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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning all. We have a loaded schedule of soccer matches on TV today, with selections for all appetites.

Leading the way today are the Real Madrid-Barcelona 'Clasico' and the Manchester United-Tottenham clash. Can Barcelona add the struggling champs to the list of teams they have destroyed this year? Can Tottenham send Man Utd off to Japan with a loss?

Here is a rundown of today's matches:

  • 10am– FSC- Everton at Manchester City

  • 10am– Setanta USA- Hull City at Liverpool

  • 11:30am– GolTV- Bayern Munich at VFB  Stuttgart

  • 12:15pm– Setanta USA- Birmingham at Preston North End

  • 12:30pm– FSC- Manchester United at Tottenham

  • 2pm– GolTV- Espanyol at Valencia

  • 2:30pm– FSC- Lecce at Napoli

  • 2:55pm– Setanta USA- Nantes at Rennes

  • 4pm– GolTV- Real Madrid at Barcelona

  • 4:30pm– FSC- Torino at Bologna

  • 5pm– Setanta USA- Bolton at Aston Villa

  • 6:45pm-Setanta USA- Fulham at Stoke City

  • 8:30pm– FSC- Blackburn at Wigan

  • 8:30pm– Setanta USA- Hull City at Liverpool

  • 1am– FSC- Sydney FC at Central Coast Mariners

If you will be watching matches today, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Bad result for Fulham – 1 pt a game will not suffice in the long term. Unless they want to keep playing out “Great Escape” scenarios they have to at least beat the weaker teams below them.

  2. SonicDeathMonkey,

    Thats an interesting fact. If he looked good than thats all the more reason to get him to January’s camp, If Pachuca allow it.

    which i doubt.

  3. Fulham drew for like the upteempth time but at least Clint played the whole game. That’s perfect.

    Damn Liverpool drew. They should have won.

  4. Yeah, not much has been made of the fact that Torres is the first American player to participate in the Club World Cup. And he certainly looked like he belonged out there.


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