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Libertadores champions to play in All-Stars for Hope Charity Match

LDUQuito (AP)

A day after the word came out that the New York Red Bulls would not take part in the All-Stars for Hope Charity Soccer Match at Giants Stadium on June 14th, now comes word that the event's organizers have lined up a new club to take part.

Copa Libertadores champions and recent FIFA Club World Cup runners-up LDU Quito are set to take part in the event, which is set to include such world stars as Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard. Sources have told SBI that a deal is being finalized to bring in the Ecuadorian club to replace the Red Bulls, which never reached an agreement with organizers to participate.

For more information about the match, go to the All-Stars for Hope website.

What do you think about Liga de Quito playing at Giants Stadium? Think it is a good opponent? Can you see the area's large Ecuadorian community coming out in force? Will you be attending this match?

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  1. How reliable is your source Ives? Mine said that the organizers are currently discussing with several South American teams…

    Way to go NYRB! Already having a hard time reaching out to soccer fans in the NY area, yet failing to be part of this game!!

  2. Maybe all those who feel compelled to express your lack of interest can organize a boycott. That’s really teach those underprivlaged kids a lesson.

  3. I guess my question is: Why would the Red Bulls be playing in this game to begin with?

    The nature of putting a European All-Star team against anybody other than another All-Star team is kind of silly to begin with. The Red Bulls, like most teams, would basically be going out there to lose 9-0.

  4. If it can’t be RBNY, this would actually be my next choice. It should be an entertaining game. LDU Quito is an extremely talented team.

    Congrats Eugene! Maybe this can be the first game your little one gets to see.

  5. The name might not be “sexy” to some but this is a damn good club who play some attractive football. I saw the Libertadores semis and final on TV and was thoroughly impressed. Claudio Bieler, Edder Vacca, Patricio Urutia, and a coupe of young kids are very good and exciting. I know it’s a charity match and it will be taken half-heartedly but LDU Quito is a pretty fun team to watch based on the two games I saw in the Libertadores.

  6. This is a good opponent. I don’t know if I will attend the match yet. I wish the organizers had granted permission for Red Bulls Members to receive match tickets as part of their season package.


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