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Chelsea fires Scolari


Luiz Felipe Scolari 1 (AP)  

Apparently The Gene Hackman needed more than a little Quaresma.

Chelsea has fired manager Luiz Felipe Scolari, giving the Brazilian former World Cup-winning coach little more than a half season in charge at Stamford Bridge. The move couldn't come as much of a surprise for a club currently sitting in fourth place in the EPL.

 Who will come in to replace Scolari? Assistant Ray Wilkins will be the caretaker but you know some big-named manager will be taking over. Could Avram Grant, the man who led Chelsea to the Champions League final less than a year ago, be ready to return? Crazier things have happened.

What do you think of Scolari's firing? Right thing to do? Hasty decision? Think Chelsea will consider Sven Goran Eriksson if he becomes available on Thursday?

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  1. id take scolari for the usmnt job in half a heartbeat. here is our chance to get a real manager… and good timing for 2010 as well. forget the stimulus and bank bailout, get obama on it now! its a matter of national emergency! quickly, before this golden opportunity dissapears (or signs with mexico after sven is fired for losing tomorrow)

  2. English media are reporting that the two finalists for the job are Avram Grant or Guus Hiddink. They are going to name a new manager within the next 24 hours.

    Poor Gene Hackman, but his team was clearly underperforming with the players that he has.

    I think Guus Hiddink would be the man for the USMNT. And he already knows some of our players — i.e. Beasley from his PSV days.

  3. Ted… if you honestly think that Scolari would bring sexy football to the US Nats… you are sorely mistaken…. Phil plays boring tactics akin to Italian managers when he has more attacking ability on his team that any other outside of a side in Red and black in the northwest of England…

  4. 24 wins,5 losses… no transfer fund ,lost essien to injury… Wright Phillips and some others and didnt get anybody in exchange pretty much… Not his fault

  5. Fire Bradley, hire Scolari!

    I’m tired of playing robotic counter-attacking football, but with Scolari we can change that and get more respect.

    But can we afford his salary?

  6. Also, Roman fired a coach that came within a wisker of winning both the Premiership and the Champions League (Avram Grant). The guy is a *&%head.

  7. Didn’t Gene Hackman get to bring in 2 Portugese guys of his: Deco and Bosingwa? and most recently Queresma.

    Everyone is saying that they wouldn’t let him bring in players, but I don’t think thats accurate, unless somehow I have the timeline wrong.

  8. absolutely pathetic. roman abramovich needs to realize that results wont be handed to him. chelsea needs to take a note or two from Manutd. thats how you assemble a team–you don’t just buy talent

  9. Why is it exceptable for the russian owner to fire the coach but if the American owners want ” rafa” out its because we don’t know football. Ridiculous Scolari wasn’t given a chance and the players pure and simple are not doing their jobs. I love Chelsea but they have been hard to watch and without the chance to get reinforcments what can a guy do, I mean truley he has to play bosingwa who is garbage, ashley cole Garbage!! oh boy! just ridiculous.

  10. What we may not know is what is going on off the field. Perhaps Scolari wasn’t motivating his men enough, maybe he couldn’t settle player disputes. A 4th position spot is by no means a bad position to be in, especially when you’re considered a top 4 team, as mentioned by an earlier post. I mean, Arsenal is a “top 4 team” and you don’t see the ownership firing Wenger for not being in the top 4.
    There has to be something here that we’re not seeing or not being told.

    Either that or Abramovich is completely off his rocker.. both are completely open to debate.


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