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You Write the Caption: The Beckham-Arab Edition

Good morning folks. It has been a while since the last installment of You Write the Caption but it is time bring the contest back. We at SBI will be looking to keep it in the weekly rotation for those of you who think you are talented enough to provide some comedy on a regular basis.

This week's contest is brought to you by Objectivo Apparel, which will reward the winning caption writer with a t-shirt from it's collection.

This week's installment of YWTC features none other than David Beckham, who watched his AC Milan teammate Kaka turn down a monstrous transfer bid from Manchester City. We can all assume that Beckham would have turned down a similar offer, what with him being a lifelong Manchester United fan and all, but then again you can't help but wonder whether he might have considered the offer if Man City's Arab owners had come calling with their vast amounts of oil money.

With that in mind, here is this week's YWTC:

BeckhamYWTC (Reuters)   

'Hey Alexi, nice disguise but I still can't get you a job here at Milan."


"Why buy Kaka when you can have me and Victoria for half the price?"

Now it's your turn. Please submit your caption suggestions in the comments section below. Please remember to try and keep them reasonably short and tasteful enough for public consumption.

I will select the 10 best entries and put them up for a fan vote on which is the best. The writer of the winning caption will receive a prize of the t-shirt of their choice from the Objectivo Apparel line.

Now, fire away.


  1. Soon Beckham realized that the mystery man trying to lure him back to the Galaxy was indeed Cobi Jones on stilts.

  2. Man in Saudi headgear:
    “It’s a deal! Now as per our contract, kindly ask your wife to stop dressing like a crazed woman/robot-alien. As for you, no more man-junk ads.”

    “Come again?”

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