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What are your Best XI Soccer Moments of 2008?

Another year, another stack of great soccer memories.

Now that 2008 is winding to a close, I can't help but think about all the great soccer moments of the year, all the games and goals and comebacks and stunning finishes. All the unforgettable crowds and inspired players. All the beautiful stadiums and spectacular saves.

It's tough to really think about the whole year and which moments were the best, but for each of us, there are moments that must stand out from the rest.

What are your Best XI Soccer Moments of 2008? Keep in mind that, in this context, Best can mean whatever you want it to mean, it can just as easily just mean Most Memorable.

Read my Best XI moments after the jump, then feel free to share your own (Actually, my list was temporarily erased, I'm working on bringing it back so stay tuned if you hadn't seen it yet).

Share your Best XI Soccer moments of the year below.


  1. 1 – Red Bulls improbable run to MLS Cup. Here’s hoping for a repeat in 2009. 😉

    2 – Spain winning the Euro Cup … finally.

    Now for my worst soccer moments

    1 – Peru being kicked out by FIFA & their national team sitting @ the bottom of the South American WC qualifiers … what a disaster! Maybe I’ll never see again the Peruvian team reaching the old glory days of the 70s. 🙁

  2. The hot streaker at the Olympic qualifier in Tampa. I sat next to he before her jaunt onto the pitch. It was the first match I’d ever been to & the US scored the winner in the 4th minute of stoppage time!

  3. Traveling with my fellow Red Bull fans to playoff games in Houston, SLC and LA

    USA-Argentina (other fans have already summed it up)

  4. definitely John Thorrington’s last minute winner against Toronto FC. Honestly that was one of the happiest moments in my life although it is something very small in the grand scheme of things. It seemed like a really huge game in the season though at the time.

  5. one of my top moments was Freddy Adu v. Holland in the Olympics. The game turned out to be a disaster for the US, but Adu was excellent.

  6. Champs League Final — I was in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay and the match was on the giant screen. Crowd was insane and I had money on ManU to win!

  7. Ives do you know anything about Frederico Moojen. He played for the railhawks and thunder of the usl and now he plays in the misl for the ironmen. He is 25 so still pretty young. I found a video of him and he is pure class. that’s the link, do you think the red bulls would be interested in him.

  8. in no order

    Getting McBride
    Losing Carr to injury
    Getting rid of Barrett
    Torres’ goal in the Final
    Fabregas being named captain
    Beating NE everytime we played them
    Beating NY on the last day of the season
    Soumare playing so well this year
    LA being the disgrace of the league
    Lalas getting fired

  9. 1.2500 TFC fans at Columbus

    2.Signing of Dwayne De Rosario to TFC

    3.Canada just losing to Brazil in a friendly, that easily could have gone the other way.

    4.Mo Edu to Rangers


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