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Burch re-signs with D.C. United

Marc Burch (AP)

One fullback down, one to go.

D.C. United moved a step closer to building its defense for 2009 by re-signing left back Marc Burch to a new contract.

What remains unresolved is D.C. United's talks with free agent right back Bryan Namoff. SBI spoke with D.C. United general manager Dave Kasper on Tuesday and Kasper stated that the team was still in discussions with Namoff, but that there was nothing new to report on the talks.

D.C. heads into next week's MLS Draft sporting two first-round picks, No. 6 and No. 7, and is expected to select at least one and perhaps two defenders with those picks. 


  1. If I was United, I would consider using one of its two picks on Baggio Husidic, just in case Gallardo’s gets injured again next year. Plus, Husidic can learn from both Gallardo and Jaime how to be a consistent second striker or A-mid.

  2. We saw flashes of Gallardo last year, but it was mostly a wasted season as injuries everywhere never let him learn his teammates – many of whom were new to the team too.

    I hope he can stay healthy this year. That’s an awfully big salary to be riding the bench.

  3. The namoff situation looks like one we’ve been seeing for the past couple years, instead of paying a player (who you know can do the job) a decent wage, go out and get an unknown from central/south america and pay more for them, while they suck at the same time.

    I really hope they sign him, the effort he puts in every game only helps the team.

  4. Glad to have Tino but really wish Kasper would take care of the Namoff situation. He was probably the most consistent and reliable player last year. We are hurting defensively and a draft pick isn’t going to save the day.

  5. I would hope that they would be smart enough to realize that they need some speed and playmaking. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see Quaranta as a playmaker. Fred, Emilio and Jaime are all aging and lost the speed that they once possessed. A striker or quick middie would help!


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