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D.C. United waives Vide

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D.C. United is set to part ways with midfielder Joe Vide, sources told SBI on Tuesday.

D.C. claimed Vide off waivers last summer and Vide quickly established himself as a defensive central midfield option. He started seven games down the stretch for D.C. and looked like a candidate to return, but it appears that the club's acquisition of Andrew Jacobson sealed Vide's fate.

Vide enjoyed a breakout season with the New York Red Bulls in 2007, making 13 starts for the club before being taken in the 2008 MLS expansion draft by the Earthquakes. He never settled in with San Jose and was eventually waived after making just five appearances.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed to see Vide go? Would you like to see your team pick Vide up? Do you consider him a viable MLS midfielder?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Eugene,

    Not sure the Sounders are a good fit for Vide. Sounders midfield is already pretty clogged with King, Evans, Vagenas, Alonso, and Ljungberg all likely to make the team.

    If it was me, I’d dump Vagenas and his ridiculously high salary for Vide in two seconds, but Sigi seems to have a bit of a mancrush on him.

  2. Eugene – Not sure he’d be a great fit in Seattle. Sounders central midfield is pretty clogged with Evans, Vagenas, King, Alonso, and Ljungberg all likely to make the team.

    If it was up to me, I’d dump Vagenas for Vide in two seconds, but Sigi seems to have a bit of a mancrush on him.

  3. Heart + Hustle ≠ Ability
    I remember Vide in NY and I have to disagree with my fellow fans. I really didn’t think he was that good. He got caught out of position a lot and didn’t have the speed to make up for it. He was ‘ok’ because of his heart and hustle but the ability wasn’t there.
    NY has an all heart and hustle player in Wolyniec. We don’t need any more.
    However, Vide improved quite a bit at DCU. I’ll give him that, and he may do well in LA.
    Good luck to him.

  4. I liked Vide for his attitude and toughness. Nobody could sell him as a skill player, but he was up against tough competition for a spot, esp. now with the smaller roster. Haven’t seen Jacobsen play, but I hope he’s worth it.

    I hope Vide catches on somewhere else.

  5. With Simms as the heart of our midfield, and now with Gomez in front of him (Championship) we don’t need Vide.

    The front office is just emptying their pockets on this one.

  6. It’s hard to imagine that Jacobsen is so good that this was the right move, given that Jacobsen couldn’t catch on with *anyone* in French Ligue 2.


    Jacobson actually spent the year with Ligue 1 side Lorient. He was injured for basically the entire season and was let go.

  7. Andrew Jacobson certainly did tear it up in France didn’t he? Another young American tries his luck in Europe and instead finds total failure. Instead of attempting to find another European club, the player comes crawling back to MLS, with an MLS club issuing the obligatory press release declaring themselves thrilled to have him. MLS needs to display better self-esteem.

  8. I’m sorry to see Vide go–thought he worked hard, played with heart and gave an honest effort every match. That said….

    1. This gives him a chance to catch on with another MLS team. And I think there’s a chance he might. He’ll be best in a system that plays two defensive central mids

    2. DCU has Simms and Jacobson (who is younger and more versatile) and Olsen has played at this role as well. They’re not going to play with two midfielders who are primarily defensive. There are only so many roster spots you can devote to one position.

  9. I can only hope that part of the reason that he was waived is that it will give another team the option to pick him up more easily. Vide reminded me a lot of our own Ben Olsen, although not as technically gifted. Surely Frankie Hejduk has proved that there will always be a room in this league for people willing to run for ninety straight minutes?

  10. I really like Vide when he was with NY and hope someone in MLS picks him up because he was a good player and a great guy. I mean if NY wanted him back I wouldn’t hate it.

  11. I loved seeing Vide playing for the Bulls. When he walked through the stands and got a large round of applause from our section and acknowledged us in return,, or when he’d clap to the fans cheering him on from the field, pure class. The guy was all heart on the field and it’d be great to see him back.

    I agree with The Athority, give me a Vide over Pietravallo any day of the week.

  12. A kid that grew up playing for Munich’s youth team, turned down a professional offer to return to America and go to UVA, and who has played well when given a chance should be picked up by another team.

  13. Vide was my families favorite player (after Richards) in 07, it sucked when he was taken and it sucked even more to see him in a Scum jersey. I’ll never forget seeing him walk the isles at Giant Stadium and then seeing him playing the drums with ESC.

    Godspeed to you Joe.

  14. kpugs totally nailed it-
    It seems hustle and heart are fading away on football/soccer’s measuring stick of greatness every day, even in MLS

  15. Im nost saying he was anywhere near the impact player another central midfeilder was at THAT central midfeilder’s best, but hopefully this doesn’t come back to haunt DC fans and the organization anything close to losing THAT other central midfeilder or fans are really gunna start questioning…

  16. It’s hard to imagine that Jacobsen is so good that this was the right move, given that Jacobsen couldn’t catch on with *anyone* in French Ligue 2.

    This seems boneheaded to me.

  17. I’d take a $35K Vide over a $200K Pietravallo in a heartbeat.

    Arena is the one who gave him his shot with the RB. Perfect fit for a rebuilding team in LA. A low cost player that can conttribute off the bench and start occassionally.

  18. I don’t get it. I wish the Red Bulls still had this guy. What is the problem?

    My only reasoning is maybe that he will never be much more than a very good hustling player, which means teams would rather have worse players as part-time starters and subs, and pay those players less.

    It totally sucks when a player’s hustle and ability price him out of usefulness. Only in MLS.

  19. Simms and Jacobsen is not enough this team needed serious help last season and Vide did that for them. Waiving seems a bit bone headed. DC needs all the help they can get. You would thought they would have got that message last year… that defensive wins championships.

  20. he’s expendable. i like him, but with Simms and Jacobsen, what’s the point of taking up a roster spot? he’s just not versatile enough. I think the team is doing him a favor by giving him time to go catch on somewhere else.

  21. LA should definitely sign him. Our central midfield options are deplorable and we certainly need a good defensive midfielder who can help support a poor back line.


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