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An end in sight for the Beckham transfer saga? (or not)

David Beckham 7 (Reuters) 

Could it really be close to ending? Could the David Beckham to Milan soap opera be coming to a close?

Try to contain your excitement.

AC Milan officials implied today that they are moving closer to completing a deal for Beckham. That could mean anything from a transfer is nearly agreed to AEG president Tim Leiweke is finally off the ski slope or beach he was vacationing at this week.

According to Leiweke, the fresh reports don't mean anything and there has been NO progress in talks with Milan.

Yes, feel free to vomit.

Whatever is really going on, here's hoping the situation will REALLY be resolved soon. In fact, this will be the last Beckham transfer post on SBI until a transfer is officially announced. I promise.

What do you think will ultimately make the deal happen? Will Milan pay more money? Will the Galaxy actually convince a Milan player to come as part of swap (Shevchenko anybody)? Will AEG make Beckham buy all of the unsold Beckham jerseys left in the warehouse?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Beckham is still a very marketable player no matter what he does on the pitch, so the galaxy are right to ask for more money, however, I still think the Galaxy should let him go, he obviously doesn’t want to play for them, so what’s the point of bringing him back if you know he’s gonna be unhappy?

  2. I firmly believe that Beckham wants to go to Serie A because catenaccio will lower expectations of him. With such a defensive-minded style of play in Italy, Beckham can justify his decreased productivity. In MLS, with a more attack-minded style of play, Beckham was too much in the limelight on the field.

  3. F* AC Milan. Those guys are so annoying. They can enjoy their fantasy negotiations and transfer, because until they (or he) pay up, he’s staying.


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