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The Special One: The Roy Keane Exclusive

The always hilarious I'm on Setanta Sports comes through with the first "exclusive" interview with Roy Keane since his departure from Sunderland. Enjoy:

Top Lines of the clip:

"It's the Gene Hackman."

"He's big, he's red, he's jolly, and he's usually gone by Christmas. It's Rafa."

"You are teetering on dee precipice voyeur."

"Chelsea lose to everybody at home."

"We used to call him 50 Cent. 'Because of his resemblance to rapper?' No, cuz that's all he's worth, to be fair to the boy."

"My dog's Bonio, trivial?"

Let's face it, there were more good lines in that clip. Share your favorites, and your thoughts on the clip below.


  1. I can usually count on each clip being good for at least one good laugh, and some of the better episodes have had me in tears. I crack up just thinking about Wayne trying to teach Capello how to pronounce “Colleen Rooney” and “eclectic.”

  2. Oh lord. These are always genius. Special One’s delivery is priceless. “You are teetering on the precipice voyeur” = my favorite line as well. The “Keane right for hoovering” caption and the banter it referred to were also nice jabs.


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