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Kaka’s Milan farewell?

Kaka 1 (Reuters)  

It wasn't difficult to read the anguish on his face and the burden that he bears.

WhenKaka left the field on Saturday after AC Milan's 1-0 win over Fiorentina, he left to a chorus of pleas to stay and a long line of hugs from teammates that made the moment feel every bit like a farewell.

Kaka has the tough decision of whether to accept Manchester City's astronomical offer of 15 million Euros a year in what would be a record-breaking transfer from Milan, or whether he should just stay in Milan, where he is AC Milan's most beloved player.

It is time for a poll. Vote on what you think Kaka will do:

What do you think he will do? Will Kaka leave Milan and join the Manchester City empire, or will he follow his heart and stay with the club that helped make him a star?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Vipero, I see your point, but the concept of the mercinary player at the level we’re talking about is relatively new to the game.

    I do see Messi becoming that foriegn born player for Barca though. He’s been with them forever.

    The really agruement to the point I’m making has more to do with the resources of the clubs listed… Smaller clubs will have a harder time keeping a player like Kaka over the course of a career, while Madrid, Juve, and ManU all have the wherewithall to do so.

  2. Because it is double the amount paid for any other soccer player ever.

    Also, the 108 million pounds (157 million dollars) is just to pay AC Milan to get Kaka over the English Channel. Then, they are reported to be paying Kaka another 108 million pounds in his salary. Then they have to pay the agents, etc.

    It is a ridiculous amount of money considering his age. The owners are going about it all wrong. They may end up with a run for the top 4 next year or the year after, but in order to build a championship team you need a “team” not a bunch of stars. Chelsea is falling apart at the seams because they have too many “central mids” calling for the ball.

    See Arsenal: no stars, just talented youth who play with heart.

  3. why is everyone so up in arms about the amount of money spent? Yes it’s a HUGE chunk of change but here’s some perspective:

    A-Rod makes more.

    And the Yankees just spent half a billion dollars on free agents this winter alone.

  4. I think that players who play for love and happiness generally do better and play longer than those that play for money.

    I’m not sure how Kaka feels about Man City, but he should make his decision with his heart; more money won’t really change his lifestyle.

    I hope he stays with Milan.

    I like players who represent their clubs though everything.

    Del Piero/Juventus

    Raul/Real Madrid

    Ryan Giggs/Man United

    …They’re all players that will never leave their homes.

  5. If Kaka goes to Man City, then truly the beautiful game has finally arrived to England.

    I really want to see what kind of power Man City can be now. There is no way that City should be bad at all. Can’t wait to see who else they get.

  6. If he goes, he is leaving a legacy at Milan by giving them instant prosperity and money to build a very strong team for the future.

    One player is only as good as the 10 around him and if he is truly great he makes them all better. City are banking that Kaka is that kind of player. I think they are right.

  7. I love KAKA at Milan, but I see it as a golden opportunity for AC Milan to gain more from it.

    Besides KAKA, Pato, and Ronaldinho; AC Milan is a slow, old team. They need sell Kaka for the future. A huge sum of money that can bring 4-5 talented young stars into Ac Milan without using a cent from their pocket.

    On the otherside, Inter looks great, and promising under Mourinho.

    Kaka is Kaka, the Brasil needs to conquer England before he can join Messi at Barcelona in 2011 or 2012.

  8. The $147 million transfer figure and the $37 million salary are incomprehensible figures to me. As good as he is, I just can’t see ANY player being worth that. Man City simply has a fool in charge who’s willing to part with his money.

  9. Berlusconi is a dumbass mercenary… The Milan fans want him to stay – and Ancelotti told the press that everybody noticed, so if Kaka’ gets sold, berlusca and galliani would be going 100% against their fans!

  10. I like JB’s point re: Brazil’s advantage if he goes to Man City

    At the end of a great athlete’s career its not whats in the bank that counts, its the championships and accolades you’ve won.
    He’s already set for life cash-wise. He can write his own ticket.

    (( He could up and decide to come to LA and take Donovan’s place if he wanted to. They could pay him in free steak dinners at the local Churrascuria.–that won’t happen…but… ))

    Anyway, Real Madrid offered a similar astronomical amount for C Ronaldo, if I remember correctly. Kaka is in a position to make up his own mind.
    Surely, AC Milan is weighing their options but they are in no way showing him the door.

  11. take the money and run. as an athlete you have a limited time frame to maximized your earning. he’s already won italian championship, champions league, and world cup trophies.

  12. man, I hope he stays. Not for AC Milan – I could care less about the club – for the game as a whole.

    With some people like Al Fayed starting to speak out about salary caps, is it possible that this debate might finally become serious?

  13. WOW Ted, he would never go to inter how many times has the guy said how much he loves AC Milan. He really isn’t the kinda of guy who would go to AC’s archrivals.

  14. If Kaka goes to Man City, he is transferred to Madrid or Inter or Barça by 2011.

    Man City’s Arab money isn’t unlimited, and people who think Man City is the next Chelsea need to get their heads checked.

  15. It will be great for Brazil in the World Cup because City won’t play as many games next year as Milan will. Kaka will be better rested for the World Cup which makes Brazil even more dangerous.

  16. If you are AC Milan, this is a no-brainer. $150 million can be spent to make this team virtually unbeatable. Kaka is great, but he is just one player who won’t win AC Milan the Scudetto or Champions League alone. Clearly, he would prefer to play in Milan over Manchester, all other things being equal–but they are not equal. He will make a ton of cash playing for Manchester City. AC Milan has already agreed to sell him, so he may as well get as much as he can from Manchester City. He is definitely going to Manchester City.

  17. This would destroy his career. It wouldnt be a step back it would be a running jump backwards. Manchester City wont be in the CL for the next 5 years. He is making alot of money at Milan and is only 26. He still has 8 good years left in him. If he does go he better get a 3 year deal or something short. If he doesnt care about the champions league or even UEFA cup then bby all means go to City. Otherwise he can enjoy a good FA cup run or league cup run.

  18. City will suck, with or without Kaka. City always finds ways to screw it up, which leads me to believe that he’ll take the money (which is a disgusting amount and shouldn’t be even spoken of in sport, it’s too much), do nothing at City, they’ll be sent down with Newcastle and Spurs (OK, now I’m wishing, but wouldn’t that be something?), and he’ll use some clause in his contract to go back to Milan on a free. If I were the boy, I’d mandate a couple of things that would ensure my stay:

    1. Top 6 finish, or top 10 with atleast 5 new world-class players coming in over the summer

    2. Champions League football within 2 seasons, counting this one.

    3. If City go down, he can leave and be compensated

    I’d force those clauses to be inserted into the contract, and if any are broken, I’d get to leave back to Milan on a free transfer.

  19. Hooray! I’ve never been happier to be punked! Even if the real Special One didn’t look so champion like today.

    JB – yup… unless they blow it on past their prime names, which is always possible.

  20. This is Pato’s team now. They could be a great team for $107 million. This reminds me of the Herschel Walker trade that built the Dallas Cowboys into a dynasty.

  21. I agree with Garrett, I think things for Kaka changed when Milan agreed to the sale. And how could they not? But I still think that Champion’s League play is the last hang up, because I think it’s far from clear that City is going to break on through next year.

  22. I agree with that Garrett just said, I think Kaka feels a little betrayed that Milan would sell him and therefore he feels isolated so I can understand his wanting to talk to Man city. Also, I just read from a somewhat reliable source that Man City owners are denying they put up these astronomical amounts to get Kaka… who knows dude? Interestin’ stuff

  23. I dunno.. think about this.

    ACM were great b/f Kaka, and they will be great after him.

    Kaka has a chance to go to a club and help make it great.

  24. The club ‘sold’ him… now I think the loyalty is broken. From a club sense, this is a great move, you can buy tons of developing talent and hopefully a couple turn in to solid talents. This will help AC Milan in the long run… I still cannot believe City is spending this much. 50M sounds more reasonable; however, Kaka is one of the few players that are nearly priceless. Messi/Kaka/C Ronaldo… they have the drive + the immense talent to succeed and make others around them better. I’m excited to watch him in the EPL. Wish it wasn’t so much muscle being thrown around by Citeh; however, its great to see the largest clubs in the world Madrid, Milan get pushed around for a change.

  25. The only way kaka leaves is if he feels the team and organization no longer want him.

    Man City is offering Milan a ridiculous amount of money. They could get the four best defenders in the world for all the money they would get for selling kaka.

    This much is clear, Kaka and Ronaldhino don’t play as well together. But this is also clear. Milan sucks when Kaka is not playing.

  26. After a player is already getting paid well why accept a transfer away from a situation you love just to make more money? I’d stay put. Money is nice but happiness and job satidfaction is worth a lot more.

  27. I love players who stay with one team their entire career, but it just doesn’t make sense for Kaka, esp. since ACM was willing to sell him in the first place. Their initial willingness made it clear to him that soccer’s a business, and they’ll regard it as such.

  28. Tough decision. Both teams have defensive problem. In my opinion he’ll stay. San Siro deserves him, and he deserves the San Siro. He’s a great player and I love watching him. He really needs a team with defensive stability and City just are not that team. ACM aren’t perfect in that area either but they’re, in my opinion, better than City.


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