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The Special One is back


If you were in Special One withdrawal after the end of I'm on Setanta Sports, there is good news. The new variation of IOSS has arrived. Special 1 TV made its debut today on Setanta and it is just as funny as the original IOSS.


Some of the favorites:

  • "Have you tried Newcastle? I'm not that desperate."

  • "You've imploded all over yourself."

  • "Boys got da Bends."

  • "Aye, well goats don't get altitude sickness."

  • "Awright Barackhhh."

What did you think of the first episode? What was your favorite line? Share your thoughts on the debut of Special1 TV in the comments section.


  1. Can someone explain to me how this is considered funny? I’m being serious… I didn’t see or hear anything in this that made me chuckle, let alone laugh.

  2. Guess whom I thought this thread/post was about?!!! HAHAHA!…The “Special One”…ummmmmmm could it be…me, just kidding….kepp up the great on the edge of your stadium seat reporting Ives, as only you can do!…and no I am not buttering you up, LOL!

  3. Jacob, Sven was griping about the switch from IOSS to SPECIAL1TV being “a cheap marketing ploy.” Nothing about Sweden.

    But I’m also looking forward to Sven catching some flack if Mexico lose on the 11th. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t count on it, but if the writers are in tune with their online viewing demographic, there’s a chance. Send e-mails if we win!

  4. “It’ll be great once it’s finished” and Sven’s crush on Beckham got me.

    Man, if they don’t do something about Sven around the 11th, I’ll be crushed. Could anyone understand what he was muttering at the beginning? Surely it had to be about losing to Sweden or something.

  5. I’m going to be honest, I don’t get the obsession here. If there aren’t at least 3 fart jokes, it’s lost on me. Sorry, guys.

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