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Your Questions Answered (Part 1 of 5)

Landon Donovan (Getty Images)  

Hello all and welcome to the newest installment of Your Questions Answered, where I provide answers to your soccer-related questions.

We had another record-setting number of questions, but I think I will be able to respond to them all more quickly than the past few Q&A sessions so stay tuned for all the installments.

We will start with the first batch of questions, which includes questions about MLS expansion, Red Bull Arena and Landon Donovan's impending move to Bayern Munich in January.


TED HILL– 1. What is the biggest hurdle or obstacle in the way of Miami/Barcelona being awarded one of the next two expansion franchises?

2. Why is the first round of the MLS Cup Playoffs a two legged aggregate series and the rest is just one match? I understand the final being one match, but all other rounds should be either two legs or single matches, not two different formats.

IVES– 1. I would say concerns over a future stadium plan. That’s the only thing I think missing from the new Miami bid. With FC Barcelona offering leadership and billionare Marcelo Claure offering the money, the Miami bid is gaining major momentum and at this point I would make it the No. 2 contender after St. Louis.

2. So you're asking about the conference final and why it's one match? I believe the point is to give the higher seed the major advantage of hosting that one match. I was actually a fan of the three-game series, but the complaint was that the lower seed only got one home game and it was a mid-week game, which is terrible for attendance.

One alternative I wouldn't mind seeing is having the tie-breaker in a home-and-home being the higher seed, so if the series is even on goals after two games then the higher seed progresses.


STEPHEN – Hi Ives: The construction of the new parking garage in Harrison has not yet started. Assuming that RBP opens in the fall of next year, where will fans like me (who live in Westchester County, NY) park our cars on gamedays?

IVES – A parking deck doesn’t take long to build at all so I wouldn’t be concerned about there not being a deck ready for when Red Bull Arena opens.

(A.S.– Stephen: what, you're not considering Metro North to Grand Central, Shuttle train to Times Square, N/R to 33rd Street, PATH to Journal Square, second PATH train to Harrison? (And the reverse on the way home.) )


DANNYC58– Ives, Any guesses as to whom the 2nd DP for NYRB could be next year?

I'd love Ivan De La Pena.

Your site rules.

IVES– With the impending fire sale at cash-strapped West Ham United, I think the Red Bulls will be able to find some good DP targets there (KIDDING). But seriously, if the Red Bulls keep the second DP, it will be either a striker or a center back. I don’t think it will be a playmaker. Alessandro Del Piero would be the ideal candidate of older players who can still play at a high level. Actually, Henry would be the ideal candidate, but I'm wondering what the chances of him coming to New York are now that Barcelona has its sights set on an MLS team in Miami. Based on Juan Carlos Osorio's recent comments, I wouldn't be surprised if they traded the second DP slot.


MIGHTY– Ives!!!! We made it to the MLS Finals….!! Now that we secure a Spot on the Finals what changes are we going to need next year so we can compete in all the competitions that the Red bulls will be invited!!! We saw D.C. United and New England Bomb in each competition… how Can the Red Bulls avoid the Same Fate!!! P.S. Hope you had a blast in LA………….. Go Red Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IVES– Red Bulls need to bolster its roster with several players, but MLS proven players, not foreign acquisitions (which are always a crap-shoot). Trading the team's second DP slot for a couple of starters would help. Dealing Jon Conway for some depth would also help. Keeping the second DP slot and adding just one star player sounds like it might be enough, but the Red Bulls need more help than one player can provide.


ERIC– Who is the best keeper in the world right now? Iker Casillas got a lot of nods on the lists of best players in the world, but I think he gives up soft goals for Real Madrid. With Cech and Buffon not at their best, who would it be, and are we just not seeing anyone playing up to the level of say Oliver Kahn in '02 or Buffon in '06? Cheers!

IVES– Casillas is the best, period. He's given up some weaker goals than you're used to see him give up this year because Real Madrid's defense is in shambles. I'd still say that in terms of ability, experience, age and durability, Casillas is still easily the most valuable. Cech has worked his way back to being close to his best form, but I'm still taking Casillas.


TOM FROM SYRACUSE– Is there any way you could do a piece on the new Philadelphia MLS team? I heard the groundbreaking is soon (if not already). I don't know if there is much to write on yet, but I've heard some players (Convey) that are originally of Philly would want to return to play for them. Any insight?

IVES– I will be writing about Philly plenty when the time comes. Right now there is enough going on with teams actually in existence to hold off, but you can rest assured that SBI will make covering Philadelphia a priority when the time comes.


BP– Who will have more success in the Bundesliga: Donovan or Bradley? Will either manage to wear a captain's armband as McBride did for Fulham?

IVES– Bradley is 21 years old and starting, Donovan is 26 and isn't likely to start for Bayern. Given that, and Bradley's upside I see him having the better career in Germany over the long haul. Now, if we're talking about impact this year, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Donovan go to Bayern and become a super-sub and eventually play his way into a bigger role. The talent is there for him to do it, now the question is whether he is mentally prepared.


RYAN– What do you think of the Sounders playing at Qwest as opposed to a SSS? They control revenue from their matches, but they don't get all the revenue from other events (concerts, etc.). Also, does it set a bad precedent after MLS seemed ready to stick to a policy of needing a SSS or a plan for one. Now we have Miami hoping to play at the FIU stadium.

IVES– I think it does set a bad precedent, but I also think that if you have an ownership group that clearly has the money and committment to deal with and accept that reduced or non-existent revenue stream that a stadium would provide then you can make that sacrifice. I think that's the ultimate concern with regard to making soccer-specific stadiums a requirement of expansion bids, because running a team can get very costly without that stadium revenue. Obviously Seattle's owner and Miami's potential owners have the deep pockets to offset that, at least in the short-term so I think that's why those groups have gotten and will get the chance to start out without their own stadiums.


A.S.– Landon Donovan to Munich. Assuming he goes (who know, by the time the question is answered we might already know — just kidding!), will he get regular playing time? Even if Podolski leaves, they still have Toni and Klose as strikers, Schweinsteiger and Ribery on the wings, and several good central midfielders. Might be a difficult situation for him, even if he has a relationship with the coach. I'd like to see it, just to see how he performs at the very top level, but the collection of great players at BM worries me for his playing time.

IVES– You must remember that European clubs like Bayern can often be involved in as many as three or four competitions and the need for depth and players who can step in and start is very important. Everyone knows about Bayern's Big Four attacking players, but I also think Donovan brings that combination of speed, finishing and passing ability off the bench that could make him a very useful player in Munich. He might not start a bunch, but he should definitely get minutes, and some starts, and the way the top-flight game is, injuries are always an issue so Donovan's chance to be a starter could certainly happen.


ISLANDIC– Can you list 5 American players out of MLS that you feel or predict will be heading to Europe come January?

IVES– My Five most likely to leave are Landon Donovan, Sacha Kljestan, Marvell Wynne, Chad Marshall and Michael Parkhurst. (My mistake folks, I forgot to include Kenny Cooper. That makes six, but I'll stick with that six.)


WENDEL– With the emergence of danny cepero do you think he will keep the starting goalkeeper position for ny or will conway get it back once his suspension is over?

IVES– I think Cepero's inexperience and Conway's good form prior to learning of his suspension might make this a tougher decision than people realize, but I think the Red Bulls will have to seriously consider dealing Conway and taking their chances with Cepero. It's no secret that the club needs to strengthen its roster and right now Conway has trade value in a league with a weaker goalkeeper pool than some folks realize. Dealing Conway could not only fetch a useful player back, it could potentially save some money on the cap if the player the Red Bulls get makes less than Conway, which is possible.

Cepero is still raw, that's not really a question, but he showed more than enough during the playoffs to make the Red Bulls seriously consider handing him the job.


ERIC – What is the definitive pronunciation of your last name?

IVES– Guh-Lar-Sep


JAKE– How do you think the Miami franchise would fare if they get a team? They'd be in the FIU stadium that will hold 45,000 by the time the club takes the field, in a market that struggles to support the pro teams it already has and would be playing in absolutely brutal heat. How many fans will sit through a match in extreme heat and humidity considering the Marlins say their poor attendance is partly due to the obsene summer heat and humidity?

IVES– Well, first off, I think anyone who buys that excuse from the Marlins is a bit naive. Secondly, the Marlins had a habit of playing day games, which, let's face it, shouldn't be played in the summer in Florida. At least not when we're talking soccer. I think a Miami team MLS team can work if they actually have it in Miami, if Barcelona provides some quality players, and if the team invests good money in marketing the club (which I think it would).


KEVIN– Hey Ives. Brillant site as usual. My question is why is Pepe Reina underrated? I understand he has not won a CL but was runner-up in 07 and has been far off from winning the Premier League but he keeps the most cleansheets in the league. He won the Golden Gloves for the past three years straight. And if it were not for Casillas, he would be Spain's no.1. What do you think? Why hasn't he gotten the respect he deserves?

IVES– You know, that's a very good question. When I think of Reina, and the countless matches I've seen him play, I can't think of any that stick out where he had a shaky or sub-par performance. He is steady and can be spectacular when he needs to be. I think the fact that he doesn't get that chance to shine on the national team level hurts his exposure, and I also think playing for a defensively-sound club like Liverpool means he doesn't get that many chances to really show what he can do. All that said, I think he would easily be in my Top Five of goalkeepers.


SAWATSKY– Who would you like to see Bob Bradley call in for the usual January camp, assuming he again takes a look at players on the fringe of the National Team pool? (I.e., assume no Howard, Guzan, Gooch, Boca, Dolo, Pearce, Califf, Demerit, Orozco, Beez, Bradley, Edu, Kljestan, Torres, Mastroeni, Dempsey, Donovan, Altidore, Adu, Ching.) Seems there is popular sentiment for Davies, Cooper, Marshall, Rogers, Szetela, and Holden. Any lesser-hyped players you think are deserving? Beckerman? Jewsbury? SBI-fave J. White? Whitbread? Or Hernandez from SJ?

IVES– This will be its own post very shortly. And is Jeremiah White really an SBI favorite? I think he deserves a look based on his success in Denmark but is he the SBI favorite? I think that nod might go to Chad Marshall right now, who I think needs to get called in ASAP.


RANDALL– Who are the most likely from the USMNT pool to move from MLS to Europe during the upcoming window, and what teams/leagues do you predict they will sign with?

IVES– I answered this above, but here's where I see them going (some are obvious, some are just clubs that fit the type of I see them going to): Donovan-Bayern Munich, Kljestan-FC Twente, Wynne- Groningen, Chad Marshall-Aalborg and Parkhurst-FC Nordsjaelland.


WILL– Matt Pickens to the Galaxy this offseason. It makes too much sense for it to happen right? Also, who could possibly be available for the Galaxy to sign or trade for and use as the defensive midfielder the desperately need?

IVES– Pickens will cost too much. I'm not sure the Galaxy can afford what he would want. As for a defensive midfielder for the Galaxy, one player who makes plenty of sense is Dema Kovalenko, who RSL is bidding farewell to. Kovalenko is a Bruce-Arena foot soldier and would bring the Galaxy the sorely-needed bite they've been missing. Also, if LA keeps struggling, and ticket sales wane, they can always have a Kovalenko-Joey Franchino UFC-style MMA fight at halftime of games.


MAGICHAT– Should Dempsey stay with Fulham? He's sure to get the start against Liverpool this weekend and should be part of the startin XI for some time. Now should he stick with Fulham and show his talent or head to Holland or Germany?

IVES– Dempsey looks to have broken through and cemented a starting role on a Fulham team riding high right now. I'm not sure he should think about going anywhere. If anything, he has shown that peserverence pays off.


GAUCHO– Congrats on the award nominations for the blog–well deserved. How has your reporting changed now that a sizable portion of your time is devoted to the blog? Do you think that you'll ever go essentially full-time with the blog? What has surprised you the most from getting the blog going? What changes should we expect in 2009? I know that's four questions, but I think you get the thrust of what I'm interested in.

IVES– Thanks Gaucho. I wouldn't say my reporting has changed much, what has changed is the type of things I write when compared to when I worked at a newspaper. Nowadays I can do more news bits throughout the day and week and fewer features (though I want to start writing more features for SBI). Having the freedom to decide what I want to cover and what events I want to attend has proven invaluable. As for going full-time with SBI, that's what it already is for me. I write for but SBI has become a 60-70 hour a week endeavor for me and that time isn't just taken writing, but also handling the business side and design side.

What has surprised me the most? First, how quickly readers found the new site, secondly how diverse the readership is in terms of having readers all over the country and sprinkled around the world. Secondly, the respect the site already has among soccer people, be they players, coaches or management. Some people get hung up on ideas of what a blog is but I think enough people realize that my site is a news site that keeps people informed, and more importantly in the eyes of some, a site that soccer people in this country read.

Changes in store for 2009? I want to do a re-design of the site, so you should expect a different look, a more user-friendly look that should make SBI look more like a news site than a blog (I've wanted to do this for a while but there just hasn't been time). I also want to start a podcast, which has been something I've wanted to do for months. Lastly, I think I will be adding more correspondents. Not a ton so that the site loses its identity, but I like the idea of finding some yong writers who know the game and who can deliver the type of stories SBI readers want to read (I'll be starting a search for new writers soon so stay tuned).


BUBBLEHOUSE– Would you agree that by the time world cup rolls around Charlie Davies will be the super sub and Freddy Adu with his lack of playing time will not even make the team. Who will make the NCAA Basketball final four? Since Louisville is a given please list the other 3 teams.

IVES– I'm not ready to say Freddy Adu won't be on the 2010 World Cup team. He's too talented to just write off now because of lack of playing time at Monaco. That said, I'm a big believer in Charlie Davies emerging as a major factor by 2010.

As for NCAA basketball, I'm ashamed to admit it but soccer has officially taken over my life to the point that I don't even follow other sports anymore. It's pretty insane really. I grew up an American football player and NFL junkie. This year, I've watched exactly one full NFL game, and it was a game I was at. I've watched more Serie A games than NFL games this year, which would have sounded insane to me just a year ago. I used to be a big NBA and College hoops junkie too but that died for me around 2006. The only American sport I probably still follow as much as I used to is baseball, and that's mainly because I'm a roto baseball junkie. I don't think that will change.


JEFF– Do you think Spurs sticks with Gomes or does Harry sign a new keeper in January? Also, do you think Harry makes another big signing, most notably to play defensive midfield (Xavi has been rumored)? COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!

IVES– Funny you ask that. As you know by now, Tottenham has its eyes on Marcus Hahnemann. Spurs need to do something because as talented as Gomes is, he is far too shaky and mistake-prone to rely on. He's like the Gabriel Cichero of top-flight European goalkeepers.


JACK– 1. What are the odds of Truth and Consequences, New Mexico getting an MLS team?

IVES– I believe it's Truth OR Consequences. And I'll say 0.05 percent. Now, a USL-2 team, that's another story.


GEOFF– Ives, Thanks for the excellent work that you always do. My question is a simple one really. Do you think the Red Bulls will use Claudio Reyna's DP slot next season on someone else? That's assuming they still have it and with Henry describing his love for NYC it almost sounds like a perfect fit and with the new stadium opening (knock on wood). I know Del Piero has been linked as well.

IVES– If the Red Bulls could get Thierry Henry this summer, and had a very good reason to believe he was on his way, then I would say the Red Bulls should keep their second DP slot and use it on him then. If that isn't the case, then I think the club has to consider dealing it to strengthen the squad. I think having a good team is more important than adding a marquee name. I'm a firm believer that Red Bull Arena will fill up the first season, with or without a marquee name.


STEAL YOUR SOUNDERS– Everyone always asks the 5 players most likely to go overseas so I will reverse and ask the 5 most likely to come home.

IVES– Five Americans most likely to return from Europe:

  • Gregg Berhalter

  • Bobby Convey

  • Benny Feilhaber

  • Andrew Jacobson

  • Eddie Johnson


REID– Ives, what is the word out of redbull country when talking about the new stadium? Do you think it will bring same amount or more people, or do you see it selling out with consistency. I'm hoping they do sell out, so it might light a fire under the Revs ownership to get them a new stadium.

IVES– I've been a firm believer for some time that once the stadium in Harrison is built it will sell out with consistency. I just think that the combination of the buzz that always comes with a new stadium combined with the location (and the strong soccer fanbases in that area) and the fact that the stadium is so much easier to get to via public transportation than Giants Stadium makes it a winner. I think 2009 home games at Red Bull Arena will be great. How the team draws in 2010 will be determined on how good the team actually is.


MAGICHAT– For the Ballon d'or and FIFA World Player, who are in your top10 for consideration? Mine are no.1 Ronaldo (deserves it) no. Messi (amazing play he has recovered this season) no.3 Fernando Torres (hit 24 goals in 33 games for Liverpool and scored winning goal at euro2008) no.4 Iker Casillas no.5 Rio Ferdinand no.6 Steven Gerrard no.7 David Villa no.8 Samuel Eto'o no.9 Zlatan Ibrahimovic no.10 Van der Sar

IVES– As you know by now, Ronaldo won, Messi finished second and Torres third. That's a pretty easy outcome to see.

Here's my Top 10:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

  2. Lionel Messi

  3. Fernando Torres

  4. Iker Casillas

  5. Marco Senna

  6. Xavi

  7. Andrei Arshavin

  8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  9. David Villa

  10. Steven Gerrard


WISPY– Hey Ives — hope you win the USSoccer best Blog, you totally deserve it. One question: why doesn't Bradley ever call in players from lesser known leagues that could provide depth at forward, which we desperately need? Good example is Ryan Guy in Ireland — good young player, playing 90 just about every game and got some early round UEFA Cup games under his belt this year. If players like Davy Arnaud and Conor Casey are getting into camps (no knock on them) seems like players like Guy in Ireland and Matt Taylor in 2.Bundesliga should be given a shot, especially in the January camp.

IVES– Thanks Wispy, I appreciate your support.

I don't think it's fair to use call-ups of guys like Arnaud and Casey to make a case for a player like Ryan Guy. The U.S. national team will always call in fringe domestic players for inconsequential qualifiers, that's nothing new. It's a matter of convenience and also a chance to see players who have excelled in the domestic league. No offense to the Irish First Division, but I'm not sure that simply playing in Ireland makes Ryan Guy a better prospect than a Conor Casey or Davy Arnaud. That said, I also wouldn't assume that Guy isn't on Bradley's radar on some level.



  1. Frank, I watch plenty of Bundesliga action, so settle down about Ribery. I considered him, and he probably could have and should have made the list ahead of Gerrard, but are we quibbling about him being included as the 10th name? That’s where I’d put Ribery, though maybe as high as eighth but no way does he finish ahead of any of the Top seven. I didn’t think he showed well in Euro (even before the injury), though France as a whole looked terrible. I also seemed to recall Ribery being injured in the second-half of the Bundesliga season. Somebody want to confirm or refute that one for me? In the end I think the fact that Bayern didn’t compete in Champions League and the fact that Ribery didn’t do much in Euro are what cost him.

    I’m more surprised that there were no complaints about the absence of Cesc Fabregas, who was amazing for Arsenal last year and who played well in Euro even though he didn’t start several games. I would argue that his case is just as strong as Ribery’s.

    And Frank, is there a reason you brought up German goalkeepers? Or Phillip Lahm for that matter?

  2. You don’t watch a lot of Bundesliga, do you? The German league has some of the best keepers and Ribery should definitely have made your FIFA World Player list. And as much as I dislike Bayern, Phillip Lahm has been absolutely incredible.

  3. Thanks Ives, as I enjoy how your personality comes out, meshed with your opinions/answers. Mad props for your Miami comments, and ammore mio Del Piero, as well as, Mi Amor, a *proven MLS player* refortification wishes/dreams/desires for my RB!

  4. Ives. Great site and great Q&A. About the site improvements: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, IMHO. I find other sites annoying or challenging to read, like: Soccer Insider, Goal(dot)com (especially) and even Soccernet. I like the simplicity of the site without tons of colors, headlines and ads all screaming look at me! If you do change, keep it simple please.

  5. The Wynne hype is overhyped, I think. He’s already said a couple of times towards the end of the season that he’s learning from Carver and isn’t serious about going to Europe yet, so I expect him back for one more year. His stock will be substantially higher, and it won’t be Holland, it’ll be a top league by then, assuming he makes the same kind of massive leaps in reading the game he met this year.

    And I say that knowing the queue at Mo’s door is already well under way.

  6. Chuck – lol didnt even think of that… but im sure he’d be over there training and at least getting into form and ready to make an impact, those 6 weeks 😀

  7. With the German league break for the month of January. Landon will have exactly 6 weeks to play with Bayern in meaningful games. How much playing time do you think he’ll get in that limited “visit”?

  8. Kovalenko is 31, makes $200k, and plays a similar position to Beckerman. I’d keep him, but if looking to free cap room, trading him is a reasonable move. RSL has Movsisyan emerging as a sure starter. Johnson, Morales, and Beckerman start. So if Kreis is looking to make that next step, upgrading one of the other 2 in the attack, he must think he can get better value for $200k. Given the way he’s turned RSL around, maybe he can. Kovalenko was their 2nd highest paid player and not their 2nd best. A DP striker could put RSL over the top.

  9. LA also cut Pires, so that’s $150k of Dema’s $200k salary shaved. But is RSL so eager to move him along? He did play 20+ games and 2 play-off games.

    I thought Beckerman had an off year, maybe the two of them didn’t mesh well? Or maybe Dema didn’t leave him with as much to do. It would be a great move for LA, but I’d like to hear why RSL wants to lose him. I could see it since he is the #2 salary on the books, but I hope you know who is coming in, I thought NY was better with him.

  10. Ives, fair enough. I hadn’t thought of it, but he would probably have a fairly decent chance of succeeding in a Dutch club system.

  11. Ives-You say that RSL is bidding farewell to Kovalenko, yet I live in SLC and have heard nothing regarding that in local papers, team blogs etc. I know RSL left him unprotected during the expansion draft, but no mention of moving him since then. What do you know about that and where did you hear it?

  12. Ives- Eagerly awaiting the post on your thoughts for Jan camp invites. Personally, as far as fringe-Nat MLSers go, I’d like to see Jewsbury, Beckerman and Hernandez get invites along with the more obvious Wynne, Rogers, Holden types.

    Didn’t mean that Jerry is you’re favorite, just one of your favorites. I agree you have a bigger crush on Chad Marshall, but so do lots of people. You have been one of the few to give Jerry some props now and then.

  13. I don’t watch Wynne that much so I was pretty impressed by his performance at the Olympics. I imagine teams have been scouting him, but I have no idea how he’s been doing in MLS.

    Ives, don’t you think Cooper is one of the most likely to move? It seems inevitable with all the rumors going around.

  14. OK, let’s start:

    Jeff, like Wynne or not, he impressed scouts at the Olympics with his speed and positioning. He played some of his best soccer in China and that performance is what has teams ready to bid on him. Do I think he’s the finished product and ready to make the move? I think he made some great strides in his game and is a much better player than he was a year ago. More importantly, Wynne impressed scouts (especially Dutch scouts) and I think a good bid will be coming in.

    Modibo, thanks for the support. I’ve been wanting to do the Podcast too but I’ve never done one and I would imagine that once I get it going it will become a major part of the SBI routine.

    Lou, I don’t answer questions posted in the comments of Your Questions Answered. You’ll have to wait for the next Q&A.

    And lakaix15, you’re my boy but Boruc’s stock has dropped in the past year. I wouldn’t put him in my Top Five and would have to think about whether he’d be in my Top 10. He’s got talent, that goes without saying, but his head’s been out of it lately and there are questions about his maturity/discipline.

  15. Did you see Wynne in the 2nd half of the year? What a beast! He’s making huge strides from top athlete to top soccer player.

    Love the list of players coming back – does anyone know when Feilhaber’s contract is up? Get the boy home and playing again.

    brett, I’m retiring from the keeper debate for a while…

  16. Ives. peter cech as number 2 gk in the world???? i would put Aurtur Boruc or even on par with Casillas…. Celtic with out Boruc would be sup-par team in the SPL…. Now you put Boruc on a team like AC milan or Inter or Liverpool etc…. he would be far the number one gk…. Casillas is number One because he has a superstar backline…. you give Boruc that then he’ll look like superman too….

  17. Ives –


    The other changes you’re thinking about sound great, too. I really love the site and thanks for all the work you do on it, like these outstanding Q&As!

  18. Ives, could you provide me a little insight as to why you think Marvell Wynne is such a hot European commodity? I have to imagine it’s all becasue of his speed. I think he lacks defensive concentration and crossing ability. I really don’t think he has shown any reason to believe he can perform consistently well against top talent. I would love to be wrong as we need a good replacement for the oft injured Cherundolo. I just don’t see it.

  19. Ives great site, i was wondering who do you think will be the five up and comers or suprises of the mls season. Also on a scale of 1-10 how stronge would you rate the chances of del piero coming to the red bulls. Thanks

  20. Ughhh more Ryan Guy.

    I love the FAI. I’m Irish, I enjoy following Galway Utd, which isn’t too far from where my great grandfather grew up. I’m going to be honest though. Ryan Guy’s performance has not impressed me. Sure, it looks great on paper, but it’s basically sub-league football if it was in England. The league is that terrible. Not to mention one of his teammates recently came out and admitted that he bet against St. Pats.

    Gabe Ferarri deserves the call in before Guy. What Guy needs to do is to get the attention of an English or Scottish side and transfer there as soon as he can.

  21. ERIC- you can hardly claim Buffon is not at his best, seeing as he’s been injured the better part of the season…. hardly a fair judgement…


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