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Who should be invited to the January U.S. National Team Camp?

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With 2008 winding to a close, and 2009 just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about the January U.S. National Team camp and which players might be getting the call for an extended look from U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley.

The camp is expected to include between 25 and 30 players, with most European-based national team players excluded (save for those whose leagues are on breaks and players who don't get much playing time with their clubs). With that in mind, here is a 30-player pool you might see joining the camp at Home Depot Center in January.

Projected U.S. national team training camp roster

Goalkeepers– Brad Guzan, Troy Perkins, Matt Pickens, Will Hesmer

Defenders– Danny Califf, Michael Parkhurst, Jimmy Conrad, Clarence Goodson, Frankie Hejduk, Marvell Wynne, Johnathan Bornstein, Jonathan Spector, Michael Harrington, John Thorrington, Sean Franklin.

Midfielders– Sacha Kljestan, Maurice Edu, Pablo Mastroeni, Robbie Rogers, Freddy Adu, Jeremiah White, Eddie Lewis, Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, Benny Feilhaber, Davy Arnaud

Forwards– Kenny Cooper, Charlie Davies, Brian Ching, Chris Rolfe

If you are wondering where Chad Marshall and Bobby Boswell are, I left them out due to potential January transfers that would leave them unavailable (the same could be the case for Cooper, Kljestan and Wynne). I think Marshall and Boswell would both be called in otherwise.

Guzan, Edu and Adu would all still be in their club seasons but their lack of playing time makes me think Bob Bradley could secure their services for a camp. Jozy Altidore is also a strong possibility for the camp, but considering the playing time he's been getting for Villarreal recently I decided to leave him out.

Jose Francisco Torres would be a natural pick for this camp, but the Mexican season resumes in mid-January so he and Michael Orozco are out.

I will tweak this group if any names I forgot come to me.

What do you think of the group? What players in the group don't you see getting called? Which players did I forget? Who do you absolutely want to see getting a call?

The actual roster won't be released until later this month. For now, feel free to share your thoughts on the January US national team training camp and the projected roster above, in the comments section below.


  1. I would add Eddie Gaven, Brian Carroll, Bobby Boswell, Edson Buddle. I also think Chris Seitz might be worth a look. The DC United fan in me says call Santino Quaranta in. I don’t think he would make the squad, but he could be worth a look.

    The comments about Buddle re: international play, is kind of weak. After all, how do you if you don’t try.

    Given the fact that the January camp is a chance to look at a lot of players, why not call in a lot of players, like 40-50 or so. Make them work hard to impress and pare them down a little.

    US Soccer also needs to schedule another friendly for January. Sweden on Jan. 24 is good. Why not schedule Russia (whose league is also out of season in January) for late January.

  2. if any of you havent heard today,i think its pretty sure that the us mexico game will either be in Salt Lake (probably) or Seattle

    the official announcement is the 15th

  3. It must be the hair. Beckerman deserves to be called in also. If they are looking at some the better players in mls , his all star selection should give him a call up to a camp.

  4. Boriuano, Ives explained why he left off Jozy. Do you actually read the post before you respond? Plus, you had to of noticed that other than Adu, Guzan and Spector, everyone on his list is either from MLS or an out of season league? Seriously dude, pay attention once in awhile.

  5. brian ching??? are u serious?? no speed.. too slugish. thats coming from a dynamo fan.

    I want to see C.DAVIS team up KLZ (VERY CREATIVE PLAYER). .we need fresh legs out in the field.

  6. If were gonna call up Barrett, Mapp, Pause, and colin clark we might as well call me up. i can sit in the middle and do nothing just like those guys. i mean i’m better looking than any of those guys ( i light blue eyes very rare) i great with girls of the 18-22 and I can dissappear for the majority of the game just liket these guys. ill be probably be hangin out in the club section with talent up there and do something these guys never will. score.

  7. Like to see zizzo,arguez, and Nyuegn/ I’m preety sure nyuen is just as good as the MLS wingers. Chris Rolfe is garbage. SHould look to Matty Taylor B2. If Pearce is our starting left back and plays sparingly in B2 and matt taylor scores goals and starts reguarly. It makes sense. they wont release but he should get a call for qualifiers.

  8. I would add Robbie Rogers to the list of forwards. Wish there was a way to add Torres to the group. We need to look at the players who have shown their talents. I would like to see: Holden,Rogers, and Torres. These are all three guys that definitely deserve a call up.

  9. Justin Mapp, Logan Pause, and Edson Buddle deserve to get picked although I don’t know if Bradley will take them. Also Chad Barrett if a couple more guys like Cooper and Davies get sold.

    Also I would like to see U20 star Pery Marosavich of the University of Michigan get invited to camp if he could miss school for it.

  10. Ives, just curious as to the situationwith Brek shea. Is Dallas going to use him more this year? Does Schellas not fancy him. He seemed to have some much promise and is rated so highly by the nats but cant get time with an average mls team.

  11. I hope Ibrahim is there. It took forever to integrate Altidore in. I’d love it if Bradley started sooner with Abdus.

    and Bradley really needs to take a look at potential wingers: Rogers, Zizzo, White, Colin Clark, etc. Those outside spots are a weak position for the US, and some of those guys have huge potential.

  12. Ives – C Davies is working on France move. So might not be available. YOu got anything on that front? I would like to see Torres, Rogers, and Eric Lilajch (Aston Villa – reserves) since i read he is doing well. Not sure if they allow him to come.

  13. Sal sizzo, lee ngyuen, Szetela, Bryan Aguerez, Preston Zimmerman.

    Please call Benny Felihaber he really needs the boost.

    they are young and the future we should try these guys out. are all good prospects

  14. I have not heard the name Frankie Simek in a long while. Does anyone know if he is back from injury?

    While I’m not sure if they’re ready for the senior national team level yet, I would like to see if Johan Smith and Chase Hilgenbrink(sp.) get the invite to camp.

  15. Ives Ive heard that theres a very good chance the the us mexico game will be held in salt lake,any word yet?

    me and the other boys from so cal are planning a road trip

  16. Is Bob Bradley going to choose from the players he calls to the Jan camp to start us off against Mexico??? I can’t believe that. This camp must be just to see who may make the bench for the Mexico game, and may get some starts once we have secured our place in South Africa. That being said. Will we start our A USMNT versus Mexico, or will we leave some players out and try to squeak by with a B USMNT?
    A USMNT being:
    donovan, ching
    beasley, bradley, mastroeni, dempsey
    Pierce, bocanegra, onyewu, Cherundolo

    FW: altidore, Cooper
    MF: klijestan, clark, edu, adu
    DF: Bornstein, Califf, Szetella, Wynne, Gibbs
    GK: Guzan

  17. “Movsisyan is a baller with goal-scoring potential. His play w/ KC and RSL has impressed me these last couple of years.”

    john in atl, Movsisyan is not currently eligible to represent the United States. Azerbaijan is the only country that he currently can play for, and he has stated that as an ethnic Armenian he will never accept a call-up from the Azeri national team. So he might be eligible in the future to represent the U.S., but isn’t now.

  18. Well I think we should start thinking in building a team that can play together and know each other very well, remember that Confederation Cup is coming and we need a very strong team, Most of them European based prefer but with couple of exection.

    Goalkeepers- Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Troy Perkins, Matt Pickens,

    Defenders- Danny Califf, Michael Orosco, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson, Frankie Hejduk, Carlos Bocanegra, Marvell Wynne, Jonathan Spector, Heath Pearce, Ouchi E., Sean Franklin.

    Midfielders- Sacha Kljestan, Maurice Edu, Pablo Mastroeni, Robbie Rogers, Freddy Adu, Jeremiah White, Francisco Torres, Ricardo Clark, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Beasley

    Forwards- Kenny Cooper, Charlie Davies, Josy Altidore, Chris Rolfe

    We need to win all the first 6 games from the Exagonal. with the same squad so we can get very familiar so they can go and perform very well at the Confederation Cup. Remember that USA has very strong team in that group. Italy, Brazil and egypt.


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