rolfe, he’d be my guy.

    I’d remove Kleijstan and put in Harringon or Rico Suave.

  12. oh also I think kswiss had it right when he said switch Sacha and Freddy. Rodriguez toasted the left side of our D and it scares me what to think what might be left of Gibbs/Bornstein if we dont get someone who can tackle in there.

  13. Altidore and Cooper have the speed and dribbling ability of forwards like Donovan and Dempsey, but the strength and finishing ability of Ching and Twellman. before anyone says anything yes ching can finish. there’s a reason he’s among one of the top goal scorers in the MLS, even though that may not be saying much against Jozy’s one against a top spanish defense.

  14. —–Alitdore——-Cooper——-






    Whatcha Think?

  15. A Little 4-3-3 action with the same peeps!







    Jon B——————–Sean




    Subs alternates as before . . .

  16. I’m curious as to why people thing ching could play with either JA or Cooper, but believe JA and Cooper couldn’t play together. I think they all play rather similarly, and though JA and Cooper are more similar in speed and foot skill, I also think they both have shown the ability to be “target” men, a la Ching. Not a dig on Ching, but this match means nothing

  17. I’d go for…





  18. ——-Jozy——-Kenny——




    Jon B——————–Sean



    Switch Franklin for Moor

    Goodson for Gibbs

    Coop for Ching

    Sacha, Rolfe and Adu are interchangeable!

  19. —————-Cooper——–Altidore—————





  20. ———-Cooper—-Altidore——-





  21. ———-Altidore———-






    Realistically, it will be Freddy behind Ching with Rolfe and Kljestan on the wings

  22. eric: I think you misread northzax’s comment. Based on what you said, the two of you agree about Jozy and Cooper being alike.

    As for my own thoughts? Well, they said the same thing about the Rooney-Tevez pairing last year, and it turned out pretty well. I’m not comparing, just saying that two like-minded players can be effective up top.

  23. I think we’ll see the 4-4-2 bucket, just like Ives predicted. I might want to switch Adu and Kljestan, because I think Kljestan will provide better defensive help against Rodriguez on the left. Then again, that’s why we have two defensive mids. Plus, Adu is the only effective lefty on the roster, so it will never happen.

    More realistically, and more to my liking, is eric’s lineup. Drop Clark, move Kljestan inside, and start Rolfe on the right. Rolfe has been on fire lately for Chicago.

  24. What I’d like to see:







    Cooper in for Jozy

    Clark in for Pablo

    Franklin in for Moor

  25. I would have more confidence in Ives if he went to a training session or two.

    Here’s the line-up: 4-4-2

    Altidore Ching

    Adu Kljestan

    Mastro Clark

    Bornstein Parky Goodson Moor


  26. All the CO fans were saying Gibbs was not in good form, yet Ives and others have him starting at CB. Have those calling for him to start actually seen him play multiple games this year? I haven’t seen him other than for 1 match, where he seemed fine. Those who know, please tell us.

  27. northzax – actually, I’d argue that Cooper is closer to the Jozy mold rather than Ching. Don’t let the size fool you, he’s more about runs off the ball than holding it up.

  28. —————-Ching——–Altidore—————





    On further reflection I’d like to see Rolfe in, because he’s got the best speed on the roster and would be at least as good defensively as Kljestan here.

    I think that Ching and Altidore could work very well together, Ching is great at controlling the ball and making the nice pass to the runner, and Jozy’s our best running at goal. For those of you who laugh about how simple that is, remember how much that was lacking in the T&T game?

    I expect the 2 D-Mid line up, but wish we’d only play one (I’d give Clark and Mastro each a half in the role). I’d prefer to have our best passing team out there and count on keeping possession (not that Special K isn’t capable of inspiring Turn Over Drinking Games on his off nights…)

  29. —–jozy——coooper——





  30. I think Ives is right on, as normal – Bradley will try to mix experience with guys he wants to take a look at. The goal of this game will be to evaluate Ching and Altidore up top together. in the second half, I think you’ll see Cooper sub up top for the more tired forward, Thorrington sub for either Mastro or Clark (with Klejstan sliding to the middle), and Moor in for the least effective defender.

    Key things to look at are the play of Ching and Altidore together (could be exciting), if Klej can paly the wing (don’t think so), and if any of the defenders looks promising as a sub going foward…

  31. Guys, we aren’t going to see Altidore and Cooper up top at the same time. They are different versions of the same player, nothing to work off of.

  32. ———-Altidore——–




    Let’s be scorin’ some goals, y’all!

  33. Given this list of players, are we doing to see something different from Bob Bradley? Something that will confuse and confound the Guatamalans and the rest of CONCACAF? A version of a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 perhaps?

    If a 4-3-3, look for this line up:





    A 4-2-3-1 might look like this:






    The problem is that a 4-2-3-1 is a formation you play to not lose rather than win. It sacrifices the talents of your best asset on this team, strenth and speed in the strikers. Ching is the best target forward in this bunch and why not let Jozy and Cooper play off of him, given Cooper the head that he has previously wanted to show, i.e. going back to collect the ball and bring it forward. He and Jozy both have the strength, speed and skill to go at players and both can play well in the air.

    Of Course, we probably won’t see Bradley do any innovation, so a bucket 4-4-2 it will be.

    I hope that Perkins gets the nod though, but I am sure he won’t.

  34. Here’s what I like to see:







    With Cooper 1st off the bench.

    It’s youthful up top; more experienced in the back.

    Rolf has been hot lately; I think he can do it for Nats too. Thorrington’s had a great season; Clark not so much. Let’s see what the young guns can do!

  35. Interesting forward pair Ives. I remember you saying during a Q and A you would put Jozy and Ching in a forward pair were the first game of the World Cup tomorrow.

  36. _____Altidore___Cooper_______





    not that this would happen, but…

  37. —-Altidore—Cooper—-





    Ching would be my first sub off the bench to try and get a goal if needed.

    I’m not a fan of the pool to pick from but that’s how I would line up.

  38. Interesting line up, Ives. I would expect Adu to drift inside, which would give Borenstein the whole flank. Gibbs could shift left, and Parkhurst likes a 3 man line anyways.

    Please let’s try Franklin over Moor, who we know will never be a top prospect. Still can’t believe no Wynne.

  39. I wouldn’t mind seeing….

    FW: Ching, Cooper

    MF: Adu, Mastroeni, Thorrington, Kljestan

    DF: Bornstein, Gibbs, Parkhurst, Moor

    GK: Guzan

    Sub out Ching after half for Altidore. Maybe throw Rolfe in for Thorrington at the 60 min mark. Casey for Coop at 75 min.

  40. * GOALKEEPERS: Brad Guzan, Troy Perkins, Matt Pickens

    * DEFENDERS: Jonathan Bornstein, Sean Franklin, Cory Gibbs, Clarence Goodson, Drew Moor, Michael Parkhurst

    Line-up that I’d like to see:

    Altidore Cooper

    Adu Rolfe

    Clark Kljestan

    Bornstein Franklin

    Gibbs Parkhurst


    Line-up that I think we will see:


    Adu Altidore

    Clark Mastro Kljestan

    Bornstein Moor

    Gibbs Parkhurst

  41. —-Altidore—Cooper—-





    Ching would be my first sub off the bench to try and get a goal if needed.

    I’m not a fan of the pool to pick from but that’s how I would line up.

  42. I’d like to see:






    Bornstein pushes up the left side to make up for our lack of a true left winger. Jozy and Ching come off the bench in the second half.

  43. How about Clarence Goodson as the starting centerback, which allows Cory Gibbs to start as left back? We need more competition at left back and I think Gibbs could beat out both Bornstein and Pearce for the spot. Not sure about his crossing ability though, we’ll have to see about that.


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