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Gerrard arrested after bar brawl

Steven Gerrard (AP) 

For Steven Gerrard, apparently beating up on Newcastle wasn't enough.

Gerrard was arrested late on Sunday night and charged with assault after alledgedly being involved in a bar fight. He was one of six men arrested after what police called an "early-morning dsturbance."

There aren't that many details on incident, but it looks as though neither Joey Barton and Joe Kinnear were involved in the fracas (Yes, that was a joke).

Gerrard's arrest came just 12 hours after Liverpool's 5-1 thrashing of Newcastle United on Sunday. The incident puts a damper on an otherwise positive weekend that saw the Reds extend their lead atop the EPL standings to three points.

What do you think of the incident? Think Gerrard will be suspended? Will I'm on Setanta Sports do a spoof? Is this the first step in Liverpool's inevitable collapse? (kidding)

Share your thoughts below.


  1. While I will take any opportunity for a bit of glee at scouser problems, this one doesn’t seem like too much. Then again, “affray” in the UK is roughly akin to aggravated assault here so it’s a non-trivial charge. We’ll see.

    I just love the fact that a bit of the good boy image of Stevie G will be rubbed off….but that’s just mean-spirited bitterness on my part.

  2. Ives,

    I figured I’d be the irrational Liverpool supporter to snap at you. 🙂

    And reports from the Liverpool Echo are that there was some disagreement over the music selection with a guy who had access to the music area (originally everyone was saying it was DJ), that led to a brawl and one of Stevie G’s boys slamming a bottle in the guys face.

  3. >>You would literally have to murder someone to be punished by the FA. Lee Bowyer and Jonathan Woodgate almost killed someone, and what happened to them? <<

    Is it the job of the FA to act as a court? Doesn't the law take care of criminal infractions?

  4. Chris, people are going to think what they want to think about Gerrard in this instance. Liverpool haters will take it and run with it, calling him another Joey Barton. Liverpool lovers will insist he did no wrong. It’s something to talk about.

    What do I think? I tend to think that Chase’ scenario is the one I’d put money on happening.

  5. Chase, good job taking the bait. I was kidding.

    Liverpool is playing great right now and it will be very interesting to see how the second half plays out after Manchester United plays its two games in hand (two wins would pull Man Utd within a point of Liverpool).

  6. I guarantee Gerrard was getting harrassed by some dudes, and his entourage stepped in and went overboard, Gerrard is no Joey Barton, though the carnivorous British tabloid press will feast on this story for as long as possible…

    And suspension, HA! As someone else pointed out, the FA does very little in the way of punishing players for off the field incidents, Barton only missed games because he was in jail, not because the FA barred him from playing. Gerrard will not miss any playing time for this…

    And “inevitable collapse” Ives??? Really??? I don’t mean to take the bait here, but everyone seems to conveniently ignore that LFC is top of the table without arguably its best player for much of the season. With Torres and Skrtel fit, and Keane coming into form, Liverpool will only improve as the season progresses (especially if the Glen Johnson signing report is true)…

  7. let’s see the eurosnob posuers defend this thug now! you don’t see this type of behavior in the MLS. hey, englishsnobbos, this guy makes ur league look like a joke!

  8. You would literally have to murder someone to be punished by the FA. Lee Bowyer and Jonathan Woodgate almost killed someone, and what happened to them?

  9. I don’t think this is a big deal, and just hope he is treated like any other person would be after being arrested for brawling. As far as I know he doesn’t have a history of trying to murder people like Barton, so if he gets off a bit easy I won’t complain, provided that any average joe could also get off easy.

    Having said that, I’d like to just point out to all of the lovely Liverpool supporters out there that Gerrard was photographed in a full on Everton kit with the FA cup back in the day:

    Sure, very old news, but I love bringing it up whenever possible.

  10. Almost exactly one year to the date from Barton’s Merseyside punch up. Must be Liverpool tradition to get into a fight in the days leading up to New Year’s. I hope that Gerrard gets the same punishment as Barton did, but seeing how he’s with “the big four” he’ll probably only get a slap on the wrist.


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