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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Steven Gerrard 1 (AP) 

Good morning folks. Today is offering up a dreamy slate of high-quality match-ups for the most discerning of soccer fans. Whether you prefer England, Italy or Spain, there are good games for you to watch.

Leading the way is the Arsenal-Liverpool tilt, followed by the juicy Barcelona-Villarreal clash. Here is today's full slate of games on TV:

  • 8:25am- Setanta USA- Manchester City at West Brom

  • 9am- FSC- Napoli at Torino

  • 11am- FSC- Liverpool at Arsenal

  • 11am- GolTV- Sevilla at Mallorca

  • 1pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Villarreal

  • 2:30pm- FSC- Udinese at AC Milan

  • 2:55pm- Setanta USA- Bordeaux at Monaco

  • 5pm- FSC- Tottenham at Newcastle

  • 5:30pm- GolTV- Medellin at America

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. many did with freddy. my non soccer playing buddies would tell me about him…comparing him to Pele. That is part of his struggle.
    However, Chris, he is all over the website precisely because of the Pele comparisons sell tickets and Jerseys. He is a hot commercial commodity, like Beckham.

  2. I hate what we do to these kids. We hype them and hype them until we actually see them and what we get isn’t what we expected and then we criticize them. Its ridiculous. We cant have one good talent without saying its the next Pele or Beckenbauer or Cruyff….OK well we havent made those kind of comparisons but you know what i mean.

  3. freddy gets in the 74th minute for monaco with monaco up 3-2. he proceeds to do an unnecessary clear that ends up as a corner. bordeux scores evening the score. next posession, he loses it on bord’s end, and they counter all teh way and score go up 4-3. final. adu comes in and they go from winning to losing. not all his fault, but how can the coach play him again after that. he really should go back to mls and develop like landon did.

  4. issaac he left benfica because he dint play at all the second half of the season. he played more at monaco than hes already played onyl 2 games less now at monaco before he did the whole year at benfica. benfica is not the answer nor is the mls as it stunted his growth, he needs to tough it out in france or maybe goto a mid table club in hollan, which is a very attacking league where young atttacking talents flourish. but i believe he needs to tough it out in a top club for a top team and play so well and hard in practice that teh manager has no choice bu then to play him. the only way he will develop into teh player we want him to be is with a european club.

  5. Freddy should go back to Benfica. He was atleast getting time and scoring. Or he could tough it out in Monaco for playing time if he wants and prove to his the Monaco manager that he can play with the big boys.
    OR the final solution: Go back to the MLS. Hell he’s so young though he has time to develop.

  6. where does he go from here…cast off by Benfica and then benched by the team he was sent to…what is wrong with the kid? Maybe he needs to go to a Scandinavian team.

  7. 13th minute- Goal Milan! Pato played a ball from the left on the ground for Kaka, who taps the ball in from close range for the easy goal.

    2-0 Milan.

  8. 10th minute- D’Agostino takes a long range which was saved Brilliantly by Abbiati! He smacked himself into the post on the attempt, but is alright. Great chance for Udinese, but the Milan keeper was equal to the task.

    12th minute- Pepe earns a yellow for Udinese for a challenge with Maldini.

  9. AC Milan vs Udinese

    Kaka was judged fit and is starging alongside Ronaldinho for Milan todsay.

    3rd minute- Lukovic sends in a ball from the right but it goes through, Pepe ends up with a shot that was blocked.

    4th minute- Goal Milan! Favalli hit a great cross near the endline which Pato rose for and headed the ball into the net.

    1-0 Milan.

  10. I’m happy to see Henry having such a strong year at Barcelona. His signing seems more justified now. Even last year he had 10, and now its 8 before Christmas, and a solid role in the best striking trio in Europe. (maybe for the last 25 years?). Too bad today’s goal has come at the expense of Villareal.

  11. 66 min: Terrible defending there by Villa. You cannot let Xavi run free, and give Henry that much room. These guys will burn u, and thats what happen.


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