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Your chance to meet Juan Pablo Angel (and SBI)

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If you are a New York Red Bulls fan, or just a Juan Pablo Angel fan, and you will be anywhere near Hoboken, New Jersey on Saturday afternoon, there is an event you won't want to miss.

Angel will be at Premier Soccer Shop in Hoboken on Saturday, from 2pm to 4pm, signing autographs and taking pictures for fans who attend. For those of you SBI readers in the area, including those of you who have put Hoboken in the SBI Top 25 for cities with best readership, I will also be at the event supporting Premier Soccer Shop, as well as to speak to Angel about his future and the future of the Red Bulls.

For more information on the event, go to the Premier Soccer Shop website.

Will you be making it out to Hoboken? Let me know if you are.


  1. Love that Eye ves! Dude, fellow Miamian…umm, he so does not resemble Will!…okay maybe, but we may need him to play for us one day, so watch it! Plus he is more machismo as a Colombiano! Hey Ives, please email me your mailing address for an old school holiday card, to THANKS!

  2. I would absolutely be there, but my Xmas shopping list is a page long and I havent even started yet.

    Hope to meet you (and Angel) sooner than later, just not this time.

    Have a great time Eye Ves!

  3. I’m tempted to come, but it’s finals time in school, and I’m gonna be trapped at Montclair in a windowless room editing today.

    However, I still get to see these guys train almost every morning there during the season. So who knows, I might meet him there (oh, and you too Ives, haha) :D.

  4. Bummer, makes me wish I still lived in Hoboken. Oh well, that was over nine years ago now. I still miss Bar/None Records, James Mastro’s Guitar Bar, Scott E. Moore’s monthly “Writer’s Hang” singer-songwriter night at the Goldhawk, Maxwell’s (except for snooty booking agent Todd Abramson), Tunes, Park Pastries, Louise & Jerry’s, Vinny’s comic book shop near the top of Washington Street,… Eh, sorry, got lost in reminiscence.

  5. I guess there won’t be a post for the Galaxy game, so I’ll post here.

    The Galaxy are tearing it up! Its only the 36 minute, its already 3-0! I know they are facing the equivelant of a USL-2 team, but its still nice to see that Arena appears to have brought a new mindset this offseason. Go Galaxy!

  6. Please thank him for coming to New York and beg him to stay for me Ives. Would be there myself if I lived in NJ, PA is a little too far away!

  7. I’m bringing my son and a friend up from Highland Park; I ordered some extra posters for him to sign. I want to send one to a nephew as well. Really looking fwd to the event.

  8. Wish I could be there! Have fun, please tell him *Viva Colombia!* and he is well loved in Miami, 2nd of course, to our own home grown Fusion, Colombian forward…but still, lol, we adore him.


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