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MLS Draft Q&A

Good evening folks. I am heading to St. Louis and I know many of you still have plenty questions. That being the case I have decided to do an MLS Draft Q&A. Send your draft questions my way and I will answer select questions tonight. And no, I haven’t forgotten the last Q&A. Those are coming soon. Now, fire your draft questions my way.


  1. If DC United were offered a unicorn, a case of Heineken, and a first round draft pick for Marcello Gallardo, would that be a good trade off?

  2. What happen to Zack Simmons, goalie from Umass, Buzz has him ranked second overall for goalies but he wasn’t even at the combine.

    Side note- why do people propose relegation for a league that has been around for 14 years. The entry fee is a ton of money and SSS- how would you ever convince a city to fork over public funding for a team that might be in the second division in two years.

  3. Can you share what the draft salary ranges will be? Is it around $150K for GA, $105-37K for other first rounders and $13K for everyone else?

  4. Ives, there are rumors that USL teams are interested in making offers to players who are lowballed by MLS after the draft, any idea which teams and which players might be targeted?

  5. Ives,

    you have to clear up the Carlos Martinez saga for us. Is he back in the recedency?

    A report came out on January 6th, 2009 saying 2 players were added and that Carlos was back. Two days later the 2 players were named and Carlos was not talked of. Just today I hear that Carlos Martinez is not back in Brandenton.

    Do you have any information on this?

  6. Ives,

    Do you know if any other players From RBNY on the Trade block?

    With Great Performance From Sassano and Sinsia, would Stammler be looked at as trade Bate for a potetial good trade….

    Or Woly, we showed that he can play in MLS in the PLayoffs but with 60k salery i believe and 3 players that are by far better then him do you see him getting traded also?

    and what about Etchevery????…. can we trade hes old and has done nothing….


  7. ives,

    not a question but a comment….

    Eads Brigade, a supporters’ group in St. Louis, will be meeting pre-draft at tigin irish pub. stop by and say hello if you’re not already inside.

    333 washington ave.

    three blocks east of the convention center. it’s on the first floor of a hampton inn, so its easy to find, especially if you’re staying there.

  8. Hey Ives,
    If John O’Brien had the first overall pick in this year’s draft, who do you think he would take?

  9. Ives,

    I heard Richard Jata didn’t get much of a chance to showcase his ability at the combine. Where do you see him going in the superdraft tomorrow?

  10. Ives- Do you see anyone from Notre Dame being selected tomorrow? Also, what are the Chicago Fire looking for?


  11. 2 questions….Love the site!!

    1)What MLS team do you think has the best staff of finding “diamonds in the rough” during MLS draft?

    2)Which draft player do you see as making the most immediate impact in MLS?

  12. since mls got rid of the supplemental draft what happens to the teams that made trades that invovlved supplemental picks? are they just out of luck?

  13. With the supplemental draft eliminated, what happens to all those MLS trades for supplemental draft picks? Are teams being compensated in any way?

  14. Ives, should I care about the draft? Or, to put it a bit less controversially, it seems to me that most quality MLS players are not acquired through the draft, but rather through signings. The draft picks I can remember (e.g., Wynne) haven’t really been difference makers. So, even if I am concerned about NYRB, I am not sure why I should pay a lot of attention to the draft. What say you in response?

  15. Great site, Ives. My uncle coached Evan Bush in high school. I was disappointed to see him not getting much action in the combine games, but do you have any idea which teams might draft him and whereabouts in the draft?

  16. I will be elected god and ruler of the universe before MLS gets relegation. Why do people refuse to acknowledge the obvious here?

    What is so great about it anyway (as a QPR fan I have to say my experience with it has been crappy).

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