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AC Milan: Beckham saga could be resolved Friday

David Beckham 5 (AP) 

AC Milan hasn't given up on buying David Beckham from Major League Soccer, but it looks like the Italian club sees a resolution on the horizon.

Milan CEO Adriano Galliani stated on Tuesday that he believes a deal could be reached by Friday, this despite the sides still being a good distance apart in negotiations.

Reports out of Italy put Milan's initial offer at $6.3 million, while recent reports in the United States have placed Milan's initial offer at a paltry $3 million.

Beckham has traveled with Milan to Germany for the club's upcoming UEFA Cup match against Werder Bremen. Beckham has recovered from the hamstring injury suffered in Sunday's 2-1 loss to Inter Milan and is expected to play on Wednesday.

Here is my question. Are there any LA Galaxy fans out there putting off season-ticket orders because of this transfer fiasco?

Do you see a resolution to this mess by Friday, or will we simply see another "deadline" come and go? Who's opening offer figure do you believe? The one coming out of Europe or the relatively tiny figure being quoted on this side of the pond? Think Beckham will pay his own way out of LA?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. All the crap is coming from Milan and the Euro press. These are the idiots who think that the Galaxy are going to give up on their deadline that came last Friday.

    They think that Deadline stuff was a tactic. I think their crap that they type is more of a tactic than what MLS has done.

  2. I agree with some of you guys, It really pisses me off to see any other team (doesn’t matter who, what, where, when) tries to insult MLS. I’m a devoted, die hard LA Galaxy supporter and I am an MLS supporter and MLS needs to show that they won’t be bullied or thought of as a league with no backbone…As for Galaxy, personally will always be MY colors, My club and I will put money on whether beckham stays or goes, it will not matter to the success of the club and the strong support it continues to have every year that passes. Yes, the Galaxy might not be making as much as it would make having Beckham as a poster boy but the Galaxy is not about having TomKat, Posh and Co. in a press box at the HDC, it’s about the LA Galaxy and what’s best for the Organization and the supporters. They should let beckham, not for any bids placed by ACM but for the price the LAG set or higher…I know that the more this drags on it just makes MLS look terrible but standing strong to the $$$ aspect and taking no less will show ACM that mls won’t be kicked around. Getting rid of a player that did nothing but hurt the leagues image and didn’t play as well as he played the LA Galaxy and Supporters is very important too. SO OFF WITH BECKHAM! WE DON’T NEED HIM NOR DO WE WANT HIM IN LA!

  3. They shouldn’t sell him now.

    AC Milan will be there in the summer, and it is likely you’ll see names like Manchester City and Tottenham in for him as well. David has proved he can still play at an acceptable level, so court bids from multiple clubs and run that price up.

  4. I agree with kpugs!

    If someone is waiting to buy tickets based on Beckham they are not a Galaxy fan! I don’t want them in the stands! I’ve got my tickets, and I’ll be there booing Beckham the minute he takes the field.

    Sure things are tough right now, but that is when you captain is supposed to rally the guys, not run off to Italy!

    Basically, Goldenballs has none!!!!

  5. Jay – Just had a chance to check posts again and noted that you say “so its not ALL Milan” and I am guessing that you are referring to my post.

    Well, yes Jay, if you look at Ives’ article, it is ALL Milan. Not a single quote attributed to anyone connected with the LAG.

    If you wish to bring in other outside articles/sources/etc., then your argument goes out the window.

    I thought that Ron could have been a bit more diplomatic with his post, but now you have me leaning more to his side.

    Sorry that fifth grade has been so hard on you. Maybe your dad can buy you an Kaka Jersey or something.

  6. The only reason I have yet to purchase my season tickets is because I don’t have the $400 plus parking fees and whatever else AEG has tacked on to season tickets this year. Actually, I think they raised prices since last year. They raised prices when we haven’t been to the playoffs in 3 years. And we are going to lose both our stars.

  7. Last year, my buddy and I were able to shill our NYRB vs LAG season tix seats for 4 times face. We then purchased (at group rates) seats 10 rows behind, 8 seats for the same price. The 250 lb girls wearing Men’s XXL Beckham jerseys who bought our seats were hilarious.

    Now, if golden balls is going to be the goat of the league, I bet I get 6-8x face for a Giants/Jets fan to shout obscenities at him from 4 rows back.

    If he goes to AC, good riddance.

    Either way, I win.

  8. Anyone putting off season ticket orders from this is not a supporter and should never be thought as one.

    Having said that I hope L.A. stick by their guns. I have no love whatsoever for the Galaxy, but I’d love to see MLS stand up to the musle-bound Milan’s pushing and shoving. I don’t like seeing my league, or a team in my league, treated like garbage. Or being treated as “lesser than,” even if it’s true. Milan have not showed any respect to this league. For that, I want them to suffer.

  9. @Frank: yeah, I just read the sportbild article (a bit tabloidishly written) that paints Donovan as a price they don’t want to pay, and LD as more of “Klinsmann’s Choice” and not so much theirs. He does reiterate that the next few games will let them know if he is the one who can take them farther.

    I think it is a money game for them. Bayern is the richest Bundesliga team, but they are not known–generally–for splashing large amounts of cash like Real.

    Donovan would have to be instantly Maradona like for Rummenigge to fork over cash the Galaxy want. however, I don’t think that they could say in any fashion that LD has been a disappointment. Think about it: they have invested heavily in Toni and Klose, etc, and NEED them to succeed. (Klose is, right now). Donovan is still a loan player.

    Be interesting how this plays out. Either way, my respect for Landon has grown.

  10. MLS is saying this on their website:

    “CARSON, Calif. — Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham, the subject of rampant speculation for weeks to be joining AC Milan as part of a permanent transfer, will not be staying with the Serie A club after all.”

    Milan is saying negotiations are not done.

    I think MLS has decided to move on and Milan is playing to the press.

  11. Unless Garber really has drawn the line and is NOT discussing, this whole enterprise is a fluid situation. It is not really a “right” or “wrong” if Beckham stays or goes. But staying or going is a matter of “better” or “worse” depending on the deal and circumstances.

    We can definitely see a benefit if Beckham goes, for instance: cash–if enough, will help LA and MLS. If he stays, if he maintains a professional work habit, and if Arena does what Arena can (06 notwithstanding) LA should produce a good team, make the playoffs, and make money off of Becks.

    There is NOT a silver bullet here. Many of the posts here are reacting subjectively, rather than objectively. And some of those are based on really paltry knowledge of the machinations of this whole deal.

    Personally, if we get 16-20 mill, I say “sayonara.” If it is 3-8 mill, I say, “make him stay.” In between, it is a crap shoot.

  12. LOL – I love the suggestion of having him come back and have him sit on the bench. that would never happen but would be very funny. (oh you aren’t being called up for England? So sorry…) I’m riding out a contract that I signed not allowing me to work in my field (unless I move to another state). I’m taking a financil hit because of it but it was my choice to sign that contract. It is my former employer’s decision to hold me to it so they have to pay me a percentage of my salary to not go work for a competitor. Benching him would be somewhat similar.

    I was a big fan of his and thought it was pretty cool he made the decision to come to the MLS. The Galaxy were extremely exciting to watch the beginning of last season. But now, as someone else said, the more I think about this the more I dislike him. I would definitely join in the booing.

  13. Chase-

    Thanks for the grammar correction. I missed my last “Hooked on Phonics” lesson trying to catch up on soccer games this past weekend! I figure I’ll stop making mistakes like that once I get to 6th grade…

  14. Can we please stop with the “swapping” of AC Milan’s players as part of the trade. Not sure if you guys are aware but the players are not AC Milan’s slaves and they can’t be forced to be shipped by ACM to LAG against their will. Now if any of ACM’s players wants to come over and play for the Galaxy that is fine but I doubt any of them will.

  15. Ron-

    I’m in 5th grade this year, not 4th chump!! … sorry if my post hurt ur feelings…

    Btw, Bruce Arena was just quoted as saying that he def expects Donovan back, and while he thinks Beckham was coming back, there could be more talks with Milan and Beckham’s “team” this week. I’m pretty sure Arena coaches the Galaxy, and hence, works for MLS… so it’s not ALL Milan.

    Any talks after their supposed “deadline” would fall under my category of “letting it drag on”. I’m sick of all the articles and attention this is being given. It’s my opinion… I will certainly not disrespect yours.

    MLS is def a business and I support what’s best for our domestic league, and in MY OPINION, what’s “best” is taking the money, letting him go, and moving on.

  16. Milan is the one that is still pushing the transfer. MLS cannot let Beckham go for less than $10 mil.

    In a way, I wish MLS would hold their ground and not let him go at all.

  17. Beckham is coming back. Believe that the MLS/Galaxy will keep their word. See for the first time ever, the Galaxy have a backbone. His name is Bruce Arena.

  18. Although what Beckham said once he got to Italy is incredibly insulting to the league and its fans, and it would be fun to make him play his last season to the chorus of boos, MLS should sell him for as much as they can. They can use the $$ to get better players, as well as to bring back the reserve division, raise existing players’ salaries, etc.

    Once the get this transfer $$, I hope that the league will focus on the quality of the football player, not on the amount of publicity the player generates. More players in the mold of Angel and Schellotto would be great. Beckham’s arrival put the Galaxy on the world map, but not in a good way.

  19. AC Milan is so cocky that they cant believe a much smaller club like the LAG told them to f’k off.

    ACM is going through D-nile right now after they were dissed.




    thats a very strong starting line up the LAG have if their players stay

  20. Maybe we should call fabio and tell him to tell becks he’s not in the 2010 picture… or maybe we can call david bentley and tell him to start playing better!!! jk I am excited for this season its crazy if he does come back I can’t wait for all the signs and people booing him, if he dosen’t come back I can’t wait to see how the team does and all the youngsters play.

  21. @Kevin:

    I didn’t say Jay’s comments abused anyone. I took issue with his point about MLS somehow being at fault for AC Milan’s overtures. That is fair game.

    So to, is taking him to task for posting “first”. You call it a “joke”. I call it “stupidity”. Get over it.

  22. I’ve said it before: it’s almost impossible to believe anything we hear. The Galaxy/MLS spin it one way, Milan spins it the other. Until the reports are that a deal is done, and we see a press release from the Galaxy that indicates as much, there’s really no way to tell who is telling the truth (or which reports to believe).

  23. has any of the discussion between mls and ac milan included revenue from jersey sales? sure, beckham can fetch a handsome transfer fee but t think his real worth his ability to sell jerseys. so if mls and ac milan agree to let beckham stay in italy, then there should be an agreement that a percentage of jersey sales that go to mls for at least a few years (in addition to the transfer fee).

    although i agree with mls setting a deadline, i feel mls should negotiate a deal with ac milan because 1) beckham does not want to return to the u.s., and 2) if he returns, he can leave next november without any transfer fee–why keep a player who doesn’t want to stay and can leave 9 months from now without any strings attached? yes, it is good to save face but i think it is better to come out ahead.

  24. Get as much cash as we can and let him go. We don’t need players who think only about themselves. MLS is bigger than Beckham and we shouldn’t make special rules for him or Milan.

  25. Also, the timing of the cash flow could be an issue as well. I can’t imagine MLS being to happy if Milan pays the fee over a five-year period.

  26. I heard Milan has offered 10 million Euro (revised bid). I assume the different numbers we here are due to cash vs. friendlies and other compensation. Unrelated, Donovan is unlikely to stay in Munich. Rummenigge has stated that his price tag (8 million Euros) is too high and he would rather go with talented younger players. They just signed a couple of players from their reserve team.

  27. Wow, Ron… did you have your coffee yet? No need to bitch out at Jay like that. His comments were not abusing anyone, and a lighthearted joke (first!) does not call for immature users calling him immature.

    To the main topic: I think that should Milan come up with an acceptable offer ($12 mil?), then MLS should take it. We’ve already endured enough crap with this, and Beckham hasn’t really done very much here anyway except get hurt and improve attendance for his own team. Obviously, he thrives better in Europe, with its style and atmosphere, and maybe even pressure. He is clearly not happy here, so I think if Milan offers good money, MLS needs to let him go.

  28. I think that if the transfer still goes through, the credibility of the league will be questioned even more than it currently is. When they set the initial deadline and the transfer didn’t materialize that should have been that. Doesn’t DB understand that the team he so desperately wants to play for isn’t nearly as interested in having him as the club that is already paying his salary.

  29. I purchased my season tickets for the Galaxy not for Beckham. The MLS deadline has passed. Beckham doesn’t want to play for the Galaxy. I hope Bruce sits him on the bench for the season, and let’s a little bit of reality hit Beckham, that you are not bigger then the club (even though MLS made it so). I think that would make MLS look good towards it’s hard-core, but I’m sure it won’t happen.

  30. I really hope the sides are not still talking — otherwise Garber will come out of this looking like a child.

    Who’s calling the shots here?

    I have to say that with every passing day, and every comment, I like Beckham and AC Milan less and less.

  31. I noted last week that the Friday deadline was too soon to work things out. However, a deadline IS needed so that LAG can find new players before the season starts if the deal goes through. I hope they can work with ACM to get Beckham over there and some $$ here. Then Bruce can go find some talent and hopefully make LAG more competitive this year. BTW I am a Fire fan.

  32. Hey Jay – If you read the Ives’ post carefully, you will see that all of the comments are coming FROM Milan. Nothing on there suggests that Liewicke, the Galaxy or Garber are saying anything.

    From their point of view, this is all dead and done. At least publicly.

    Before we jump to conclusions, let’s see how this plays out.

  33. I’m a huge Galaxy fan, but I will gladly boo him if he plays in 2009. I absolutely despise how he, as the captain of the club, managed his role in this entire situation.

    I’m not a season-ticket holder, but the team comes first, so the sooner the later this situation is resolved, the better. I think another deadline will come and go because I doubt Milan will pay more than $5 million (US). Milan might be arrogant in believing in thinking that MLS will just bend over, but if they’ve playing hard ball all this time, then MLS should continue doing the same. Milk everything they can from Becks in 2009 then let the bastard leave.

    I honestly believe the $3 million offer more than I believe the $6.7 million offer. Becks could try and buy out his contract, but that would be a huge hit to his PR rating.

  34. @Jay: in what sense is MLS “let this drag on”? MLS said the deadline was Friday, the deadline passed, and MLS says “It’s over.” Its AC Milan that keeps saying its not over. But I have heard nothing from MLS to indicate that MLS is still “letting this drag on”.

    And even if they are, who cares? MLS is a business. Part of that business uis buying and selling players. So MLS looks bad in your eyes for pursuing their business?

    Oh, and save the childish “First” stupidity for your 4th grade class.

  35. The MLS looks worst and worst each day they let this drag on. If you’re still negotiating then don’t come out and make a public statement that you set a “deadline”!! Let’s get on with it already… he served his purpose so get whatever you can and be done with it…


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