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Bradley caps solid month with another goal

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Michael Bradley's career-month ended as strongly as the rest of February has gone for him. The U.S. national team midfielder scored from the penalty spot in Borussia Moenchengladbach's league match against Hertha Berlin on Saturday for his fourth overall goal of the month.

While Bradley's 69th-minute goal was not enough to help his club avoid a 2-1 loss to Hertha Berlin, it did cap off a magnificent month for the 21-year-old. On Feb. 11, Bradley scored twice in the U.S. national team's World Cup qualifying win against Mexico, and he followed up that great overall performance with an equalizer for Moenchengladbach against Werder Bremen just days later.

Bradley's goal on Saturday marks his third in the Bundesliga this season. His other goal for the relegation-threatened club came in November when they tied, 2-2, with heavyweight Bayern Munich. Bradley's goal that day was also an equalizer.

Moenchengladbach still sits last in the Bundesliga standings, and are four points away from safety.

What do you think of Michael Bradley's month? Surprised he was given the penalty kick responsibility? Think he is emerging into the best young central midfielder in CONCACAF? Happy to see him evolve his game even with last place Moenchengladbach?

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  1. His passing has improved so much. He sent a perfect long through ball to Neuville who blew a 1 on 1 with the keeper. Some of the Borussia fans call him the American Ballack.

  2. Jurgen – You really think he is one of the top youth in the BL? Is that your opinion, or what are you reading that quantifies that comment. I agree, he is good and improving with every game, but I am not sure he is one of the top “elf” U21 in the BL. Maybe top 20.

    Where in Germany are you?

  3. it looks like MGB are going down, and, as pointed out earlier in this thread, bradley will not go down with them due to a forward-thinking clause in his contract. where should he go in the crucial pre-WC year?

    i tend to think he should stay in germany with a team who gives him a frequent 90 minutes and the opportunity to further his 2-way game. i don’t follow the bundesliga close enough to know which solid, mid-table teams could use an upgrade in the middle of the park who won’t break the bank. any suggestions?

    england is an option though. everton has shown interest in the past, and phil neville isn’t getting any younger. the arsenal suggestion is provocative. they could use some defensive bite in the midfield, bradley offers more mental toughness than song, diaby, or denilson, and he fits into wenger’s budget. it would be awesome, and great for his development, to see bradley ping it all over the park with cesc, arshavin, nasri, van persie, etc.

  4. Michael Bradley will be a star in the Bundesliga. Even if BMG get relegated i can see him getting picked up by Wolfsburg or Borussia Dortmund or Bremen.

  5. Michael Bradley is a star. He may not become a Ballack or Xavi, but he certaintly will make his own mark.

    What other young stars do we have? Altidore and Adu? MB is doing his best. Scored 3goals in 15 matches for BMG and is integral part of their starting XI. We can critique him but let’s support okay guys.

    USA, USA, USA,

  6. Easy flowmo. Anybody who’s going to call someone an ass on a public forum should know the difference between “your” possessive and “you’re” contracted. Lower-case dave stated his opinion and he’s willing to reconsider. I think that should be the point of a good discussion, no?


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