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MLS unveils 2009 opening schedule (and home openers for all teams)

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Major League Soccer revealed its opening 2009 schedule on Tuesday, with New York visiting Seattle in the first match of the season, on March 19th.

Here are the schedule for week one, and the subsequent home openers:


Thursday, March 19

New York Red Bulls at Seattle Sounders (ESPN2)

Saturday, March 21

Columbus Crew at Houston Dynamo (FSC)

Chicago Fire at FC Dallas

Toronto FC at Kansas City Wizards

Colorado Rapids at Chivas USA (FSC)

New England Revolution at San Jose Earthquakes

Sunday, March 22

D.C. United at Los Angeles Galaxy (Telefutura)

Here are the rest of the home openers:


Saturday, 28

Toronto FC at Columbus Crew

San Jose Earthquakes at D.C. United

New England Revolution at New York Red Bulls

Kansas City Wizards at Colorado Rapids

Week 3

Thursday, April 2

Columbus Crew at Real Salt Lake

Saturday, April 4

Seattle Sounders FC at Toronto FC

FC Dallas at New England Revolution

Sunday, April 5

New York Red Bulls at Chicago Fire

What do you think of the schedule? What match-up are you most looking forward to? Are you happy or unhappy with your team's scheduled home opener?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. to C -BUS fans,don’t let some wannabie hooligans spoil ur away trips .just how supporters go to ur stadium u guys will end up going to theirs.Last thing i would like to see is one of ur fans shoot down at chicago for some bullshit some of ur shitty fans (hooligans)lol

  2. I hear this year a certain Fire “Fan leader” is pushing for the Brimstone Cup name to be changed.I guess he isnt happy that section 8’s (more like his) right and privelage to hoist the brimstone has been revoked these past 7 seasons.Word has it he wants his face plastered on the cup (ticket sales in section 8 and MLS TIFO in general would be non existent without him!)and is willing to file a lawsuit against Dallas fans before the first game, no word on exactly what he wants it called, but early guesses are “Douchebag Cup”.

  3. As a long-time Sounders fan, I am stoked to see that we were honored with the season opener. Expect > 24 kilobutts for the match. I look forward to seeing how the new side performs.

  4. Very savvy of MLS/ESPN to start off with Seattles home/franchise opener. It ought to be a great environment. And do you think we might see Drew Carey that night in the booth?

  5. If Seattle has the 18,000 season ticket holders they say, that opening night on ESPN2(or ESPN3, watch ESPN Classic make a major announcement soon folks, hint! hint!) is going to look awesome. Then I can go to the home opener for NYRB on the 28th with the 12,000 other fans that care about the team. Geez, can they erect RB Arena fast enough? Another season in Giants (Felons) Stadium? C’mon!!!!

  6. Hey Jason, perhaps the excitement over those two trophies will translate into your city actually supporting the team.

    But probably not. Crew to San Diego in 2010!

  7. I grew up in Seattle, used to live in NY and now live back in Sea-Town. My only hope is that the Red Bulls play as poorly as they did when I lived in NY. My respect to all you Metro/RBNY fans. It’s been a tough 13 years. I can’t wait to see Red Bull Arena!

  8. Hey Jason – I’m sure they’re beautiful – well more ‘nice’ than anything, that one is pretty ugly. I definitely can’t argue with the fact that the team deserved them this year (also congrats on getting your DP signed – nice move). I will say though – give TFC 12 years and then we’ll see where we’re at.

  9. I grew up a Sounders fan, but now live in NJ and have Red Bulls season tickets. This will be the best/worst game I can imagine…probably best to get it out of the way early.

  10. Not the happiest that Chicago doesn’t get our home opener until the 3rd week, but at least we open somewhere warm. Here’s to hoping week 2 is in the sun as well!

    GO FIRE!

  11. What sucks is knowing in December that I am going to miss opening night for the Sounders in March, if it is a 6pm start like the local paper says.

  12. Hey Ives,

    It looks like FSC is broadcasting two games on the first saturday of the 2009 season. Are they going to keep it up with showing two games on saturday for the ’09 season, or is this just a start of the season extravaganza?

    Keep the info coming, for all of us behind our desks…

    Come on you Rapids!

  13. Well, the Columbus players will get a dose of real fans in their season opener at Houston.

    Coincidently, that happens to be the juiciest matchup on the opening platter. Hopefully the Dynamo are sharp from CCL games.

    Actually, I’d take a few opening losses to MLS competition to advance in the CCL.

  14. Hey Ben!

    When you and your “real” fans come, we will show you our two new trophies. They are pretty nice.

    Columbus Crew Fans

  15. Tim, there are 15 teams in 2009 so one had to sit in week one. It turned out to be Real Salt Lake. Gives them another week to practice hitting shots inside the goalposts instead of off the goalposts. (Kidding)

  16. With violence and racism?

    I kid because I love – I know those few bad apples don’t reflect Columbus as a whole, or it’s fans. Really I think this will be another fun game, especially to (sort of) open the season – assuming we don’t get too carried away in K.C.

  17. Maybe the league is holding out the Gals for the first month to let Golden Balls and Landycakes get back from their European adventures (just kidding)

  18. I’m most looking forward to:

    New York Red Bulls at Seattle Sounders, March 19

    New England Revolution at New York Red Bulls, March 28

    New York Red Bulls at Chicago Fire, April 5

  19. OK, so this season MLS decides to stoke the emergent Fire – RBNY rivalry flame (pun intended) early. The Fire’s season opener is a Brimstone Cup match, too, even though that rivalry isn’t much of one anymore.


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