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Thanks to you, the SBI readers, Soccer By Ives was able to bring home the Best Blog Award from U.S. Soccer for 2008. Now, we're looking to take on the big boys in all the major sports.

SBI has been named one of 14 finalists for the Best Sports Blog award, presented by the 2008 weblog awards. The list of finalists includes some of the biggest names on the sports web, including Deadspin and The Big Lead.

While we didn't lobby on SBI for votes for the U.S. Soccer award, I have no problem asking you all to vote for SBI this time around because, let's face it, we are big underdogs. Consider SBI the Anorthosis Famagusta in this Champions League-like contest. Cast your vote for SBI using the link above and help us pull off an upset or two. The voting closes on Tuesday, Jan. 13th.

Thanks to all of you who nominated SBI for this award.


  1. DONE!!! Love ya Ives, and don’t forget to call me when you are in Ft. Lauderdale for the combine…super suprise for ya!!! E-mail your cell if you want and let me know if you got that e-mail with mine. Thanks.

  2. No wonder KSK is in the lead, bold faced pandering by a hot Czeck chick!!!!

    Ives, you need some ideas that can top that.

    Dont look at me, I have to get back to that page.

  3. SBI running in fourth, just behind big gun Deadspin. Not bad. Though just wait until Deadspin readers get word of this poll.
    That said, go SBI.

  4. I love you and all, Ives, you’re the dogs dingly-danglies when it comes to reporting, but the KSK boys are too funny, nonsensical, profane and genius.

    /door flies open

  5. Unrelated

    freddy adu starts for monaco in a match against a full strength juventus side game ends 1-1 and adu earned the penalty kick for monaco

  6. I’ll be damned. Now you want to play the role of the great Cypriot team. Barley gave them props but nowwwww…..wwwwww — lol

    We’ll do our best to help you win this most great honor, I’m in Chicago and we have a special gift when it comes to winning elections. Hey dead people!!!! Get up and vote!!!!


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