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Beasley avoids injury, but tackle raises questions for USMNT

DaMarcus Beasley (Reuters) 

If you happened to catch a replay of the horrific tackle on DaMarcus Beasley that resulted in a red card and Beasley's quick exit from Rangers' Scottish Cup win on Wednesdy, you probably spit up your Cheerios for fear that the U.S. national team's best left wing option would miss serious time.

While Beasley avoided serious injury, the incident still makes you wonder just what U.S. coach Bob Bradley would do if he didn't have Beasley around, something that would definitely be worrisome considering the next two World Cup qualifiers are just six weeks away, and considering there's no clear-cut back-up for Beasley.

So here is the question for you. If you were Bradley, and Beasley weren't available for the El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago qualifiers in March/April, who would you play on the left flank? Would you throw Robbie Rogers into the fire? Would you call up Eddie Lewis and hope the veteran can deliver some solid performances? Would you consider starting Jose Francisco Torres even though he's more a left-footed central midfielder than natural winger? Would you consider putting Landon Donovan on the left flank?

What would you do? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Replacements for Beasley, in order if tomorrow was WC:
    Eddie Lewis- the tried and true
    Jose Francisco Torres- left wing is the only position he has played for USMNT and he looked good doing it
    Sacha Klejstan- not ideal, but this is our 4th man deep
    Bobby Convey- even injured would be better than adu
    Adu- he can cross and run at defenders when he is inspired (like an artist or a procrastinating scholar)

  2. This is a pretty easy call for Bradley.

    Clint Dempsey to the left wing, Donovan to right wing and Altidore up the gut.

    Alternatively, run a midfield like this:


    Put Donovan just in front of this set up to run the middle.

    Put Hejduk/Wynne at right back and let them run all day, just like Bob Bradley usually does.

  3. Trot out some kids…….It’s not Mexico.


    Bring on Kenny Cooper at halftime for Donovan if we are up.

  4. Beasley needs to get the heck out of the SPL. The guy is a stick, and it’s a minor miracle he hasn’t been more seriously injured during his time at Rangers. The Scots are freaking madmen who play at 100mph and probably would have little qualms about breaking a Yank’s leg. I say this as a man with Scottish heritage who has played plenty of soccer with folks from there.

  5. Rogers stepped up big time for the Columbus Crew. I have no doubt he can do the same for the MNT when called on.

  6. How do we know jemal johnson wants to be play for the US. He has lived in England most of his live. Im sure he would want to play international football, but he may not identify as himself as american at all.

  7. oh no! Who’s gonna play LAM now? If we move Dempsey to LAM, who plays RAM? Donovan I guess would be a RAM, but now who’s CAM? Adu? I bet he can CAM it up pretty well.

  8. It’s time to give Jemal Johnson a try. If we have to keep the same formation– wing-style outside mids– then put Dempsey on the left and try out Johnson on the right. His physical attributes would fit into Bob’s mold, and unless someone’s been playing with the video footage, he’s a very good soccer player. Maybe a qualifier isn’t the right time for such an experiment. But it’s just El Salvador.

  9. Torres and Holden would be in for Sacha and Beas with the Gringo on the left

    Beasley needs to leave Rangers and Scotland, not today but yesterday.

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