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TFC to introduce DeRosario on Thursday

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Toronto FC will introduce Canadian national team star Dwayne DeRosario as its newest player on Thursday afternoon in Toronto, signaling the long-awaited return of the local standout and putting an end to speculation that DeRosario might not come home after all.

DeRosario has agreed to a new long-term contract that should keep the Scarborough native with Toronto FC for the rest of his career, sources told SBI on Monday. He will not take up the club's Designated Player slot but is expected to earn the highest possible non-DP salary, between $350,000 and $400,000 a year.

Acquired via trade from Houston last month, DeRosario joins a stacked TFC midfield that includes former MLS MVP Amado Guevara, Welsh international Carl Robinson and recent No. 2 overall draft pick Sam Cronin.

The DeRosario signing is one of a handful of moves Toronto is expected to make in the coming months. TFC is looking to add a striker and a central defender before the start of the season. Argentine striker Pablo Vitti has been reported as one of the team's targets.

The club is coming off an impressive haul at the 2009 MLS Draft. The club selected Cronin, striker O'Brien White and standout goalkeeper Stefan Frei.

Now that he has signed, what do you think about DeRosario joining TFC? Do you see Toronto making the playoffs for the first time in club history? Think Toronto has the best midfield in MLS? Still think Toronto has a lot of work to do?

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  1. DeRo has passed his chance to go to Europe several years ago, hes got 5 or so kids (baby machine). The reason it took so long was discussing salary.

  2. DeRo deserves DP status. I think his nationality has hurt him in that regard. He’s been consistently the best player in the MLS for years.

  3. “Think Toronto has the best midfield in MLS?”

    No. In fact, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. I’d take the midfields of Columbus, Chicago, and Houston without batting an eye over TFC’s, and would probably take DC and New England after some consideration. Dallas and RSL aren’t far off, either.

    TFC is strong in the center of midfield, but their wide players just don’t impress me and there’s no depth there either. Neither Ricketts nor Smith would start for MLS’s better teams. Guevara only did well in short bursts last year, and DeRosario was pretty average throughout 2008. Robinson is good, and Cronin is going to be a very good option to have off the bench. If MLS midfields were economic classes, TFC’s would be upper-middle. Good, but not great (and without more signings, not good enough to make up for the weaknesses in every other section of the team).

  4. Good luck to Toronto, I’m happy for you guys.

    Although, I can’t wait to see Guevara throw a tantrum on the field when he doesn’t get to take all the free kicks and touch the ball enough. Comedy to ensue.

  5. Frei wont be traded Scott, he is a GA while Edwards is not, dont be surprised if Edwards is shipped out of town instead
    3 goalies? I think not…. I am hoping a CB can come outta this situation.

  6. It be amazing if TSN, Sports Net, CBC or The Score would do a live broadcast of the event. Instead of watching it on TFC TV it be great publicity and all to have this huge event on TV. Lets bring it home DERO!

  7. “I wanted DeRo to be on Toronto the second the team was created. I know the league doesn’t work that way unless you are David Beckham or Freddy Adu”

    or, more relevant for Toronto, MLS’s first signing Brian McBride.

  8. This is OT, Ives have you heard anything on RSL signing some forwards? With Espindola and Deuchar gone and now with Findley on trial in Denmark all we have left is Old man Mathis and Yura.

  9. No problem Bio and yea, i know. It doesn’t mean its definite but these guys are pretty right on when ever they have something to report…J, I think its either Goal TV or Fox Soccer Channel, probably the latter, but its definitely being televised.

  10. They must be breathing a sigh of relief in Toronto that DeRo didn’t decide to head to Europe for more money as was rumored.

    If Toronto can land their Argentine forward, and find a CB somewhere (in a trade for Frei?), with that midfield they’re going to be a major force in MLS this year.

  11. Frick, ya it’s a press conference.
    January 20, 2009

    Attention: News/Sports/Assignment/Photo Editors

    WHAT: Introduction of Toronto FC Midfielder Dwayne De Rosario

    WHO: Toronto FC midfielder Dwayne De Rosario

    Toronto FC Director of Soccer Mo Johnston

    Toronto FC Head Coach John Carver

    MLSE Executive VP and COO Tom Anselmi

    Interview and photo opportunities available

    WHERE: Rogers Media Centre

    Air Canada Centre – Events Level

    40 Bay Street


    Media are asked to enter through Gate 2

    WHEN: Thursday January 22, 2009

    3:00 p.m. ET


    Media Contacts:

    Michelle Lissel, Media & P.R. Toronto FC (416) 815-5400 ext. 5399

    Rajani Kamath, Corporate Communications (416) 815-5790

  12. whoa… didn’t know that about johann smith… really, any sort of decent/responsible cap increase is neded so these young kids can get decent salaries is needed. it’s really a bummer to see them look (rightly) look abroad for a solid paycheck.

  13. Smith has refuted the claims of trials in Croatia Eugene and has been visiting his parents in Connecticut.

    Please feel free to delete one of the two posts i put up there Ives, thought one of em didnt post for whatever reason.

  14. I think Toronto makes the playoffs this year. I also agree that BMO Field needs to be expanded pronto.

    Johann Smith is looking at teams in Croatia, apparently he is unhappy with his $36k salary. It would be a shame for MLS to lose this young and up-and-coming player.

  15. White isn’t Canadian-born Ives, he is a resident and counts as a domestic for TFC.

    Good news on De-Ro, though I second the call for a pair of new centre backs.

  16. Dunno about alot of work to do.
    We defo need a leader type CB or two in the back and i do think that signing Pablo Vitti is a great look with alot of upsides. Looking forward to our preseason!
    PS Kpugs we all wanted him home, it only made sense

  17. HAHA gotta agree with Mike.
    Some preseason training, a solid leader type CB and Vitti and i think we will have a great start to the season. Pretty psyched for this (and i hope Vitti works out obviously).

    Congrats on the new Pres US bretheren!

  18. I wanted DeRo to be on Toronto the second the team was created. I know the league doesn’t work that way unless you are David Beckham or Freddy Adu. But I’m happy for him and the fans that he is playing for his hometown team. Even more so because Canada is yuuuuuge and he really is from that area.

  19. A LOT of work to do.

    Once CB may be fine, but I would really prefer two.

    Danny D is a year older and White won’t be starting at least for the first few games, so just one striker is also barely likely to get it done.

    The Gold Cup is this summer, so we will once again be losing a ton of players to international duty (and some of our guys actually play on teams still in world cup contention as well).

    The team is better now than it was this time last year, and if we could iron out roster moves BEFORE the season for the first time in franchise history that would be great too – but there need to be a few moves.

    Anybody want Tyrone Marshall and/or Marco Velez? I would drop them off at the airport if you were willing to take their salaries off the books…


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