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Mendoza leaves Chivas USA for Guadalajara

The Chivas USA midfield could wind up looking very different in 2009. While Sacha Kljestan is preparing a training stint/trial at Celtic, Francisco "Panchito" Mendoza has completed a move to Mexican power CD Guadalajara, the sister club if Chivas USA.

Mendoza departs after four seasons with Chivas USA, playing 111 matches over four seasons, the most ever played in MLS by a Mexican-born player.

What do you think of Mendoza's departure? Who do you see replacing him?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Panchito was on loan this whole time. He has been a part of Chivas USA since 1999. So that’s the truth to that. As far as Chivas USA being two bit, I am jelous of all of you rich folks who can afford to go to Guadalajara just to catch a game. I on the other hand, take a short trip down the 405 to be surrounded by fellow Chivas supporters who, despite knowing Vergara created Chivas USA for the money and no other reason, I still support Chivas and have a chance to support one in the country where I was born and where my parents have worked hard to become citizens of. Guadalajara is still king, but Chivas USA deserves the respect of a growing prince.

  2. This is bad and why you shouldn’t allow sister clubs. This terrifies me that it’s exactly what Barca will do if they are allowed in.

    P.S. If Chivas starts drawing fans you can talk the way you are positive thinker. Until then…ahem…they’re a two bit sister club to the real deal and that’s not what this league needs to aspire to.

  3. So how does this transaction work? Was he technically on loan all this time, and now he is being recalled? Or is he moving on a free? Is Chivas USA getting any type of compensation?

  4. lulu your whack, because ppl like you that think in a negative way about that team, chivas usa can’t grow as it should and we all know that half of the U.S.A is chavis fans(hint).Chiva’s usa is a good team that helped produce a goalkeeper that play’s in the prem., and another that might play in Celtic. One other note ALEXI LALAS is whack, saw him on ESPN, another person that doesn’t deserve to be on TV.

  5. Good for him. I think he really came on in the last couple years. Maybe it will tempt some younger Mexican prospects to join the MLS with hopes of going back to Mexico someday..

  6. Good for him. Personally I thought he had a rough year last year so maybe a change of scenery will be good for him, plus it frees up a roster spot and salary space for another international or a college guy so overall good for both sides.

  7. i think its a good thing.

    i remember an interview with him a while back where he said the goal in his heart was to eventually play for chivas in mexico and represent, so that he’s achieved his goal and helped MLS while being a good guy at the same time just makes me feel only good things about this deal.

    good for him

  8. I like to root for Chivas, and even though they are losing a great player, this is exactly how the partnership is supposed to work. I still can’t believe he’s played the most games of any Mexican player, and it’s not just that he’s gotten to be very good, but also that he didn’t walk in thinking he was going to own the league like many established Mexican players have.

    So, the mothersip Chivas is supposed to be encouraged and send more good young players, right?


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