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Boca Juniors beats San Lorenzo, setting up dramatic final match vs. Tigre

BocaCelebrates (AP) 

Argentine maestro Juan Riquelme worked his magic yet again, setting up a pair of goals to help Boca Juniors top San Lorenzo, 3-1, in their playoff tournament match on Saturday in Buenos Aires.

Lucas Viatri, Rodrigo Palacio and Cristian Chavez all scored goals for Boca, which took a major step toward the championship. Boca took the lead for good in the 76th minute on a Palacio strike before San Lorenzo had two players sent off for second yellow cards. Chavez added a vital insurance goal in the 90th minute.

The victory means Boca Juniors can win the Argentine Apertura championship with a win, draw or one-goal loss against Tigre on Tuesday. The loss also eliminates San Lorenzo.

Beating Tigre will be made tougher for Boca by the suspension of Riquelme, who earned his fifth yellow card of the season during the match, earning a one-match suspension in the process.

Tigre can win the title by beating Boca Juniors by more than one goal on Tuesday (goal difference is the first tie-breaker in the mini-tournament). If Tigre accomplishes that, all three teams in the mini-tournament would be equal on points, with Tigre winning out on goal difference. A Tigre win by a goal would leave Boca ahead on goal difference (+1 to 0).

What did you think of the match


  1. “The force is strong with this one”

    Just before that comment by the announcer I said he looked alot like Anakin Skywalker 🙂

    This announcer should be doing more MLS games. I like him 🙂

  2. It was an entertaining, very aggressive match; it was the best game of the day with Valencia Real Madrid running a not to distant second.

  3. I don’t get Fox Espanol. The Spanish package costs like 15 bucks, and I have to pay separate for GolTV and Setanta already, so no, I don’t get en Espanol.

    Still, watched the game, entertaining stuff.

    “The force is strong with this one”

  4. Great match, and sorry y’all but it was live almost 6 hours before the FSC broadcast. Is everyone okay from the collision? That was the single worst thing I’ve seen on the pitch since fall play started back up.

    I think it is lame that they have continued the YC count from the season. Only a red should keep a player out of round 2 which is a play-off, since the players didn’t exceed the card limit for the league games. Finally, I forgot about goal differential, which makes that 90+ min goal HUGE.

  5. ^ guy…it was broadcast live on fox sports en espanol. i’m pretty sure everyone that gets fsc gets an english and spanish version of that channel…atleast i do in bergen county, nj!

  6. Another terrible clash of heads and significant head injury. It really seems to me that the rate of incident of serious head to head collisions in professional soccer is increasing. I never thought I would see myself saying this as a long time soccer player, but some sort of protective band for the side and back of the head (where most of the serious injuries seem to happen as the a person side or back of his head gets smacked by the front of anothers) might be considered. Not to prevent concussions from heading the ball (which I think is bs) but to protect from head to head collisions like in this game.

  7. great match with a lot of action, but way too many cards given away by the ref. san lorenzo definitely lost their cool at the end of the match, as boca deservedly won. hopefully forlin is okay after going through what seemed like a seizure after that messy collision.

    tuesday will be interesting. tigre will throw everything they got at boca.


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