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You Write the Caption: John Wolyniec edition

Good afternoon all. It is time for a special MLS playoff edition of You Write the Caption. I know I haven’t gotten around to picking the Top 10 captions from the Freddie Ljungberg edition of YWTC but I promise to have that up this week.

The new You Write the Caption comes courtesy of Red Bulls striker John Wolyniec, who scored his first goal of 2008 in dramatic fashion, to help seal his team’s 3-0 upset win against Houston. After waiting all year to score a goal, Wolyniec pulled out the Thriller Dance as his goal celebration. The dance selection was surprising, but the terrible form in executing the dance made the moment a classic.

Wolyniec laughed when asked about the dance and admit

"I wouldn’t say I’ve been practicing," Wolyniec admitted. "If you watch the tape you probably notice I haven’t been practicing, but it was a good feeling.

"It always seems like teams that make runs in playoffs always have a little gimmick inside the locker room. Maybe that’s ours and I just hope it’s something we can piggyback off of and use going forward."

Now, onto the YWTC, and Wolyniec’s awful rendition of a classic dance move:


"Michael Jackson’s nose rolls over in its grave after watching some soccer player butcher one of the best dance moves ever."

Now it’s your turn. I know the SBI Mafia can get creative so let’s hear some good caption suggestions. As always, I will pick the ten best and post them for readers to vote on.

Fire away.


  1. In an attempt to save face, Wolyniec claimed his Rum Tum Tugger impression was actually just a goofy, inside-joke rendition of the Thriller Dance

  2. Entertainment update:red bulls forward john wolyniec has been casted as the lion in the new madagascar movie…ben stiller is out!!!


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