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Kljestan heading to Celtic for trial

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Sacha Kljestan could be the next MLS player heading for a transfer to Europe, but it could be contingent on him impressing one storied and interested club

According to sources, Kljestan has left U.S. national team camp to join Scottish champions Celtic on a trial that could lead to a sale of the Chivas USA midfielder. Sources tell SBI that MLS and Celtic have discussed a $3.5 million transfer that could go through if Kljestan impresses Celtic coaches in the coming weeks.

The move, and potential transfer could be one of the driving forces behind Chivas USA drafting Wake Forest midfielder Michael Lahoud rather than goalkeeper Stefan Frei in the 2009 MLS Draft.

Kljestan wouldn't be the only American at Celtic if he is sold. Goalkeeper Dominic Cervi is in the process of securing his Italian passport to complete his deal with Celtic. New York-based agent Ron Waxman told SBI that Cervi should have his deal completed very soon.

What do you think of Kljestan potentially signing with Celtic? Would it be a good club for him?

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  1. While the SLP might not be the best League on the planet in which to develop our talent, it would certainly be a step up from MLS…. Lest we forget, Celtic and Rangers play Champions League Football… That is about the best development a player can get, provided he is getting quality minutes… What I do NOT want to see is our brightest young talents being sold to major European clubs, only to ride the bench or get loaned out to a 3rd div side.

    Some have said that Kljestan is a bit too soft for the rugged brand of football played in SPL… But DeMarcus Beasley is a much smaller player, and he seems to be adapting just fine….. In other words, I wouldn’t mind Kljestan transfering to Celtic, so long as he is going to get quality minutes there…. Otherwise, he’s better off just sticking it out in MLS a while longer…

  2. I think a move to Celtic would be a great move for Kljestan if he got his game but to be honest he has no chance of getting ahead of Scott Brown (this season he has been sensational), Hartley, Robson, Flood, Crosas, Naka or McGeady. He would simply end up being another Pat McCourt or Mizuno and would be put on loan to someone like Inverness. The money as well would not be great (Scottish teams only spent 1/500 of what the EPL spent in January on players)

    Also having spent some time in Scotland, I beleive that the top teams in MLS are only similar in standard to the bottom few teams in the SPL, with a few big names thrown in and the rest are Div1 quality. The kenny deuchar comparison doesn’t really cut it because he has only ever been successful in Divs 2 and 3 in Scotland.

    Also the move now looks off anyway.

  3. What is it with this giving the SPL a right slagging off. Ok, there are a couple of no hope teams but the Old Firm are a powerful force in worldwide football,(fan base aside,both teams nearly 50,000 average every home game),playing in the Champions League every season is a record most of the so called big teams in Europe can only dream of!!

    Not many so called big European teams (Wolfsberg,Twente or Feyenoord??? are you serious??)have a Euro record like Celtic and Rangers(who made the UEFA Cup final last season)so think its time to take stock.

    No offence but occassionaly watching some MLS games , my Saturday morning team could do better.

    Also apart from the big 4 or 5 in the Premiership,these two giants of the Scottish game would flourish with the cash offered by TV.

    Anyhows,seems like another Celtic shirt selling exercise to me anyhow.


  4. PJ – Where you from brother? England? Food for thought while putting your comments into context. If you recall, we schooled England in 1950 WC?

    We’re Yanks b/c back in the 1770’s a bunch of immigrants bounded together by a common theme thanks to screwed up policies from across the big pond. So, yes we’re different which is why we developed our own sports like baseball, basketball and an American brand of football. We provide several options- not just football and cricket. While I also played baseball and basketball, I chose the European style of football as my sport of choice b/c of my heritage/roots.

    Compare the number of foreigners in American professional sports to the number of Yanks playing football abroad. This goes to show we got more balls than you and that all you care about is one sport, and maybe cricket–what’s that all about?

    I will give you this though. 1) Sky announcers call a match better than ESPN and FOX. 2 )Attending a match in Europe blows away attending any professional sporting event in the US. We have to have music and score boards to fire us up while you guys sing and chant all game–much more fun in Europe—BUT we don’t shout obsentities at players of color. and 3) Your beer is much better. We’re still learning after almost 300 years, but we like it that way.

    When I went to a Fulham match and US vs England match last year, I was shocked that I couldn’t enjoy the match while drinking a couple of beers at my seat and act the part of a responsible, civilized sports fan. What’s up with that? Maybe you can learn from us too.

  5. hahahahahaha

    this message board just proves what the world thinks. the yanks know absoloutely NOTHING about football!!

    lads, reading internet “saccer” sites and quoting stats does not mean you understand the game, as your comments show. If you want to chat about the game, try learning a little something about it.

    shocking display of ignorance!


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