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What would you get your MLS team for Christmas?

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With Christmas just two days away it might be a little late to do much Christmas shopping, but that doesn't mean you can't think about what you would give friends and family as presents if you could give them anything you want.

You could also think about what gift you would give your favorite MLS team if you had Santa's ear. Would you wish for Marcelo Gallardo's contract to be torn up if you were a D.C. fan? Would you ask Santa for some salary cap relief if you were an LA fan? What about the Columbus Crew? What do you give the team that has everything (Supporter's Shield, MLS Cup and the USA-Mexico qualifier at Crew Stadium). Looks like the folks in Columbus can get fruit cake.

Think about it. What one thing would you give your favorite MLS club for Christmas if you could give anything you want? Let's hear some gift ideas.

Fire away.


  1. For the Sounders, an enjoying first year. I hope they win but expect nothing, but effort that is. I want a hard working group that NEVER quits. I dont care if they loose every game, as long as they are playing their hearts out in the last 10 mins of the final game of the season, I will be happy.
    sorry, but I do.

  2. For RBNY I’m thinking big:

    Red Bull sells the team to a competent sports company (sorry, I couldn’t think of any) and they are re-branded.

    Because I’m so tired of hearing about folks wearin RBNY gear outside of games and the layperson thinking that they work for Red Bull.


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