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Philadelphia MLS expansion team breaks ground on $115M stadium

PhillyGroundbreaking (AP) 

The Philadelphia MLS expansion team broke ground on their new $115 million stadium project in Chester, PA on Monday, moving a step closer to building a new home for soccer in the Northeast.

MLS commissioner Don Garber was on hand (below, second from left), complete with hard hat and shovel. The Philly supporter's group, Sons of Ben, also made an appearance. Philly MLS chief executive Nick Sakiewicz was there, and I don't want to say he's been to his share of groundbreakings but he's put more shovels in the ground than Joe Pesci's character in Goodfellas. All kidding aside, Sakiewicz and the Philadelphia ownership group deserve credit for keeping their stadium project afloat amidst so much economic uncertainty.

Speakingo which, here is a more sobering take on the groundbreaking from the Phily Inquirer.

Concerns about the economy aside, Monday was an exciting day to be a soccer fan in the Philadelphia area. With an eager fan base, government support for a stadium, and a 2010 kick-off just 15 months away, thinks are looking up for soccer in the city of Brotherly Love.

What do you think of the groundbreaking ceremony? Are you excited about Philadelphia joining MLS? Are you a DC or Red Bulls fan who can't wait to have a team to cheer against just two hours away?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I am so excited about this new team. A long-time soccer mom and I’m missing those Saturday games. How do I find out about season tickets?

  2. philly and miami are gonna make a great rivalry.

    Posted by: cee | December 01, 2008 at 10:20 PM

    THANK YOU! One of the main reasons why Miami should not get a MLS team! (My theory is that once MLS-2 forms up, the SE will get lots of teams…)

  3. This is just another in a long line of examples of taxpayers being ripped-off in 2008.

    This will be just like the “big dig” in Boston, with everybody trying to get their share from the hand-outs, costs exploding, time to be completed expanding for years and years, corruption from the word go. Is this just another example of what this country has become? I think it will prove to be.

    This will come closer to 400 million by the time all is said and done, I would bet.

    It could have been different, as Camden across the river has a new minor league baseball park, in a much better location, which could have been purchased lock, stock and barrel for 1/5th of that 115 million dollar lowball figure quoted in this article.

    They could have shipped the Camden Riversharks out of town (nobody goes anyways), and refurbished the stadium for a couple of million for soccer. Or, MLS could have been a co-tenant of the location and do a groundshare. Here is the description of this location:

    Campbell’s Field has been recognized over the last two years by Baseball America and as the Independent Baseball “Park of the Year”. A 6,450 venue that sits at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge and rests against the Delaware River, Campbell ‘s Field gives fans the best view of the Philadelphia skyline.

  4. S.o.B –

    You are all as lame as the Screaming Eagles. Seriously know your role.

    Secondly, everyone knows there is NO CHANCE in hell that stadium is ready to go to start 2010. Summer at the earliest but i think you will be playing a few dates at the Linc.

    Also, no matter when your stadium is built…it will pale in comparision to the Red Bull Arena.

  5. “there is no way they can be any bigger jerks than dc fans.”


    DC fans could say the same about NY fans.

    Look — lets not let a few bad apples spoil the bunches here. I’m one of those DC fans that loves the smack talk and whatnot while the games are going on, but am friendly with the NY fans before, during and after the game. I’ve bought some NY fans beer when they scored on us in DC. Remember folks, it is just a game.

  6. By default, this will become the MLS Team I will support. I am a tweener. Live on the border of Delaware and Maryland. So no DCU or NYRB fan here.

    The stadium will actually be closer to me than half the Philly population – lovin that!

    Book those season tickets now…

  7. Dear NYRB and NE Revs…

    we’ve won as many cups as you, as many cups as you, and we haven’t got a team.”


    love, philly.

  8. Very excited to have a team in Philly coming on board. The supporters have already shown solid numbers in coming to a DCU game this past season and should make for even better rivalries on the East Coast. Looking forward to their entry to the league.

  9. Not only RB and DC fans hate Philly. They are only 6 hours away from Boston and we already have beef and history. I think back to MLS Cup 2007 when DC tix people stuck them in the middle of the traveling 1,000 Revs fans and they proceeded to shamelessly promote themselves and then mock us. The end wasn’t pretty, as there was some bottle throwing.

  10. As a long ago Atoms and Fury supporter (yeah, I still made the treks to see the Cosmos), this is great news. Of course, I’m freakin out about the economy but I actually think this will happen. It’s up to supporters to prove the Philly sportswriter soccer-haters wrong and we will.

    Now, what to do about my Red Bulls’ season tickets….

  11. I like philly and all but im a NY fan till i die, and these philly fans look like they will be a pain in the ass for sure, they already have an army of supporters, but our stadium will be better than yours so nah nah nah nah nah nah haha jk good luck to them, there is no way they can be any bigger jerks than dc fans.

  12. i’m an RBNY fan for sure, but next to NYC – Philly is most definitely my next favorite city in the US and i’m super excited (and excited for their fans) they are getting a team!

  13. its gonna be fun for us RB fans. With all this expansion and players moving abroad who knows what kind of product we’ll see on the field though


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