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USA-Mexico Countdown: Marquez latest to be injured

Rafael Marquez (AP)

Just three days after seeing Andres Guardado go down with an injury that will keep him out of Mexico's World Cup qualifier against the United States on Feb. 11, 'El Tri' are faced with another potential major absence from its already depleted squad.

Barcelona defender and Mexican national team captain Rafael Marquez is set to miss two weeks after suffering an injury during Barcelona's Copa Del Rey clash on Wednesday. The time frame doesn't look like it would impact Marquez's participation in the big World Cup qualifying clash, but it just might.

The reason? Barcelona is set to face Lyon in Champions League qualifying less than two weeks after USA-Mexico and Barca could choose to not to release Marquez for the World Cup qualifier for medical reasons.

What do you think of this latest development? Are you almost starting to get worried that all these injuries and suspensions will help Sven-Goran Erikkson rally his team into "Nobody is giving us a chance" mode? Think there is no way Barcelona will be able to keep Marquez from playing in this match?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. With so many stars missing, the quality may slip down but the effort should increase. And how much quality will there be in Columbus in February?

  2. Christian,

    SO what you’re saying in all that is there is currently 1-2 players regularly playing for the USMNT that was born outside of the U.S.? Times have changed for the U.S….but Mexico’s still stealing Argies any chance they can (and a Texan at the mo).

  3. the difference is most of the US player you nsmed grew up in mexico.regis wasnt the best defender as well…

    Im not really for or against it,It just gets me mad that someone switches the nationality out of nowhere because they cant make there countries squad.

  4. Barca will release him, no question, if he can walk. While I am sure they would like to have him back for Lyon, let’s remember that this is Barca we’re talking about, I can’t believe they are all that scared of Lyon right now. They have the easiest draw of the top seeds in the knockouts, and they know it.

    assume he plays.

  5. First of all, Mexico always has an excuse for losing. They are the biggest poor sports I have ever seen. When they are about to lose or have just lost they always react like jerks, then the excuses come out the next day.

    Their urine throwing fans aren’t great either. God I love beating them!

    P.S. Marquez deserves the injury for what he did to Cobi Jones

  6. Sean Monaghan: I don’t need to remind you about Adu, Mastroeni, Thorrington, Preki, Holden, Feilhaber, Llamosa, Regis, Stewart, Dooley, Vasquez, and many, many others, Do I?

    I didn’t think so.

    Martha: You made a comment about how you “hoped Guardado would be injured permanently” before and I said nothing and now you claim the only reason Marquez is at Barca was because he sells jerseys? What is this? the LA Galaxy? Your ignorance and stupidity is out of control. Get a life you bitter salvie.

  7. No matter who is hurt, this will be a great match. The USNT and MNT cannot take each other lightly no matter what the situation! I don’t think there will be a killing from either side.

    Sean Monaghan, Vuoso is a Mexican Citizen no matter how you put it. Last I checked Freddy Adu, Martin Vasquez and many others that have played for the USNT were not born in the US. Let’s not make excuses or frown upon NTs using any rule to their advantage and concentrate on this great match coming up!

  8. Mexico has good depth with players trying to prove they belong on the starting team like Edgar Castillo, Leobardo Lopez, and Aaron Galindo. This could be a dangerous situation for the US as Mexico now has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  9. It would be in our favor if Marquez plays.The only reason hes still at Barca is because Mexi fans buy lots of jerseys. He is slow and overated. He was scared and beaten often by Altidore last time.

  10. Like i said yesterday….. There are some Hungry mexican Players that want to show that they belong in the starting 11….. That Mexican team still scares me… it will be a great game….!!!!!!!!

    Lets Go USA……..!!!!!!!!!

  11. I don’t like the “nobody believed in us!” potential here…nor do I want any incentive for the us to let up. Mexico is always a serious challenge.

  12. You can add Matias Vuoso and Hector Moreno to the list of injured players.

    No Guardado, Moreno, Vuoso, Arellano, Vela, Torrado, Galindo, Magallon, Arce and possibly Marquez.

    I don’t know how I feel about this.

  13. this is weird because mexico usually would look at themselves at the favorite,I dont know what the mexican media will think now.

    Landon cant stop scoring jesus!

    any news on kleshhhh????I heard the tranfer will probably go down for about 4 million US =D

  14. It’ll be up to Bob to tell the guys to stay focused, and maintain the focus no matter who they put out there. He better remind them that Mexico will come out hungry with something to prove. I expect Lando and Boca to tell the guys how important this match is and to take it to the Mexicans. At least I hope so.

  15. 22 Jan 09; Mainz, Germany

    Donovan scores twice for Bayern.

    In yet another incredible atmosphere for a friendly, Bayern Munchen continued to show improvement during its fourth and final fruendschaft spiele(friendly) against FC Mainz, another top 2BL club vying for promotion to the 1BL by walking over Mainz 5-0.

    During the game, Landon Donovan once again showed his value to the club as he came in as a 60 minute substitute for Miro Klose, making an immediate impact by putting Bayern up 3-0 with a beautiful header from 10M in the 70th minute, a play he started. Donovan set up the fourth goal, then put the nail in the coffin in the 90th minute with a shot from 6M.

    Great game Landon-Keep up the Fire!

    If you are interested in tracking his matches this winter/spring, check out the following stream and catch all the Bayern matches.

  16. And Donovan just scored another two for Bayern today in a friendly. . . I think 2-0 is definitely in the cards, maybe more.

  17. I really hope he misses the match. I hate the Mexican National Team. I want a big win any way I can get it. Losing a CL caliber player is good for us.


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