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Your Questions Answered (Part 2 of 5)

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Hello all. It's time for the latest installment of Your Questions Answered. There are still a bunch of questions to be answered from the November Q&A, but I'm hoping to knock them out all this week.

This batch of questions includes inquiries about subjects ranging from Jimmy Conrad to Jaime Moreno, HBO programming to comparing politicians to soccer players (which gives me a chance to make what you might find an interesting comparison between Freddy Adu and a certain politician, perhaps not the one you would think).

Now, without further ado, here are some more of your questions answered:

DILLON– We've seen people throwing their proposals for a US hosted World Cup all over the internet. If the US were to host the 2018 or 2022 WC, do you think they would use a pod system (possibly 4 pods of 3 cities with 2 groups assigned to each pod)? What cities do you think would host? Who hosts the finals, semifinals? This may not be Q&A material because it's too long, but I'm just curious how you would imagine or expect a US WC to be hosted.

IVES– Not sure about there being a pod system, though it would make sense considering the size of the country. As for which cities would host, I would imagine the big cities like New York, Chicago, LA and Washington would be in the mix, along with the likes of Houston, Miami and Boston. MLS cities would still need most likely need an NFL stadium to take part so just take a look at a map of cities that have newer NFL stadiums and I think that would give you a good sense of potential venues for World Cup 2018 or 2022.


ANALYZE THIS– Should McBride have stayed at Fulham for this season? Or did he make the right decision coming home? Financially he should have stayed but with his aging might be better on his body to have come back. What do you think of Andy Johnson? Has he won over the fans and made them forget McBride or is he on his way?

IVES– McBride wanted to come home so you can't really argue with the decision. He had a chance to play in Chicago and return to MLS with some gas left in the tank. As for Andy Johnson, he's a class player but I doubt highly he's come close to making Fulham fans forget about McBride.


USAFAN2010– 1. What do you think about MLS prospects/standouts Chris Tierney, Michael Parkhurst, Sean Franklin and Joe Cannon being added to the USA pool(23 man roster) for 2010. 2. What do you think about these signings over the break: Giancarlo Maldonado joining Venezuelan teammates at NYRB, Osei Telesford joining the TFC midfield, Rodolfo Zelaya adding more depth to DC and Bruno Marioni adding flair to HOU.

IVES– If I were a betting man I wouldn't bet on any of them making the 23-man roster. Does Tierney really qualify as a national team prospect yet? Not sure about that one. I'm also not the biggest Parkhurst fan when it comes to him playing against high-level international competition. Franklin' has a bright future but I don't see him breaking through at right back with Steve Cherundolo there and Frank Simek on the way back (and Marvell Wynne developing). 2. I'd say no to Maldonado, possibly to Telesford, no to Zelaya in DC and yes to Marioni to Houston.


FREDDY– What the hell happened to Jimmy Conrad's international career? I realize Kansas City wasn't the best team this season, but we was a major contributor with all those goals he scored. I realize he's no Bocanegra or Gooch, but am I the only one who hasn't forgot the game he had against Mexico a little while back when he shut Borgetti down?

IVES– I can't really say what the deal is with Conrad. I've spoken to Bob Bradley and to Conrad about the situation and both have been pretty vague, delivering the usual cliches. My theory is this: Conrad isn't getting any younger, and he wasn't going to crack the starting lineup this year, so Bradley gave him a break this year so Conrad could be rested and ready for what should be a busy 2009. The rest has done wonders for Conrad, who enjoyed a stellar 2008 season for the Kansas City Wizards. Even though he will be 32 in February, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Conrad getting caps again in 2009.


ARENA FUTBOL– We SBI readers are suckers for the Next Great Player, so can you please get someone to give us some good reliable coverage of younger US players — U-20 and U-17 teams, and guys starting off professionally outside of MLS? We want some informed opinions on the relative merits of Ferrari v. Bernardo, Renken v. Gil, Saad v. McInerney, Arguez v. Jeffrey, etc.

IVES– You're asking for a lot there buddy. I will try to do more to cover U-20 and U-17 team prospects, but the buffet of info you are looking for isn't provided anywhere because the resources needed to collect it wouldn't be cheap. I'll see about trying to fill that void though.


STEVE– Buzz at 3rd degree reported ( ) that the reserve division may be cancelled and developmental roster trimmed by 4 in the new CBA. Reasons cited were travel and salary costs. Is this more posturing or a possible reality? If it happens, would you think clubs would restructure in a more cost-efficient manner, like pitting their reserves and youth against local PDL clubs?

IVES– The league did announce these changes last month and the cold reality is that there will be no more reserve teams. Clubs will be on their own to try and find scrimmages and practice matches, but the loss of real reserve matches is going to hurt MLS teams.


BRANT– We hear a lot of potential expansion markets talk about how big their local soccer-participant base is (x number of kids playing locally, x number of leagues, etc). How much does that actually translate into turnstile count for teams at the gate? I ask because I know a LOT of soccer players that enjoy playing, but don't watch much, whether on TV or live, regardless of the league. It's a recreation for them, but not a real fan-team relationship. It's pretty simple

IVES– I think the number of youth soccer participants in a particular market does provide some sense of the interest in soccer in a community but it isn't the only factor. Also, using those numbers isn't to project those kids as future adult consumers of the game, but rather to gauge how much of a market there may be for soccer parents and youth soccer leagues as potential ticket buyers.


DANIEL from DALLAS– Kind of simple, hopefully not to vague, question. Who are the best players (in the EPL) not on the big 4 (Ars, ManU, Che, Liv)? Maybe another way to ask is who do the Big 4 want, or wouldn't mind having, but can't for different reasons? Enjoy the site.

IVES– Interesting question. Here's a list of some top players:

  • Robinho

  • Ashley Young

  • Micah Richards

  • Gareth Barry

  • Tim Howard

  • Brad Friedel

  • Jonathan Woodgate

  • Jolean Lescott

  • Amr Zaki

  • Brede Hangeland

I'm sure I'm forgetting plent of top talents, but these are players who I could see finding their way onto Big Four teams (Not every Big Four team, but a few).


HOMEY BOEHME– Have you seen any signs of the global credit crunch directly affecting the MLS? Do you think this will be a relatively tame transfer window (MLS and globally) due to the financial mess?

IVES– Can't say that I have seen affects of the credit crunch on MLS, though there are plenty of rumors circulating about Philly expansion owner Jay Sugarman's rapidly disappearing wealth. I actually think we will see a pretty active transfer market, with some teams needing to sell and some other teams being in position to take advantage to the bargains. As for MLS transfers, I'm not sure how many we will see. I'll put the over/under at three.


CONOR– Ives, love the Site. I was a big New England fan until moving to the West Coast and Andy Dorman was a favorite of mine. His last year I remember he got his green card and that he was also ineligible to play for Wales. So – would there be any interest from either side to have him play for the US? Is that even possible? I always thought he was tremendously underrated.

IVES– Dorman would have needed to be an American citizen before having left to play in Scotland. If he wasn't a citizen before he left then it's safe to say he won't be playing for the U.S. national team.


LUIS– what are the chances of the galaxy replacing donovan with maybe a young mexican star like nery

IVES– Doubt that happens. If the Galaxy sells Donovan they would then have to find a way to sign a replacement who wouldn't require DP money since their DP slot is occupied by Beckham. This is why this whole Andres D'Allesandro nonsense makes no sense to me. I can see the Galaxy making a preliminary inquiry about D'Allesandro, much like you might ask how much an Escalade costs though you aren't planning on buying one.

I could also see LA looking at potential contingencies in case Beckham decided to opt out, but I'm not buying any scenario where the Galaxy made a serious approach about D'Allesandro because too many established MLS guidelines would have to be changed for his acquisition to happen. Now i know LA has gotten away with some interesting stuff before, but I couldn't see LA realistically making a serious play for D'Allessandro


JAVIER– First of all, I want to commend you on the way you've captured the Red Bulls' historical run, from late in the playoffs, all the way until now. It's crazy to think we're not getting that from a major media outlet, but SBI is a more than adequate alternative. Anyway, what is your take on Jaime Moreno's time with Metro? I know many fans hate him even more than they otherwise would because he wasn't an impact player, but Bob Bradley didn't really seem to have an issue with him. Was it just bad luck with injuries, or is there actually a reason for fans to be pissed off at him (other than him being a DC legend)? Also, true or false: Lil Wayne is wildly overrated as a rapper.

IVES– Thanks Javier, I'm glad you enjoyed the coverage. It was certainly exciting to follow one of the most improbable playoff runs the league has ever seen.

Jaime Moreno is an interesting case. When the MetroStars acquired Moreno they got a player who was in great form and looked primed for a big season. Then he started having back issues and his season with the MetroStars became a waste. Where things got really interesting was after the 2003 season, when D.C. United fired Moreno nemesis Ray Hudson and Moreno suddenly wanted to return to D.C. As far as the MetroStars knew at the time, Moreno's career was in jeopardy because of his back and what I hear is that Moreno lobbied Bradley to let him go back to D.C. Bradley grants Moreno's request and rather than struggle with back issues, Moreno makes a remarkable MVP-caliber recovery and leads D.C. United  to an MLS Cup title.

As for Lil Wayne, I happen to be a fan, but I'm not about to put him in the "Best of All Time" category with the likes of Biggie or Jay-Z. 


GARGOYLE– What the hell happened to HBO? They were absolutely killing it with The Wire, Sopranos, and Six Feet Under. Not to mention Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras on the comedy side. Even Deadwood, Rome and Big Love were much better than most of TV. Generation Kill was amazing, but brief. But now it's a wasteland over there. Entourage is still limping along, but the rest is crap. Can you fix this?

IVES– I wish I could. I'm still getting over the end of The Wire, my favorite show of all time. In fact, The Wire, The Sopranos, Six Feet under and Rome are easily in my Top 10 all-time favorite shows and HBO hasn't done a thing to replace them. I suppose I should be happy because it means more time to watch soccer, but it's somewhat depressing that I've been left to settle for ER and Grey's Anatomy for drama and Chuck, Life and The Office for some comedy.


JEFF– When is KC going to be folded and the franchise put in a city that supports soccer?

IVES– KC is moving toward the construction of a soccer stadium and we will find out soon enough just how strong the KC market is. I'm not ready to write it off and I've heard some positive things about the future of that market.


DR DCR VCR– Who gets promoted to the EPL next year, if its not Reading like you said in the last Q&A? Who are the five best players in the the English football league (Championship, League 1, and League 2) right now (do not include any players that are on loan from EPL teams)?

IVES– I'll say Wolves, Reading and (wait for it) Cardiff City. Have to throw a darkhorse in there. Is your second question out of curiosity or are you testing my knowledge of the First Division? As for five best players in the lower levels of England, I can't say I follow those leagues enough to provide a good list.


BFBS– Ok, the election is over but if the presidential and vice-presidential candidates were soccer players who would they be? Here is what I think: Obama = Zlatan Ibrahimovic – a precocious talent with a funny name by his home country's standards. Biden = Jimmy Bullard, both JBs have bags of quality but both are capable of an occasional undisciplined gaffe resulting in a counterattack. Both probably are in love with their hair. John McCain = before this campaign, Brian McBride (an inspirational character), during the campaign, Taylor Twellman (lots of whining), starting with concession speech, Brian McBride. Sarah Palin=Marco Materazzi, both accused their opponents of associating with terrorists (in Marco's case, I know he claims to have said something else) while on the biggest of stages. Bonus: Joe the Plumber=Paul Konchesky (have you ever seen Joe the Plumber as a spectator at the Cottage?)

IVES– I have to say that some of these analogies are a stretch, but that doesn't mean I can't come up with some equally bad ones. Here goes:

Barack Obama=Lionel Messi. A young phenom who is leaving people amazed and wondering what he will do next.

Joe Biden= David James. Experienced, good at what he does but prone to the occasional bad blunder. Joe "The Blunder" Biden and David "Calamity" James. Perfect.

Sarah Palin =  Freddy Adu. Young, full of tricks and a polarizing figure who has tons of fans that think she can do no wrong, but who also has critics who are quick to point out the very real flaws in her game. Tried to make the move from a small-market gig to the big-time and has realized quickly that they aren't quite ready for the top level yet.

Joe the Plumber= Thomas Gravesen. Bald, overrated hack who fooled people for a while but is now residing in the shadows. Okay, so maybe that's harsh on Gravesen, but I just wanted to point out that I think Joe The Plumber is a sad individual who can't go away soon enough.


CACuzcatlan– Who is the 2nd best player in the world (I'm assuming you'll agree with me in saying that Ronaldo is the best right now)

IVES– I'm not sure Ronaldo is a lock right now as the best in the world, if only because he has yet to fully recapture last season's form this season. I would say Lionel Messi is the choice. He's insanely dangerous and so key to Barcelona's attack.


DOUGLAS– Is Tristan Bowen the standard for the level players need to be at to get signed from the developmental academy, or are there other factors that came into play in his situation? Is he a better signing than Exantus or Kassel would've been?

IVES– I don't know if it's a case of him setting the league-wide standard as it is the Galaxy feeling comfortable that he is ready to step in and be a first-team player. Not a starter, but someone who could get some minutes sooner than later. I don't know enough about Bowen to say if he would have necessarily been better than Exantus or Kassel but I will say that I don't think the Red Bulls made a mistake last summer by not signing either of those players. They weren't ready yet.


ADAM– Thanks for the site Ives…Great job! As we sit here in late November, a lot has happened since the MLS expansion bids were proposed. Details about the Barca and Miami bid have been in the news a lot and the Pujols investment in a St. Louis franchise came out recently. My questions is how much effect do these reports have on the process and how do you see this playing out? All of us here in South Florida and giddy with anticipation over an MLS franchise in Miami. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

IVES– The reports themselves don't impact the process. These developments certainly do. I think Miami and St. Louis are the front-runners. No question about it. Portland is holding on as a third option, but I think Portland has some catching up to do.


KEMPS VILLA– Possible names for the 2009 Generation adidas class? Also, your top ten prospects (including your possible 09 GA class members) for the upcoming MLS SuperDraft?

IVES– I actually revealed the list of the Top 10 players that had been approached with Generation adidas contract offers. They are the following:

2009 Generation adidas prospects

I am sure that group will grow, and some of the players on this list could pass up the offer. I will keep readers updated on this regularly.


STEVE NASH– You have just been awarded an MLS expansion franchise. What is your strategy for building your roster?

IVES– I would start by hiring Alexi Lalas as my team president (kidding). Actually, I would have to look at the expansion draft and see what is available (that would let me know what I have to work with and what my real needs are). I would try to find an internationally-known forward to be my designated player, a proven striker with some miles left on the tires. I would hit the USL for some reasonably-priced defenders and a defensive midfielder (like Oswaldo Alonso). That would be the start of the process. I can say that three places I wouldn't be cheap in finding players is goalkeeper, central midfield or central defense. I also realize that building an MLS roster is much easier said than done.


MARC– Do the Red Bulls have any allocation money remaining from the Jozy transfer or was it completely squandered due to the poor mid-season acquisitions of Pietravallo, Rojas and Cichero?

IVES– The Red Bulls have allocation money heading into 2009. Just how much remains to be seen. I also wouldn't be surprised of they picked up some more by selling either Rojas or Pietravallo, or both.


CHROS– I really enjoy the site and Q&A is one of my favorite threads. Usually I have a question all thought of but then I've forgotten it by the time you ask for more. Not this time: I just thought of this about half an hour ago! Who do you think are the 10 best field players from North America right now? It struck me this morning that I really have no idea how good the better players in Mexico, Canada etc., are in comparison to Landon, Dempsey etc.

IVES– Ten best field players in North America, so you're just asking for the 10 best players in CONCACAF, correct? Here goes (and this is right now, so injured players, players who don't start regularly and players who haven't played in six months or so like Nery Castillo are not included):

  • David Suazo

  • Rafael Marquez

  • Landon Donovan

  • Pavel Pardo

  • Andres Guardado

  • Julian de Guzman

  • Clint Dempsey

  • Oguchi Onyewu

  • Kenwyne Jones (okay, so I changed my mind, seeing Jones' highlights from the weekend it's safe to say he's back, sorry Marlon King)

  • Carlos Bocanegra

It's tough to argue with Suazo being the region's best striker, or with Marquez deserving a high place because, let's face it, there is a reason he starts for Barcelona. I gave this list about 10 minutes of thought so if there's somebody missing I reserve the right to change this list.


WELTMEISTER– When do you think the World Cup is coming back to the US

IVES– I would put my money on 2018, and if not, then 2022. It will be back. That much I'm pretty sure of.


CHOWHOUNS– What's the best food you've had on one of your MLS stadium trips?

IVES– Best stadium (PRESS BOX) food? Hmm, Gillette Stadium is probably the best in the league. Toyota Park is usually pretty good also. Worst in the league? I've been there twice but I have to say BMO Field. Giants Stadium used to be pretty bad back in the day but Red Bull stepped up the food when they came in. If you were asking about actual fold sold in the stadium, I'm always in the press box so I don't really get a chance to partake in the best the stadiums have to offer.



  1. Maybe Tierney should be a starter for the Revs, because he could certainly start over Igwe or maybe even Heaps. Telesford is a bad dude. I’ve watched him play in the concacaf champions league, and helping the Islanders get a home win over Santos Laguna of Mexico. I really think Telesford could help TFC be a 20-game winner next year, him and the signing of a DP before Feb., that way they all have a chance to train together.

  2. Ives, don’t bee foolish. If one of the MLS teams can come to terms with D’Allesandro and not bankrupt the league with the financial commitment, the league will bend the “Bend it like Beckham” rule further.

  3. Being a guy that grew up playing high level youth soccer in KC…I have to say the insult is very uninformed. KC supports soccer but it is hard to enjoy going to a game in Arrowhead and then in a minor league baseball stadium… I have no clue how anyone can think going to a Revs or RBs game is fun in a giant canyon like wedge when only 20k or less show up…DC, NE, NY and KC have made the best of a bad situations and KC and NY are taking the next step…both will have banner years when the SSS opens for each team.

    Also…KC Legends is easily one of the 10 best youth clubs in the country along with CASL Raleigh, Michigan Vardar, Scott Gallagher (St Louis), Dallas Texans, FC Delco (PA) etc… the sport is huge in Johnson County and produced/es fantastic college players. I expect them to average over 15 a game when the SSS is open and it will feel more like an event when you don’t see 65,000 empty seats.

  4. Ives, thanks so much for giving your take on the D’Allesandro bid. People actually think the Galaxy have multiple DP’s, when in fact they have one.

  5. I would think Altidore, Bradley and Cherundolo would be the next 3 on the list, which would have the best argument to make your Top 10?

    And Subotic? Assuming you’re not counting him as CONCACAF just yet, think he would make a top 10 as soon as he commits….

  6. USAfan2010 – ???? Telesford couldn’t even break into the Chicago line up.

    Tierney isn’t even a lock to start for NE, let alone USA.

    And on another note, I’m a big fan of True Blood…it took me a while to accept those accents, but it’s been a great 1st season and I look forward to the second.

  7. Chris Tierney does have some good points like he is fast, good passer and dribbler, and should be on team usa’s radar for left back. He might just be one of our best left backs at the moment even though he does not have much experience.

    I think Osei Telesford joining the TFC midfield would make TFC so much better. I would start him over Carl Robinson. I’m suprised Mo Johnston hasn’t targeted him. If TFC can sign a DP before Feb., there team might be a 20 game winner next year because look at their offseason acquisitions like DRO, Telesford, 3 1st round picks, Designated Player(if they were to make those signings.)

  8. What do you think is going to happen to the Generation Adidas player when the new CBA comes out? If I were a USL team right now I would be scouting college seniors like crazy right now because now that rosters have been cut down to 24 with a lot of those non-senior spots taken up by GA players, the MLS doesn’t look like the best place for 4 year college players (not that it has ever been the best).

  9. Shmenge, settle down. Jones is good, I’ll give you that, but his brace last weekend is the first clear sign that he’s back from the surgery. King has been playing well for Hull all season. Talk to me in the Spring and maybe Jones is back in the group, but for right now I’ll take King.

    And DocSoccer, it’s different strokes for different folks. Summer Heights High just doesn’t do it for me.

    Sharmon, I will post the St. Louis expansion story tomorrow. It isn’t breaking news or anything so don’t get your hopes up too high.

  10. I agree with Shmenge regarding Kenwyne Jones. He is quality.
    Be nice to see an All-star CONCACAF team play a charity match against an All-star team from another region.

  11. Ives, you mentioned a couple of days ago about a possible story on St. Louis expansion. Just curious what was up, as I was excited at the thought.

  12. No room for Kenwyne Jones?

    If you had to pick one forward for your team, you’d take Marlon King over Jones?

    I bet not many Premiership managers would agree with you.

  13. theres something wrong with you if you dont like summer heights high. its the funniest show since the british version of the office whcih is the best show ever above curb and seinfeld.

  14. as far as tv shows go i stick strictly to comedies… altho im not an overly huge fan of the office, i will watch it from time to time

    1) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – this is honestly one of the funniest shows from start to finish

    2) How I Met Your Mother – Neil Patrick Harris makes the show, without him, it would flop… but great chemistry…

    3) The Big Bang Theory – smart and awkward humor…. is there anything better… Sheldon is by far one of the funniest characters in any show in my opinion…

  15. David, given Salcido’s problems at PSV this year I don’t think it can be said that he’s a Top 10 CONCACAF player. He certainly hasn’t enjoyed as good a season so far in Europe as any of the defenders on the list. He would be in a Top 20 perhaps, not a Top 10. I actually think Ricardo Osorio has a better argument right now than Salcido.

  16. For those HBO lovers out there (True Blood, Flight of the Conchords, and Big Love are all still in production and are awesome!) give Showtime a chance. Dexter, Weeds, the Brotherhood, Californication (easily one of [if not] the best TV show ever) Secret Diary of a Call Girl. That’s some great tele great there people.

    Also Ives, have you heard anything new on what RBNY is going to do with their second DP spot?

    Love the site keep up the great work!

  17. Rumors around soCal suggest that Bob has/had a grudge against Jimmy Conrad based on Bob’s belief that Jimmy was vocal amoing some players that didn’t want to see Bob take over the team. Hopefully that’s either not true or they’ve made up, bc. it seems to me that Conrad would be a better option than some of the CBs Bob has trotted out, including Goodson, Parkhurst, Califf, Orozco, and DeMerit.

  18. Agreed on Wilson Palacios. I actually had him in my list but replaced him with Marlon King. It’s tough seperationg that group of about 15 or so top players currently doing it in Europe. Not sold on Maynor Figueroa yet, but Palacios definitely deserves mention.

    As for the HBO shows, I haven’t been able to get into any of the aforementioned shows. The vampire show didn’t do it for me, I never got into Flight of the Concords and have absolutely no interest in Summer Heights High. The only new show I watch with any regularity is the cartoon Life & Times of Tim, which isn’t bad.

  19. “House of Saddam” is pretty crazy too. I haven’t figured out if it is just propaganda, or drama, or what. Most likely a little of everything. They make him look like a real Keizer Soze though.

  20. ‘Summer Heights High’ on HBO sunday nights.. it’s literally the theatre of the absurd and absolutely hilarious. Gotta check it out Ives

  21. “JEFF- When is KC going to be folded and the franchise put in a city that supports soccer?

    IVES- KC is moving toward the construction of a soccer stadium and we will find out soon enough just how strong the KC market is. I’m not ready to write it off and I’ve heard some positive things about the future of that market.”

    I just bought season tickets last year and have spread the love to other friend and family, some of those people are getting tickets next year and nearly all them say they will attend more games when the new stadium opens; fan base is increasing.. Its a small market but per captia the city supports soccer (well the burbs in Johnson County are). Building a stadium is sign the city will support it (not going to build something that will for sure fail), heck if your going to throw around insults start with the popular franchises in big cities that play on turf and dont have plans to build a real pitch…

  22. good stuff. i think an argument could be made for Wilson Palacios to be in your Top 10 CONCACAF players. I’d say he is somewhere between de Guzman and Dempsey, in my opinion.

  23. I’d put Agbonlahor, Tuncay, Stephen Ireland, and Garnst-Pedersen in that group of great non-Big 4 players too.

    Of course, with the way Villa is playing, they might be a top 4 team by year’s end!

  24. Oiy! Regarding HBO:

    TrueBlood is the next great HBO show. Season 1 concluded just a few weeks ago and it’s coming back for season 2 in the summer. That is all.

  25. Cam, I was referring to press box food. I don’t really get a chance to sample regular stadium food since I’m almost always in the press box.

  26. Not sure if I’d agree with Bocanegra being better than Wilson Palacios, Maynor Figueroa, Carlos Salcido or Ricardo Osorio but it’s nothing to get anybody’s panties in a bunch about.

    Your criteria is a little off since Dempsey isn’t a regular starter for Fulham (although he has been playing and starting a lot lately) but I do agree that based on skill alone, he’s one of the best CONCACAF outfield players.

    Good list btw Ives, would love to see you put out a list of the best players for each confederation and maybe we can do a little CONCACAF vs the world mock fantasy league.

  27. The Freddy Adu/Sarah Palin analogy is spot on! Hilarious!

    I have not been to a stadium west of Kansas City yet, but Columbus and Chicago have pretty good food. Ives, how can you not be a fan of the gravy fries in Toronto? 🙂


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