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Dynamo still in hunt for Landin

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The Houston Dynamo has made signing a forward one of its biggest off-season priorities and the former MLS Cup champions are still in play for what would be a truly impressive signing.

Houston is still in pursuit of Morelia striker Luis Angel Landin, who Morelia is in the process of trying to sell rather than loan out. If Morelia cannot find a taker for the former Mexican Under-23 international, the Dynamo could wind up landing Landin on loan.

"We worked through the weekend with Morelia officials, Landin's representatives and the league to try and get a better idea of whether this thing can happen," Dynamo chief operating officer Chris Canetti told SBI on Monday. "The talks are there, the talks are serious, whether or not Morelia wants to is what we’re waiting to see."

As of today, Morelia had yet to secure a deal to sell Landin, and if it cannot, the club could turn to Houston, which Landin has expressed strong interest in playing for.

What do you think of this development? Think Landin could be a star in MLS? Would his arrival make the loss of DeRosario easier to take? Is Landin the exact kind of player MLS teams need to be targeting? Still don't think Houston will pull it off?

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  1. People need to remember that Landin is not coming to the Dynamo to be the next Juan Pablo Angel. Houston already has a top scorer in Brian Ching. Landin joining the Dynamo would be an excellent complimentary striker to Ching like Nate Jaqua was. Landin, however, is faster than Jaqua and has better footwork. He should be a bigger threat and relieve pressure off of Ching.

  2. i would say the u.s and meixcos national team have been on the same level but if you look athe the to 20 scorers in teh mexican league their all pretty much south american players except for 3.

  3. What is the commotion with this guy? He’s a Mexican guy with a big body (compared to rest of Mexican League players), average skill, above average speed. I first heard about him two years ago and the tv announcers were making a big deal about him and watched him but he could never do anything. 2 yrs later people are still waiting for some sign that he’s arrived at this level. He’s way too timid of a player to ever fully reach his potential. The guy has the physical tools but never will get to the next level, remember Tony Sanneh and Santino Quranta…

  4. He is rumored to cost about $200k in salary, if he comes. A loan with the option to buy would be fantastic. If he doesn’t work out, he goes back. If he works great, we buy, then re-sell in two or three years.

  5. Agreed that Landin would be an excellent prospect for MLS and Houston as a young Mexican National Team (fringe) player, would be great to see him in the league, just not as a DP. If similar young American strikers on the USMNT fringe, ie. Cooper & Davies, who have been stronger statistically cannot get DP status, why should Landin? The US & Mexico have been on relatively equal footing for sometime now. Obviously the assumption is that he could attract the Mexican audience in Houston, but is he really that big of a star in the FMF?

  6. Franco Caraccio was brought in, sight unseen, based on DVDs the coaching staff had seen. The real problem with Caraccio was not his play so much as his cost–he was making I think a bit over $100K. Kinnear said he felt bad about letting him go, that he thought he could be very successful if he could have longer to adjust, but at the price they couldn’t afford the waiting period.

    Landin, on the other hand, is a player the Dynamo know and have wanted since first playing Pachuca last year, first in the 2007 Champions’ Cup, then later that year in the SuperLiga.

  7. Landin is one of the best prospects in Mexico although his off the field issues are what have kept him from succeeding so far but he had a very good spell with Pachuca and started off brightly for Morelia.

    He suffers from epilepsy attacks and his dad (who is his manager) hasn’t been the best consultant either.

    Landin’s game is very similar to Higuain (Real Madrid) for those who don’t know him.

    He’s also rumored to be going to Chivas so if that falls through I’m sure he’ll be going to Houston.

    The MLS might just be what he needs to step up his game and go to Europe which is where he belongs.

  8. “Morelia is pursuing forward Carlo Costly (Belchatow & Honduras) so if that happens it might help push Landin to Houston. Apparently, Costly has also been in contact with Onalfo (K.C.) but it seems his price is too high for an MLS move.

    Posted by: nico | December 22, 2008 at 02:42 PM

    It would be nice if, in a few years, MLS can improve its prestige and on-field play to be the first-choice destination for these CONCACAF (and even non-Argentine or Brazilian CONMEBOL) players looking for a league to raise their profile for the jump to Europe. We already offer a tremendous quality of life, the “American Dream”, so to speak .

    If we continue selling players to Europe after they’ve played here three or so years, I think the quality of life aspect will tip the choice b/w here and Mexico in our favor. Our crowds will never compete with theirs for passion, but if we can offer a little bit better pay and better play (which they will lend toward, as well), our profile will rise.

    Hopefully, if Landin moves, it will encourage other young players to consider what MLS has to offer.

    Now we just need to raise the salary cap.

  9. Morelia is pursuing forward Carlo Costly (Belchatow & Honduras) so if that happens it might help push Landin to Houston. Apparently, Costly has also been in contact with Onalfo (K.C.) but it seems his price is too high for an MLS move.

  10. Pancho – there’s only 1 DeRo and we had the privilege of having him for 3 great years helping us win 2 Cups. Expecting someone to come in and fill his shoes is unrealistic.

    Travis – think about it, $$. Houston has never been the one to overspend. Even though they’d like a forawrd, overpaying isn’t something they do. Remember MLS has a salary cap.

    This would be a great signing all the way around. Hopefully everything works out and we have enough left to go get a GK.

  11. Don’t know much about the kid but his stats aren’t anything special. Looks perfect for the League. I don’t understand why it would be a loan deal, why not a purchase? Wikipedia has him as being on loan to Morelia from Pachuca. Is that old info?

  12. He has skill though a somewhat spotty pedigree, meaning the MLS could probably afford him.

    Decent player, but not a DeRosario.

  13. not bad of a pickup, he’s still young and on the mexican national team’s radar. How about Landin and christian gomez as offseason pick-ups for houston.

  14. exactly the type of player mls needs young only 23 talented mexican or south american players who have loads of potnetial. capped by mexicos national team played ijn teh copa america, Houston should pay for the transfer, $3 million U.S is alot of Pesos.

  15. Landin is exactly the kind of player that MLS needs to be targeting. Absolutely.

    While I respect the impact that players like Blanco and Beckham have had on this league, MLS needs to be targeting younger players to develop and eventually sell on to bigger leagues.

    If the league can prove to African, Latin, Asian, and even European young players that it can be a talent pipeline to European teams, then everyone stands a chance to win. The league will see a higher standard of play for the hopeful influx of talent. The league should be able to profit from the sell on of that talent. American players should improve and get more notice for it as well. Not to mention the fans will be more likely to enjoy the American version of this great game.

    Over the long term, MLS is going to be better served being a showcase for European scouts than being an “aquarium” where American soccer families come to see some soccer great’s last contribution to the game.

  16. What about Landin’s partner up top, Peruvian Andres Mendoza? 😀

    He scored 10 goals and was brought in halfway through the season.

    In all seriousness, this would be a very good signing not only for the Houston squad but the whole league as well.


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