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Columbus to host USA-Mexico qualifier

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After a week of rumors that it would not be the venue, Columbus has emerged yet again as the choice to host the U.S. men's national team's biggest rivalry.

The opening match of the Hexagonal round of CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying between the United States and Mexico will be played at Crew Stadium on Feb. 11, U.S. Soccer announced on Tuesday night.

That's right, for the third straight World Cup qualifying cycle Columbus will host this intense rivalry. The U.S. national team has won both preview qualifiers at Crew Stadium, in 2001 and 2005, by identical 2-0 scorelines.

“We are very excited about returning to Columbus,” U.S. head coach Bob Bradley said. “The national team has enjoyed a great history there, and the team has always appreciated the fantastic support from the fans. We are looking forward to an incredible atmosphere as we continue the difficult task of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.”

What do you think of the news? Happy it's back in Columbus? Disappointed that it didn't head West as some rumors suggested? Think the Americans can keep their home winning streak against the Mexicans going?

Share your thoughts below (And here's a great video preview to get you in the mood for this big match):


  1. Yes! I can’t believe it. I hope it doesn’t snow with the strange weather here -rain, snow, cold/warm days, more rain. I’m excited!

  2. In my mind, Columbus was the first city to take a chance on a SSS and it was the only one around in 2001 when they got the first game which proved to be very successful.

    From that success we have SSS in other cities which will host WCQs this cycle.

    See everyone in Columbus.

  3. I live on the west coast and while disappointed to not see meaningful qualifiers out here, I’m fully supportive of the need to have a true home field advantage for the USMNT. Any big city or anywhere halfway close to the border will lead to more Mexican supporters in attendance. As someone said, this is a World Cup Qualifier against our biggest rival. Pull out all the stops. Ration tickets, check passports, priority sales, whatever it takes. You think they would do any less? Hopefully it snows. La Guerra Fria III. Dos a Cero!

  4. Justin,

    If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

    Yeah Columbus was given the chance back in 2001 and they seized the day.

    Moving the game to any other city would be a risk in the unknown, but why should US Soccer take a risk on the unknown when it has a sure thing. This is a big game and we shouldn’t take risks when we don’t have to. Winning is far more important.

    The US may still lose this qualifier. But it won’t be because of the venue. The only job Columbus Crew Stadium has to do is provide a loud, boisterous, pro-US crowd. The rest is on the players an coaches.

    And I’m not a Crew fan either. I am flying to Columbus like thousands of others.

  5. @ Brian

    You say that these games are to given to the location that gives the best opportunity to win. Why do you think Philadelphia wouldn’t give as good if not better opportunity than Columbus? And how has Columbus established such a pro-US crowd the past 2 times?…..oh, that’s right, they were given a chance. Just like other locations should be. I would be disappointed if we lose but at the same time (as many have said) I will laugh and wonder what people in Columbus will say the reasons are and why they need to host the next USA-Mexico game.

  6. I’ll laugh if we lose. That would shut up the Crew fans. Seattle would have been the better choice. They could have brought Grass into Qwest Field way early because the Seahawks suck and won’t be in the playoffs. Hey Columbus, how’s Sigi?

  7. Three friends and I had hoped against hope this game would be played in Columbus. We are going to road-trip from school in Kirksville, MO. Here’s to stagnant gas prices! Go USA!

  8. So, USSF put out feelers for RSL and Seattle?

    Here’s hoping the US does not tie, or god forbid, lose that game. Soccer forums would have a complete meltdown.

  9. Jason,

    These types of games are not given to certain places to “grow” fanbases.

    Concepts like “sharing” and “spreading the games around” are not the driving factor when deciding where to play our biggest rival in World Cup Qualifier.

    These games are given to places that give us the best opportunity to win. Period. Columbus has proven to be a great place to host the game because it has created decidedly pro-US crowds the past two times. And it’s not just Crew fans who go.. thousands and thousands of people, like myself, travel for the game.

    I don’t understand why some people don’t get this.

  10. The most amazing game that I have been to by far was the US/Mex Gold Cup final. It was in Chicago so the US fans were completely outnumbered. The atmosphere was electric. I can’t even imagine an US/Mex game that actually means something. The cold weather and the US fans should definitely put Sven’s men at a disadvantage. Columbus here we come!!!

  11. I agree with Adam. Philly (Lincoln Financial Field) or RFK in DC would be great choices.

    Maybe we could find a way to trick all the retarded Eagles fans to show up. They could throw batteries at the Mexicans..

  12. Looking at the roster for the game in Columbus in 2001, that team would kick this team’s rear.

    Brad Friedel, David Regis, Jeff Agoos, Eddie Pope, Tony Sanneh, Cobi Jones, Chris Armas, Claudio Reyna, (Clint Mathis sub), Earnie Stewart, Brian McBride (Josh Wolff sub), Joe-Max Moore (Carlos Llamosa sub).

    I thought we’d progressed as a soccer nation, but this group probably won’t compare until 2012!Scary!


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