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The end of The Special One


Say it ain't so Joe-Say.

I'm On Setanta Sports aired its final episode on Saturday, ending a great run of comedy that may never be repeated. Now, that's assuming this isn't just a ploy. Can it really be the end? I refuse to believe it.

If it is the end, then here is the final episode of perhaps the funniest soccer skit ever, enjoy it:



  1. Very funny,…but Ives,…the funniest soccer skit ever is the Monty Python German Philosophers v. Greek Philosophers international soccer match.

  2. this program WILL be back! setanta has gotten SO much publicity from the genius idea… it will either be on another channel or be back with vengeance on S soon.

    or maybe jose filed a lawsuit/!?1/? ha

  3. Setanta has a new show on its listings called “Special 1 TV.” The rumor is this will star Jose, Sven and Wayne.

    8:50 p.m. Sunday and 8:45 p.m. Jan. 18

  4. This sucks so much. I just found out about this show three weeks ago, and I watched all the episodes in one night to get caught up. Now they go and do this! I think it’s my fault… I really do. 🙁


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