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Beckham’s lawyers start work on Milan move


  1. $20 million is absolutely the right nubmer to ask for (I’d ask for $30M and let it work it’s way down to $20M.) The ancillary revenues he brings in alone are worth that price.

    I don’t see Milan paying that though because they aren’t in the greatest shape financially (thus why they keep getting old geezers and not top young talent, Pato not withstanding)

    My guess is Milan will pay a bigger cut of his salary and make one of those stupid ‘partner club’ deals with LA and he will remain with Milan on loan for the rest of the season and return just in time for David Beckham’s MLS Summer Circus.

  2. if corey’s plan were to happen, MLS/Galaxy should drop any sort of transfer fee and just have milan pay his galaxy salary. take him off the books and use his 400k against the salary ca[. la then get s a better team and he llooks even better.


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