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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

ManUChelsea (AP)  

Liverpool may be in first place in the English Premier League, but today's clash between Manchester United and Chelsea (11am, Fox Soccer Channel) is the glamour showdown you wait all season to watch.

The two bitter rivals are doing battle today, with the winner moving that much closer to Liverpool, which stumbled in tying Stoke on Saturday.

The EPL clash of the titans isn't the only high-profile match-up of the day. David Beckham is set to make his Serie A debut for AC Milan in a highly-anticipated showdown vs. AS Roma (2:30pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

If you will be watching today's Man Utd-Chelsea match, or any of today's other matches on TV, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. RS wrote:

    “It seems what happened on that corner was that Rooney used the old “You come take it Giggs.” Then he tapped the ball a yard or so putting it into play. Giggs came over and then dribbled in and crossed it.

    This is just my guess by the look of the replay. If the ref doesn’t see the initial tap into play then it wont work.”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Yeah, that’s what it appeared like to me as well. Camera never caught Rooney’s touch, but you saw that he was walking away from the ball when Giggs went up to it and did his thing. Also, Giggs didn’t cross it from that spot but dribbled the ball towards the box for a few steps before he crossed it. I’ve seen a number of teams try this trick over the years but never saw the refs catch what the team was trying to do. I’ve never seen it work. Thing is, when I’ve seen the ref call against it they always called it as if it was a foul and possession would go to the other team (Giggs dribbled the ball, so can’t say he just kicked it from the wrong spot). Never saw a team try that and then get another shot at the corner.

  2. unbelieveable, the atlas/pachuca game went into something like 15 rounds of penalties, with Miguel Calero SAVING 5 PENALTIES and scoring another. one of the penalties he saved was in do or die fashion.

    pachuca are headed to libertadores thanks to this guy. Chivas USA should sign Calero, he would probably challenge for the leagues best keeper. The guy’s amazing.

    btw Jose Torres converted his penalty.

  3. is anyone else watching this Pachuca v Atlas final game right now?

    torres is playing mediocre, but at least he’s playing.

    with 5 minutes left atlas scores and INSANE goal. the assist was a hopeful 60yd boot from half field all the way on the wing, the Atlas forward heads it from the top of the box, PERFECT ARCH over Calero and in the net. Best goal ive seen all day, even topping Messi’s game winning third for Barca

    game’s on course for penalties

  4. That was a great game! Osasuna was on fire in the second half, but then a brave Xavi goal (off the Alves feed) and a ridiculous shot from Messi finished it. Pheww!! I’m still catching my breath.

  5. Goal Barca 80th!

    Goal Barca 84th!

    Now 3-2 Barca, what a game! That Messi strike totally makes up for the stream freezing for what sounded like a great Xavi goal.

  6. Heating up in Spain, Osa and Barca trade dangerous chances before a flying tackle sends Iniesta flying and sparks a bunch of pushing and shoving. Valdez runs up to midfield to earn a yellow. 70th

  7. Goal Osa!

    Barca never really got on track coming out of half time, and Osasuna get a moderately lucky header off a corner to tie it in the 63rd

  8. 45th minute, Barca get the ball to Eto’o (instead of Henry who’s been firing wide left all day) and he slots it home in traffic.

  9. Why the sudden start for Beckham? Just yesterday the coach stated Beckahm would be on the bench and he wanted to ease him into the lineup because of his time off. Just curious as to why he would be starting this early into the season.

  10. Wow, count me as surprised that Beckham got the start.

    Barca doing their thing against Osasuna but haven’t broken through yet, 0-0 28th in a foggy game where Barca’s horrid florescent uni’s actually make sense.

  11. Actually they have 2 games in hand, and if they won both at the moment they’d be 1 point ahead of Liverpool. It’s gonna be a run off between Liverpool/Man U with Chelsea at the heels. AV and Arsenal will fight for 4th which i feel AV will easily win. And Hull, Wigan, Everton fighting for 5th and 6th,7th. I feel Fulham will claim 8th spot.

  12. Wow, Chelsea’s body language didn’t look good all game. They didn’t look they fought as hard as I have seen them in the past. Wonder if the players are not believers in the system of play or Scolari?

  13. Is anyone else having trouble on FSC?

    The channel has been down for two hours. I’ve missed the entire game.

    The rest of my cable system is fine, just FSC is out.

  14. hey anyone else hate ronaldo, his same move he does were he chops the ball doesn’t seem to be working very well, maybe he should stop screwing around and play some football.

  15. It seems what happened on that corner was that Rooney used the old “You come take it Giggs.” Then he tapped the ball a yard or so putting it into play. Giggs came over and then dribbled in and crossed it.

    This is just my guess by the look of the replay. If the ref doesn’t see the initial tap into play then it wont work.

  16. Chelsea have looked somewhat dangerous on the counter but have tried to be a bit to clever on the middle (too much one-touch passing). United haven’t looked great, but the last 10 mins of the half they were more incisive. Berbatov missed a glorious chance and Terry made a great block on a shot from Park. United could’ve had a penalty but Cole was probably just outside the box when he handled a Ronaldo cross. Overall a decent game that really came to life towards the end of the half.

  17. Great ending to 1st half. Chelsea looked slightly stronger but Man U. scored on the set piece. Lots of great match-ups, emotion and fun. Can’t wait for the 2nd half.

  18. Goal Man United!

    Deep into stoppage time, and Vidic heads one home off a corner. They had scored on the previous corner, but it was correctly waved off because the kick was played from outside the corner area.

    1-0 at the half.


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