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Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind

Michael Bradley 1 (AP) 

In the on-going battle for playing time, some of the U.S. national team's top young players enjoyed good weeks.

From Michael Bradley, who earned a start in Borussia Moenchengladbach's loss to Borussia Dortmund, to Jozy Altidore, who played significant minutes in a crucial match against Sevilla for Villarreal, there was definitely some progress to be made on at least a few Americans Abroad fronts.

Perhaps the most promising development was Heath Pearce earning a start for Hansa Rostock. The U.S. national team's first-choice left back has struggled for playing time in recent weeks but stated and played 75 minutes in a shutout victory.

Then you had the case of Jose Francisco Torres, who started for Pachuca in the FIFA Club World Cup, making him the only American representative (and some believe the first American to play in the competition).

Not all the news was good. Frank Simek is injured again while youngsters Freddy Adu and Danny Szetela didn't get off the bench for their clubs.

Here is how all the Americans Abroad did this past weekend:



  • Tim Howard started, played 90 minutes and made three saves in Everton's 1-0 win vs. Manchester City on Saturday.
  • Brad Friedel started, played 90 minutes and made one save in Aston Villa's 4-2 win vs. Bolton on Saturday.
  • Brad Guzan dressed but did not play for Aston Villa.
  • Clint Dempsey started and played 90 minutes in Fulham's 0-0 tie vs. Stoke City on Saturday.
  • Jonathan Spector did not dress in West Ham's 1-1 tie vs. Chelsea on Sunday.


  • Frank Simek did not dress in Sheffield Wednesday's 0-0 tie vs. Bristol City on Saturday. He is recovering from a hamstring injury suffered in Wednesday's 1-0 win vs. Queens Park Rangers on Wednesday.
  • Jay DeMerit did not dress in Watford's 2-1 win vs. Coventry City on Saturday. He is recovering from a groin injury.
  • Eddie!Johnson came off the bench and played 55 minutes in Cardiff City's 2-1 win vs. Ipswich Town on Saturday. Johnson also came off the bench and played 17 minutes in Cardiff City's 2-2 tie vs. Burnley on Saturday.
  • Marcus Hahnemann did not dress in Reading's 2-0 win vs. Norwich City on Saturday. He missed the match with a calf injury suffered in Reading's 1-0 win vs. Blackpool last Tuesday.
  • Bobby Convey did not dress for Reading vs. Norwich City. Convey did come off the bench and played eight minutes vs. Blackpool.


  • DaMarcus Beasley dressed buit did not play in Rangers' 2-2 tie vs. Dundee United on Saturday.
  • Maurice Edu did not dress for Rangers.



  • Michael Bradley started and played 58 minutes in Borussia Moenchengladbach's 2-1 loss to Borussia Dortmund on Friday.
  • Neven Subotic started and played 90 minutes for Borussia Dortmund.
  • Steve Cherundolo started and played 90 minutes in Hannover 96's 1-1 tie vs. Arminia Bielefeld on Saturday.
  • Sal Zizzo did not dress for Hannover 96.


  • Heath Pearce started and played 75 minutes in Hansa Rostock's 1-0 win vs. SV Wehen on Sunday.
  • Luis Robles and Kaiserslautern face SC Freiburg on Monday.
  • David Yelldell started, played 90 minutes and made six saves in TUS Koblenz's 2-0 loss to FC Ingolstadt 04 on Friday.
  • Matt Taylor started and played 66 minutes for TUS Koblenz. 
  • Grover Gibson came off the bench and played 13 minutes in Ahlen's 3-0 loss to SVpGG Greuther Fuerth on Sunday.
  • Gregg Berhalter started and played 90 minutes in 1860 Munich's 1-1 tie vs. Nurnberg on Sunday.


  • Jozy Altidore came off the bench and played 33 minutes in Villarreal's 1-0 loss to Sevilla on Sunday.



  • Danny Szetela dressed but did not play in Brescia's 2-0 loss to Cittadella on Saturday.



  • Carlos Bocanegra started and played 90 minutes in Rennes' 0-0 tie vs. Nantes on Saturday.
  • Freddy Adu dressed but did not play in AS Monaco's 3-1 loss to Valenciennes on Saturday.


  • Quentin Westberg and Troyes did not play this week.


  • Oguchi Onyewu started and played 90 minutes in Standard Liege's 4-1 win vs. Club Brugge on Sunday.


  • The Danish First Division is on winter break until March.


  • Preston Zimmerman started and played 63 minutes in Kapfenberg SV's 3-0 loss to SV Josko Ried on Saturday.


  • Jose Francisco Torres started and played 68 minutes in Pachuca's 4-2 victory vs. Al Ahly in the quarterfinals of the FIFA Club World Cup on Friday.

American-born Players Playing for Other Countries

  • Giuseppe Rossi (Italy) did not dress in Villarreal's 1-0 loss to Sevilla on Sunday.
  • Brede Hangeland (Norway) started and played 90 minutes in Fulham's 0-0 tie vs. Stoke City on Saturday.
  • Boaz Myhill (Wales) started, played 90 minutes and made three saves in Hull City's 2-2 tie vs. Liverpool on Saturday.


What do you think of these performances? Proud to see Torres playing in the Club World Cup? Starting to get impressed by the faith Villarreal has in Altidore? Saddened to see Frank Simek hurt again? Encouraged by the fact that Preston Zimmerman is getting regular starts in Austria?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I wonder if M. Bradley made a good impression on Subotic… one can only hope we could have to choose between Gooch, Boca, and Neven for our 2 CB spots for the USMNT.

    Pretty soon we’ll also need a American-Educated Playing for another Country.

    That Striker Vedad Ibisevic from St. Louis along with Rob Friend (UC Santa Barbara) although he is on the CONCACAF one already.

  2. This is disappointing overall but we just need to make sure the lack of 1st team premier playing time is a phase we get through. I can think of no other cure than everyone (players there, players who will go there in the future, US soccer overall) stepping it up! Strive for higher standards yet.

    Of course it is usually this way, US breaking into European sport. We saw it in Motocross, and more recently in Cycling: a period of struggling before the US contingent breaks in at the highest competitive level. Hope for the future? You bet! You may have heard of Greg LeMond or Lance Armstrong and the incredible amount of commitment it took them.

    What does a future midfielder, striker, etc., need to do to earn a 1st team starting position? How exceptional do they need to be and what are those qualities? How are they developing those qualities?

    This is not going to happen on its own or without tremendous focus and hard work — beyond what players are currently imagining.

  3. Fact: Kirovkski was the first American to play in the Toyota Cup, not Jose Torres.

    socceroo: if you did not see that game then do not argue against something that is factual.

    socceroo even wrote “Also he may not have played in 97 when Dortmund played in the Toyota Cup.”

    Go re-read what Ives said about “some” people believeing Torres may be the first American to play in that game.

    My posts simply expanded on that some = “Johnny come lately” as these newer fans
    probably didn’t know Kirovski played at that level, and because of their ignorance they still debated who was the 1st American to play at that level.

  4. Hood_Rich. I am not the one who called everyone on the blog a Johnny come lately. I was simply pointing out that the time frame you are talking about was the same time Kirovski was playing for Dortmund( MLS started in 96 Dortmund played in Toyota cup in 97). As far as people following soccer if you read the blog much you know most of us follow other leagues even going back as far as NASL so stop feeling so superior.

  5. Hood_Rich: So you’ve been watching soccer longer than other people…impressive. I really hope that status helps you achieve your wildest dreams. Meanwhile, the other “lesser” soccer fans can stand in awe and admiration of you for your incredible soccer knowledge and standing in the halls of “old-school” soccer fans.

    Call me crazy, but I think the best way to bring about more acceptance of soccer in the US should start by trying not to alienate the newer soccer fans…

  6. I really think Jose Francisco Torres should be an automatic first choice starter for the USMNT. He is playing far more consistently and at a higher level for his club team than Beasley is at Rangers. I thought his composure on the ball really stood out during his couple brief appearances for the Nats. His touches always seemed to settle the midfield down. His positioning is smart, and his workrate on the defensive side is superb. We can’t let Bradley make the same mistake as Arena and stick with guys for too long just because he’s comfortable with them. Torres’ form is far superior to that of Beasley, and I think that alone should demand a starting role for him when the WCQs start up again in February.

  7. soccerroo: you’re an idiot. I saw it with my own eyes when Kirovski played in that game. People have been following soccer before MLS was here,.e.g., Mexican League, English League, APSL. I actually started following the US when we were qualifying for 88 Olympics. The bulk of that team went to play in Italia’90. I even remember seeing Ramos play in college and knew immediately then he was light years ahead of his college competition before he went pro. This was same case with Mathis, they just stood out.

  8. If MLS is serious about putting a good product on the field AND expanding in the next few years,…then they will have to begin to REPATRIATE many of these players! I have said it before and I will say it again.

    What good is it when MLS lacks creative players and Adu is sitting on the bench? Marshal going to some second rate Scandanavian league? Parkhurst?

    MLS has to increase the salary cap to keep and or bring some of these players back and pay young players at least as much as a private education costs ($35-40K).

  9. Jose Torres? How good is he playing at Pachuca? What’s the deal with him? Just heard of him but know very little. Has he played well in the few caps he has had for the USA? what’s his position?

  10. Oh i forgot Beasley. But i doubt he will be called up as a sub, much less a starter as he has been kinda weak and crappy play since his injury and when was the last time he played/started for Rangers? If he can regain a starting place, then im sure he can push himself again and would really be able to secure a spot for the World Cup.

  11. Nevermind- I was looking at the black player and not the shaved headed Bradley.

    For a second I thought it was Byran A. He is still at Hertha Berlin-right?

  12. Hood_Rich: Most of you Johnny come lately …

    Probably started following soccer when MLS started …


    Sorry but your probably wrong there. Most of us are not Johnny come lately. And as far as following only since MLS came around that would be the same time frame that Kirovski was playing for Dortmund. Also he may not have played in 97 when Dortmund played in the Toyota Cup. So it does not mean you have been following along any longer than those you are ripping.

  13. jdd,

    Poor Bradley has the same disease as his Dad and Uncle….he’s losing his hair prematurely, that’s why he shaves his head. I feel bad for the poor kid, got to be tough to lose your hair at such a young age.


    Read an interview with Wynne last week and he said he’ in no rush to go to Europe right now. He’s read the same rumors as we do but has had no direct contact with him or his agent. My opinion is that 3-4 years spent in Holland would be perfect to work on the technical part of his game.

  14. Strider – I’m not Ives, but from what I have heard is that Subotic never made a decision in the first place. So nothing has changed from the day Rongen low-balled him and went to Germany to focus on club.

  15. Ives, did you intentionally switch Subotic into the American players list? You used to have him on the list with Rossi et al. didn’t you? Has anything changed on him decided to play for the U.S.? Thanks,

  16. to clear anything up, when I said “like Zizzo”, i meant “like him” in the sense that Zizzo is having the same thing happen at Hanover. Bryan Arguez is in the same boat at Hertha Berlin too…hopefully they can pull out of it. Same goes for Andrew Jacobson at Lorient.

  17. i think Kill is still at Wolfsburg, but like Zizzo, cannot get out of the reserves. Anyone hear anything on Gab. Ferrari recently? Also, how about those guys Rongen called up recently when the US team was in Spain playing against the reserves of Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and another team? Their names are:

    Giuseppe Nazzani and Vincenzo Bernardo

    Also, anyone have more information on Jose Torres (Loros de Colima), Gregory Garza (Sporting Lisbon), Alfredo Morales (Hertha Berlin)?

  18. Not sure how you can leave off Beasley MadsMikkelson…

    Also… the US needs a left back that can cross with their left foot. Stevie C could probably fill in if needed but we need Pearce or Bornstein to step up…might even consider Parkhurst or Boca..(left footer)

    It is a shame that Marvell is not left footed or he would already have a slot and make people panic with his pace…would be like Drenthe from Real Madrid.

  19. Still my roster for WC 2010.


    Spector Bocanegra Gooch Cherundolo

    Bradley Kljestan

    Dempsey Adu

    Donovan Altidore

    Subs: Pearce, DeMerit, Wynne, Edu, Torres, Cooper, Davies

  20. Looks like all of our 2nd string defenders will be in Denmark or Bundesliga 2.

    Danny Califf, Michael Parkhurst, Heath Pearce and Chad Marshall.

    I figure Spector will regain his place once qualifying begins and put Pearce on the bench.

  21. 10 best strikers in Europe

    1. David Villa

    2. Ronaldo

    3. Fernando Torres

    4. Lionel Messi

    5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    6. Klass Jan-Huntelaar

    7. Karim Benzema

    8. Samuel Eto’o

    9. Luca Toni

    10. Gabriel Agbonlahor

  22. So the next transfers in January for American players will or might be :

    Sasha Kljestan


    Charlie Davies

    Robbie Rogers

    Marvin Wynne

  23. BMG won’t be relegated but they will survive. They just need more midfield cooperation among Bradley and need a consistent goal scorer. I figure they will be like Fulham was the last few seasons. They will just scrap on by.

  24. Michael Bradley seems to love shaving his head often. Looks good on him. I wonder if he might go for a mohawk in 2010 ala Clint mathis in 2002

  25. Josie played well in his 33 minutes. There seemed to be a number of fouls on him but he never complained. Way to go kid!

    The ‘Jersey Kids’ are gonna make one heck of a combo in the coming years (if they stay together)

  26. Maurice Edu must have hell of competition for even a sub role for Rangers. I’m sure the 2nd half of the season will be a mass improvement.

  27. Don’t know much about Sal Zizzo’s progress, but Yanks-Abroad did run a story on him this past week. In the interview he says he has been playing with the U-23 squad, and would consider a loan should the opportunity came.

  28. Most of you Johnny come lately fans didn’t know that Kirovski played in the Toyota Cup with B. Dortmund? Some hardcore fans … LOL

    Probably started following soccer when MLS started …

  29. hey “USA”, this is a page to keep track of ALL Americans playing abroad, why get your panties in a knot? ives’ doesn’t catch ’em all as Barry U pointed out, but these are young developing players fans in the US want to hear about. i’ve never heard anyone complain about their european or south american experience, so relax little fella…

  30. Ives, Cardiff played Burnley midweek, Saturday they beat Ipswich Town 2-1, Eddie came on in the 35th for Chopra, and was subbed out in the 83rd.

  31. Ives, Cardiff played Burnley midweek, Saturday they beat Ipswich Town 2-1, Eddie came on in the 35th for Chopra, and was subbed out in the 83rd.

  32. Ives – Not sure how you pick leagues to follow but Jemal Johnson in English League One is scoring goals and starting for MKDONS on a regular basis. Zak Whitbread is playing for Millwall and has been linked to Blackburn. Both teams are in the middle of the promotion race.

    Also, you got anything on Charlie Davies move to Ligue 1.

  33. Nihat and Rossi were about because of the flu; Villarreal only had GFranco, Josy, and Llorente to choose from. They even started Ibagaza up top with Llorente.

  34. The fact that we are judging americans performance based on the whether or not a player dresses for a third tier league in europe is pathetic. I think these players aren’t doing anyone any favors by going to europe to ride the bench for a few years and make zero impact on the field. Very disappointed in the Americans Abroad, truly only a handful deserve (not counting goalies) to be there and at clubs much lower on the scale than their present teams. Not sure how to fix this or whether the MLS is really a suitable alternative, but its embarassing to see a list of our so called “up and comers” week in and week out not getting off the bench or playing for 20 minutes every few weeks.

  35. Other than not playing….any word on Sal Zizzo’s development? I figured it would be awhile before he started, but he’s got some potential. Anybody hear anything?

  36. Ives, you realize Jonathan Spector just returned to training with the first team after a 6 month rehab from a hip injury. You’ve been mentioning him not dressing every week since the beginning of the season.


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