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ESPN Press Pass discusses Donovan’s potential Bayern move

For those of you who have missed it, ESPN Classic has begun airing ESPN Soccernett Press Pass every Monday and Friday at 7pm. Hosted by Adrian Healey and Derek Rae, and including New England head coach Steve Nicol, Tommy Smyth and Janusz Mchallik, the show is one of the best you will see discussing American soccer.

Last week's episode included interviews with Juergen Klinsmann and Jozy Altidore. Tonight's episode will feature special guest Claudio Reyna. The former U.S. national team captain will discuss topics ranging from the U.S. national team to Landon Donovan's potential move to Bayern Munich.

Here is a sneak peak.


  1. How long has Dr. Evil been doing soccer commentary?

    Posted by: Roblar | December 01, 2008 at 05:10 PM


    Easy mistake to make, but that’s actually Dr. Evil’s half-brother, Dr. Eejit.

  2. I’m trying to watch it, but Reyna is putting me to sleep. Where’s Wynalda when you need him? That would bring some ratings.

  3. “It would be nice to see Ives commentating on ESPN or ESPN2 wouldn’t it?”

    I don’t know about commentating on TV broadcasts, but I’ve wondered by Ives isn’t at least a guest from time to time on the ESPN Soccernet podcast, perhaps to talk about MLS.

  4. Re: Landon going to Bayern

    I just saw an item on the German website Kicker that mentioned Bayern is interested in Hoffenheim’s Vedad Ibisevic (played NCAA at St Louis University a few years ago). So Bayern may be looking at a lot more than just Donovan in the winter player market.

  5. Fireball. I think Ives already does commentary, if only a little, for RSL radio. Im not totally sure though. It would be nice to see Ives commentating on ESPN or ESPN2 wouldn’t it?


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